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Welborn Electric Company has been exceeding the demands of the evolving electrical construction industry since 1932. We excel in nearly every field of electrical construction, including lighting design, industrial, commercial, and residential. Our extensive experience, stability and versatility enable us to provide our clients with advanced, yet cost-effective solutions to their most complex electrical challenges.

The Welborn Electric Company team is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of professionalism, quality, safety and customer service in the industry. You can trust 8 generations of NC electricians. Contact Welborn Electric Your Greensboro electricians right away. We are here to help. Electrical contracting is the business of bringing power, light, and communications to buildings and communities across the United States and around the world.

Sounds like an important job to Us and we are proud to offer our expertise to Greensboro North Carolina. We are your Greensboro Electricians.

read more › For over 85 years Welborn Electric has been serving you the triad for all of your electrical needs. Starting in 1932 Terry Welborn Sr. brought this company to life. Being a local resident of the Greensboro area he developed a reputation for his self and his company that we were about you our customers. We take pride in Being the top Electricians in Greensboro NC. Through the years that reputation began to grow into a business that everyone in the community knew as one you can count on and trust.

read more › Welborn Electric, has employed the most skilled electricians, technicians, and installers in the electrical industry for over 85 years, and continues to employ experts in the electrical field. We have great people working with us that know how to get the work done right, and on time with the highest quality service and integrity. We have a great passion and expertise for electrical construction. This passion and expert vision allows us meet the requirements of today's technology, work with high priority construction projects and professionally complete any project to the satisfaction of our customers.

read more › At Welborn Electric we understand how important your home is to you. We know that everyone needs to provide the safest environment for their children and family. U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated annual average of 47,820 reported home structure fires involving electrical failure or malfunction. These fires resulted in 455 civilian deaths, 1,518 civilian injuries and $1.5 billion in direct property damage. The leading other known type of equipment involved in home electrical failure fires are washer or dryer, fans, and portable or stationary space heater.

read more › Here at Welborn Electric we want to take your business to a whole new level and make it our priority to offer you the upmost quality and safety when it comes to your electrical needs. We service the Greensboro triad area and have been since 1932. You can rely on Welborn for all of your commercial needs. We make it our goal to provide our customers with service they can count on, quality that they can trust, and that our technicians will greet you with a smile. It's not uncommon for businesses to experience power outages because of Bad Weather, Mechanical failures, or poor electrical wiring in commercial buildings.

read more › Welborn Electric Company offers professional electrical repair services to residents in Guilford County and surrounding counties of North Carolina. Electrical problems can occur from home appliances over loading circuits or home electrical outlets being worn out or going bad from loose wires on receptacles and before you know it move through the entire home. Welborn Electric Company will assess the issue or issues and determine the main cause of the problem, which involves troubleshooting minor causes and in some cases testing primary lines connecting your house to the electric grid outdoors.

read more › Welborn Electric has been serving High Point and the triad for over 85 years! We are commercial and residential electric contractor who take electrical work serious. We provicde our customers the best practices, quality installations, and class A customer service. We are proud to have repeat business throughout the Triad! We know how to work with the entire team early in the process to add value to the delivery of the electrical scope of work. Our Project Management Team will ALWAYS deliver detailed estimates with helpful breakdown.

read more › Lighting retrofits are a great way to replace outdated lighting systems and transition to more modern lighting solutions. Performing these LED energy saving upgrades to your home on a regular basis is the key to maintaining and increasing your home's value as well. At Welborn Electric we have many options for incorporating LED lighting into your Greensboro, NC home or business. LED lighting uses far less energy than traditional lighting. You can experience a noticeable drop in electrical costs.

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