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Zellner Electric At Zellner Electric, we're pleased to offer a wide selection of residential electrical repair and installation services for both your indoor and outdoor residential needs. Whether you are building a new home or sprucing up an existing one the expert residential electricians at Zellner Electric are here for you. Simply stated, we can take care of all your electrical needs, large and small.

We want to be the service company you rely on to keep your home comfortable and safe. Our electricians deliver personalized, on-time and friendly service and believe that your electrical needs are our job, not yours. When you work with Zellner Electrical, you can be sure that pride is taken in every job we accept, and the work is done right the first time.

Let one of our electricians complete your next electrical home or business improvement project. If you're looking for a local electrician you can rely on to get the job done and do it well, Zellner Electric is here for you when you need us! Whether your power was off and on or you lost power for days, you are probably thinking what can I do to prevent this in the future.

read more › Zellner Electric has been a leading provider of residential and commercial electrical services in New Braunfels, San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas. As a local family owned and operated New Braunfels electrical company, we strive for a positive customer experience because our customers are our neighbors, family and friends. Starting with your estimate all the way through the finished job, we treat our customers like we would our own family and our reputation reflects that. Our electricians are thoroughly trained to be in your home, they are courteous, will answer any question about your situation, and they always strive for a positive customer experience.

read more › Upgrading from fuses or circuit breakers, and/or running a new line to increase the service amps to the house. Outdoor lighting experts offering professional landscape light installation, repairs, and replacement. Upgrade your electrical system for an electric car charger to charge at optimal efficiency. Hot tub electrical needs from basic GFCI circuits and disconnects to adding new sub panels if needed. A home standby generator is a back-up electrical system that can operate automatically when there is a utility outage.

read more › Zellner Electric still believes in offering free estimates for electrical additions or replacements. This includes things like adding outlets, replacing ceiling fans, installing recessed lighting and replacing panels. Many electrical contractors charge upwards of $79 for an estimate. They usually offer to deduct the fee from the estimate if the work is done. Once they've given you the estimate at your home or business, they're hoping that you'll give them the job so that you can recoup what you spent on the estimate.

read more › Having functioning electricity, both inside and out, is critical to most businesses to get running from day-to-day. Simple issues with lights, outlets, appliances, or other vital resources can lead to serious issues when a business to trying to operate. We understand that an electrical interruption can cause loss of business and customers. Zellner Electric will work quickly and will minimize business interrupts to get your electrical issue addressed. Zellner Electric serves all kinds of companies-daycare facilities, warehouses, commercial office buildings, restaurants, and more.

read more › Building a new house? If so, Zellner Electric should be at the top of your list as to wire it for you. Our standards go beyond the standard NEC requirements when it comes to wiring homes. Your custom home is special to you, and it should also be special to your electrician. We pride ourselves in getting all lighting and outlets installed the way that works best for your individual needs. We work closely with the home owner, builder, and designer to make sure everything is where it should be. Zellner Electric can also handle your small commercial new construction needs, which includes stores, offices, shops, and garages.

read more › Remodeling a historic, or existing home is becoming the new standard instead of building a new one. Zellner Electric can handle all your electrical remodel needs from adding recessed can lighting and LED conversion packages to full home or office rewires. What fast and efficient service! I contacted the company through email Sunday night and got a response the next day. In fact, they were able to take care of my electrical issues on that same Monday. They installed remote wall switches in two bedrooms for my light/fan fixtures; replaced a defective switch for my entry hall light; and installed a whole house surge protector - all in less than two hours.

read more › Do you have an outdated service panel with faulty breakers in your home? The modern household draws much more electricity and wattage than it did a few decades ago. Central air conditioning, modern appliances like dishwashers, and computers can place too much stress on an old circuit panel. Upgrading a main service and/or and inside breaker box accommodates the demands of these appliances, and greatly reduces the chance of an electrical fire or other disaster. If you aren't sure whether or not you need a replacement, or you have other questions or concerns about your circuit breaker panel, call us any time.

read more › Is your home in the dark? Do you want to add accent lighting to a flower bed, wall, or walkway? Are you looking to light up a beautiful oak tree in front of your house? Zellner Electric can design and install landscape lighting that will add security and beauty to the exterior of your house. At Zellner Electric, we understand that every landscape lighting job is unique. No yard is exactly like another, which is why we will work with you to design the perfect lighting solutions for your landscape.

read more › When it comes to selling your home or your have a major renovation you may be required to have a Electrical Home Safety Inspection. A Electrical Home Safety Inspection checks a home to make sure all electrical components are up to National Electric Code (NEC). The electrical safety inspection will include checking all electrical panels, outlets, switches, wiring, circuits, GFCIs and AFCIs, outdoor circuits and HVAC wiring, and your smoke and CO detectors. Zellner Electric will be able to review the electrical inspection report and help you address any problems found.

read more › The evolution of the smart home has revolutionized our industry over the past five years, but is your home setup correctly? Did you know that Zellner Electric can wire your home to incorporate smart technology so you can enjoy all of the conveniences of a fully automated, remote-controlled home? Zellner Electric is a certified NEST Pro Installer which means we can install and setup all NEST products including NEST Learning Thermostat, NEST Outdoor Security Camera, NEST Hello Doorbell Camera, and NEST Smoke + CO Alarm.

read more › To charge your electric car, have you thought about the supply needed from your electrical system to do such? Is your panel sized right? Is your electric service and meter-sized right? There are several things to consider when making upgrades to your electrical system for an electric car charger. Most electric vehicles charge better on a 240-volt circuit. A 240-volt circuit for a car charging system is not common and is not required, so a new circuit and breaker may need to be added to the electrical panel for the vehicle to charge at optimal efficiency.

read more › Zellner Electric can handle all of your hot tub electrical needs from basic GFCI circuits and disconnects to adding new sub panels if needed. A large portion of 240V spas manufactured today require a 50 amp 4-wire electrical service. Some older homes may only have a 100amp panel and may need to be upgraded to a 200amp panel before the spa can be wired up properly. The guys at Zellner Electric did a great job troubleshooting and installing my Nest video doorbells. They are official Nest installers and though Nest claims homeowners can install themselves, the first electrician I called couldn't figure it out.

read more › Zellner Electric can install and replace any type of photo-electric or ionization smoke detector. Smoke detectors are an important safety device, and that's why you want an electrician you can trust to hard-wire and install all the smoke detectors in your home. Protecting your home with smoke detectors and CO detectors is important, but it should not be a stressful experience. Our electricians can provide you with a proposal that ensures your home and family are protected, while staying within your budget.

read more › Getting a new pool? Zellner Electric can install the required circuits and GFCI protection for your new pool equipment. We can assess your existing electrical system along with the new load demand of the pool to determine if you will need to upgrade your main service, and a new sub panel to make space for the pool circuit, or simply add the needed pool circuit to your existing system. We provide high quality and technical service if you are installing an above ground pool only requiring one new 20amp GFCI circuit or a fully automated in ground pool.

read more › Zellner Electric is an authorized Generac dealer for residential generators sales & installation. A home backup generator also called home standby generators automatically delivers power directly to your home's electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the most essential items. As a homeowner, buying a backup generator could spare you financial losses, like food spoilage, when power outages strike. Power outages can leave you and your family without everyday conveniences like refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and heating and cooling systems.

read more › Zellner Electric can install whole home surge protection devices that help protect all the main electrical service, major appliances, and internal home electrical systems. These devices are installed at the main service panel in your home, and they can protect your electrical system and components from external and internal power surges. Whole home surge protectors are installed into the main panel of the house which is why they should only be installed by professionals. Zellner Electric came out to the house, installed outdoor motion lighting, indoor lighting, and added electricity to an area of the yard that previously didn't have it.

read more › Imagine having a thermostat that learns your habits and learns to adjust itself to match your life. You'll not only enjoy a more comfortable home, but you'll see a reduction in your energy bills. Imagine having a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm that talks to you. You'll get a friendly notification that something's amiss, both from the alarm itself and on your smartphone. Imagine a home security camera that's as beautiful as it is functional. You're not only able to see what's going on at your home, you can also speak to and scare away any unwanted visitors.

read more › Who's watching your home when you're not around? Nest's security cameras will record activity in and around your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even better, the cameras include a microphone and can connect to your smartphone. When you get an alert that someone's at or in your home, you can speak through the camera to scare the person away. The cameras do more than protect your home. They also allow you to communicate with delivery drivers or postal workers, even if you're away. Since you can tell a delivery driver where to leave a package, you won't have to deal with the hassle of missed deliveries any longer.

read more › The Nest thermostat really gets to know you. After about a week in your home, the thermostat knows your schedule and your heating and cooling preferences. It'll start to program itself, providing you with a thermostat setting that's comfortable to you and that can help save you money. Independent studies of the thermostat show that it helped people save about 15 percent on their cooling bills and up to 12 percent off their heating bills. The thermostat typically pays for itself within two years.

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