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Edgar Electric Edgar Electric Expert Licensed On Time Reliable electricians: service right the first time!. The construction industry is a very competitive world with the competitors all trying to make a profit and quality work can suffer as a consequence. Is your life and property not worth getting the best? With an impeccable reputation, we are your only required call.

Call Edgar Electric for the best electrical service! When you need an electrician, call Edgar Electric for our team of expert professionals. Edgar Electric provides lasting repairs for simple problems, brings older properties and electrical installations up to date, or performs complete wiring installation for new construction. Edgar Electric is staffed by experienced, master electricians who give every project detailed attention for the best, most cost efficient electrical service available.

For expert, well trained and licensed electricians and electrical service, call Edgar Electric. On a recent service call to a property less than ten years old, loose terminations caused enough heat to eventually have caused a fire.

read more › The owner of Edgar electric, Monty Edgar, came to the construction trade from a long history of family involvement in the construction industry. The maternal side of our family were carpenters, the paternal side were ironworkers. Then as a young adult, Monty had a close friend whose family was in the electrical contractor business. Their work was interesting and caught his attention. Monty started Edgar Electric in 1984 with little to no business experience other than a childhood newspaper route and every grass cutting job that could be had in his neighborhood.

read more › We are equipped with excavator and trenching equipment for your underground electric or gas utilities. We can also dig or trench for electrical feeders. Call us for all of your parking lot lighting needs including installation, servicing and repair of lights and electrical needs in hard to reach high places. Edgar Electric has extensive experience providing installation, service and repair of new and existing restaurants in the Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania areas metus. We are fully equipped to complete your hazardous location wiring for fuel, natural gas, propane and paint facilities.

read more › Edgar Electric has a wide variety of experience providing electrical work in hazardous and explosive environments. The licensed and safety concious electricians at Edgar Electric have vast experience with fuel depots and gas station electrical installations, service and repair. Wiring for an Intelligent Fuel Pump with a Security System for Fuel Distribution at a Contractor's Yard.

read more › Bucket Truck Work to install lighting and electrical service on buildings and in high places. Since 1984, we have serviced parking lot lightning, security lighting and recently, the retro fitting of older light fixtures to the new and more efficient LED lighting. Schedule parking lot lighting maintenance or bucket truck electrical work or for emergency repairs Call 724-285-7690 Now. Contact Edgar Electric today for details on a custom tailored plan that keeps your properties properly and securly lit!

read more › Edgar Electric has a wide variety of experience provding large and heavy pulls in commercial & industrial applications. Lubricating electrical wire with wire lube to help the wire travel pull through the conduit. Depending on the location and environment, wire pulling requires a little imagination and ingenuity to accomplish the pull. Here we mounted the sheave on the bucket of a excavator. Using this flat bed trailer for holding the wire reels allowed us to get the reels close to where they needed to be for the optimum distance and pulling angle.

read more › Edgar Electric has excavators, dump trucks and trenching equipment for all of your underground electrical service needs. 1,000 Foot of Trench Dug For This Project and Over 4,000 Foot of Conduit Laid in This Trench. Edgar Electric provided the trenching for these underground electric feeders for this gas pipeline installation.

read more › Edgar Electric licensed, bonded and experienced electricians have decades of experience providing electrical service to new homes. We do complete wiring installation for new home construction. Call Edgar Electric at 724-285-7690 to upgrade your current electric service to a higher capacity service. We also provide remodeling and construction electrical services. We have installed the electical service for lots of swimming pools. Safey is the utmost priority to make sure there are no electrical hazards for you family and guests using your pool.

read more › This new home construction job including wiring and securly hanging a new fixture lift is used for a heavy and high chandelier. Edgar Electric installed this fixture lift for this new home to allow the new home owner the ability to lower the electrical fixture to the floor for easy maintenance. A fixture lift is often installed in a 2 story or higher ceiling foyer or room where changing bulbs, cleaning or maintaining the lighting fixture is difficult if not impossible even from a ladder. Edgar Electric was contracted to provide and install the new wiring and fixtures for this beautiful home.

read more › Edgar Electric has the experience to determine if your electrical service is sufficient for a new Hot Tub installation. Make sure you have all of the power necessary to run your new hot tub, jacuzzi or spa. Let Edgar Electric inspect your electrical service box and add the upgrades to your system if needed. We install the wiring and circuit protection for safe Hot Tub, Spa, Sauna and Jacuzzi enjoyment!. Call the experts at Edgar Electric at 724-285-7690 for safe, reliable electrical work in damp areas.

read more › Edgar Electric is now an authorized dealer for the full line of Generac Emergency Power Generators!. Edgar Electric can provide emergency and electrical power generators of nearly any size from smaller generators for homes to huge industrial emergency power backup systems. Call us now to learn how we can provide the solution for your backup generator at 724-285-7690. We service what we sell and can provide routine maintenance for your elelctrical generator systems. Edgar Electric provides the full range of services all homeowners require for emergency backup power generators.

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