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Ki Electrical Services, Inc, a licensed, reliable, experienced electrical company. Providing unparalleled quality, service, and attention to detail to our customers in both our commercial and residential Arlington, WA electric services. Whether your project is large or small, finding the right electrician can be challenging. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and are uniquely qualified to provide you with unsurpassed service and attention to detail.

If you live in the Arlington, WA area and are looking for proficient, understanding and honest electrical experts, we hope you will consider using Ki Electrical Services, Inc of Arlington for your electrical work. Whether it's for a new installation of electrical equipment, or repair of any part of your existing electrical system, we honestly feel that we can provide you with electrical services unparalleled by any other Arlington electrical contractors.

Ki Electrical Services, Inc. has been an excellent company to work with for over the last 8 plus years.

Ki Electrical Services, Inc has the expertise you can trust, but we are always looking to stay in front of the technological curve and advancements in the industry to consistently furnish our customers the absolute top notch product and service available. From remodeling and new commercial construction, to electrical maintenance services or building

Ki Electrical Services, Inc is here for you to get your job done on budget, on time and leave you with assurance of knowing that your largest investment is safe because the electrical work is done correctly and safely. Ki Electrical Services, Inc accommodates comprehensive residential electrical services including installation, upgrade, and troubleshoot

A Circuit breaker is designed to trip off when it detects too much power running through the wire it's protecting. Short circuits occur when two electrical wires accidentally touch each other. A short circuit will immediately cause one of your circuit breakers to trip off or one of your fuses to blow. To fix a short circuit ask yourself this question

If a breaker trips immediately after it is reset, there is an electrical problem which should be delt with immediately. Continuing to press the breaker can cause fire. Lights that flicker should be inspected immediately. This is most likely a cause of loose wiring or a light fixture that's worn out and in need of replacement. A faceplate is warm to

An easy way to find out how to save energy is to perform a self-audit of your home with an analysis of your home's current energy use, as well as clear ways to both increase your home's efficiency and lower your utility bills. Once you've begun to make energy improvements-and seen lower bills-you can continue to increase your energy efficiency with

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