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Our mission at Mr. Value Electricians is simple: To deliver more value, at a fair price, by a Certified Electrician, leaving the customer with peace of mind. We deliver on our mission every day by providing our customers with a lifetime warranty, fair flat rate price, our cleanup guarantee, 100% value satisfaction guarantee and more. The Mr. Value Electricians team is comprised of the best Certified Electricians in the Metro Atlanta area, who are equipped to handle all of your electrical needs in a professional manner.

Our experts will address all your electrical needs quickly, listen to all of your concerns, educate you on the best options that will protect your family, and even offer a few ideas along the way to make your life easier. From ceiling fan replacement, breaker box replacement, diagnosing outlets or lights not working to rewiring your home or business, we are the professionals here to serve you.

read more › At Mr. Value Electricians we make it easy to Experience the Power of Value with our mission of delivering more value at fair prices with every electrical service. How do we accomplish this mission? Success is in the details! Owner Chris Meade runs his small, family owned business with a personalized, neighborly approach to service. Chris even gives out his personal cell phone number so that customers can call if they have questions or concerns after office hours. In addition to running the business, Chris and his wife volunteer with church youth groups and sponsor local local youth sports teams, because service doesn't stop when Chris is "off the clock."

read more › We are proud to announce we have been awarded the Best of Forsyth Electrical Contractor 2017 - 2021. Launched in 2015, the Best of Forsyth readers' choice awards recognizes businesses in an array of categories ranging from medical, food and beverage, auto and transportation. Mr. Value Electricians would like to thank the Forsyth community for awarding us with this "Best of Forsyth" honor. We will continue to bring our best so that new and returning customers can "Experience the Power of Value" in 2021 and for many years to come.

read more › Are you an electrician with rock star wiring skills? Do you have a strong attention to detail and love providing customers with 5-star service? This may be the job for you! This is a full-time position 40 plus hours per week. This position is mainly a 5-day work week, with "no Sundays" earning significantly more than most electricians. In addition to the above description, here are additional skills qualified candidates need to have:. 5 years of RESIDENTIAL electrical work doing new construction, remodeling, renovations and/or service.

read more › Mr. Value Electricians challenges all our current customers to have some items ready when we arrive to provide electrical service and encourages anyone in the Cumming, GA area to help add to this food list and Donate Now! Receive $10 OFF any electrical service call of $150 or more from Mr. Value Electricians with a donation of 4 or more Canned Goods Donation! Receive $50 OFF any electrical service call of $500 or more from Mr. Value Electricians with a donation of 4 or more Canned Goods Donation!

read more › There are a lot of older homes in the Atlanta area and it's important for our Electricians to know how to repair these items in your home. We take the time to educate our electricians about past electrical techniques and tools so they understand why something may have been done a certain way on an older home.

read more › When you are spending money on an electrical repair or installation, price is always one of the deciding factors. Mr. Value Electricians offers fair, upfront pricing for electrical work for all of our Atlanta metro area customers. Onsite Pricing - Until our electricians take an up-close look at your electrical project, we don't want to guess at how much it will cost. We provide onsite pricing so that your price reflects the service you need, not someone else's job. Fair, Flat & Upfront Pricing - Once we are onsite and determine your needs, we give you a fair and flat rate price quote in writing.

read more › Mr. Value Electricians provides quality electrical services to homes and businesses all across the Cumming, GA area. If you're in Atlanta, Cumming, Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Duluth, Marietta, Stone Mountain, Roswell or the surrounding areas, the Mr. Value Electricians Team has the experience and knowledge to keep your home running at peak electrical capacity. Whether you are experiencing a last minute emergency or simply want to schedule a home inspection, Mr. Value Electricians has the experience to take care of all of your electrical needs.

read more › Increased energy efficiency - once the air is heated or cooled to your setting, the fan will push it to every corner of the room. This means your HVAC unit can put less effort into controlling your climate. Versatility - with a fan in each room, you can control that specific area's climate without having to adjust your thermostat or affect others, to the convenience of family and guests. Quiet operation - compared to a noisy AC unit or portable fan, ceiling units work quietly and consistently in the background.

read more › Mr. Value Electricians specialize in electrical boat dock inspection and installations needed to be approved by the Corps of Engineers and we are proud to serve the Lake Lanier community. All of our work is completed per NEC and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood plain specifications. All electrical contractors installations servicing Lake Sidney Lanier must be approved by the Corps of Engineers. All electrical installations must be inspected by a Georgia licensed electrician. Electric lines must meet Corps of Engineers specifications as well as requirements set forth in the National Electric Code.

read more › Electrical emergencies always seem to catch you off guard. A home that is seemingly running normally can hide fire hazards, inefficiencies, and other unseen problems. These can surface at the most inopportune times, causing equipment damage, power loss, or a safety hazard that you need remedied immediately. When you find yourself in an emergency with few options, you can always turn to Mr. Value for the most trusted repair services, supplies and techniques that will get you back up and running in no time.

read more › The experts at Mr. Value Electricians want you to get the most out of your electrical setup. That means not only having the safest quality equipment possible, but also practicing responsible and efficient usage techniques. Your heating and cooling system is one of the largest culprits in unrealized energy consumption, which can be wasted if your home isn't optimized. There are many things you can do with your electronics and electrical equipment in your home to save energy, from turning them off to using them responsibly.

read more › Mr. Value Electricians installs EV charging stations for residents in the Cumming, GA area with a focus on Tesla electric vehicles. Electric cars are becoming more affordable in the Atlanta Metro area and so is the cost of installing your own EV charging station that will all you to "fill up" while you sleep in the comfort of your home or anytime you choose. Charging stations are classified by their electrical power output in watts and volts. The level of charging will depend on your vehicle and the number of miles that you drive on a daily basis.

read more › Is your flat screen TV mounted correctly and the way you want it in your home? Are you in the market for a flat screen TV or looking to upgrade your current home entertainment system? Mr. Value Electricians installs flat screen TV's for homes in the Atlanta Metro area. Some people think that it's easy to do-it-yourself and mount a flat screen TV. It's not as easy as it seems and hiring an expert installer will help protect your home. Would you like to protect a major home investment? You want an expert to install surge protection that can help you save money and protect your investment.

read more › You count on your home to be safe and sound for yourself and all who dwell within it. With all of the different unexpected occurrences that exist, you should be protected from every angle. We can install any make or model of smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detection, integrating it seamlessly into any room or area of your home. Keep your appliances and other electronic valuables protected from being overloaded with all of our surge protection solutions. You'll avoid losing expensive equipment and sensitive computer data in the event of a power spike.

read more › A ground fault, or a short circuit, happens when a live wire comes into contact with a ground - that ground can be a neutral wire or it can be a human body. Circuit breakers and GFCI outlets protect people from serious shock from ground faults. An arc fault, on the other hand, occurs when a loose or corroded connection or exposed wire makes contact and causes arcing between the connections. Because circuit breakers are designed to trip when a ground fault happens, an arc fault may not trip the circuit breakers, and so pose a serious danger of electrical fire.

read more › In many older homes, the circuitry is hooked into a fuse box as its primary control panel. When a circuit is overloaded with electricity, maybe your lights are flickering, a fuse will blow and needs to be replaced. This requires you to have spare fuses on hand at a moment's notice, and while it may sound simple, it can be quite intimidating to someone who is new to it. With a fuse box panel upgrade or replacement from Mr. Value Electricians, you can do away with the stress of blown fuses for good.

read more › Whether you have a home or business, you want to protect your investment from anything that could possibly bring it harm: that includes not only the building, but the people inhabiting it. It's important that when there are unseen dangers, you can react as quickly as possible. With a carbon monoxide or smoke detector installation from Mr. Value Electricians, you can be sure that your home or business is safe for everyone that frequents it. Mr. Value can provide a state of the art smoke detector to give you protection at a moment's notice.

read more › According to the U.S. Fire Administration's Incident Reporting System, electrical malfunction accounts for nearly 50,000 home fires a year, resulting in hundreds of deaths, and over a billion dollars in property damage. Of these, nearly 95% could be prevented if they were up to the National Electric Code's standards. To ensure that your home or business doesn't fall victim to an outdated setup, call Mr. Value Electricians today for an electrical code inspection. The National Electric Code (NEC) comprises today's electrical safety standard in the United States.

read more › Because electrical system malfunctions are responsible for so many home fires, it's very important that you home is properly grounded. Electrical grounding reduces the risk of system overload, home damage and safety hazards. Mr Value can perform a complete home checkup to make sure there are no at-risk areas throughout. There are many things that can affect the electricity in your home's wiring - from a nearby thunderstorm to televisions and radios. All of these things create electrical "noise" which is why grounding is very important.

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