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John Jones Electric Having been established in the area since 1986, we at John Jones Electric have many decades of quality service to residential and commercial electrical needs in the area under our belt. Thus, you can depend on us to keep your electrical system in the best condition possible. Whatever electrical work you need for your home or business, you can depend upon us at John Jones Electric to provide it thanks to our wide variety of services: installing, troubleshooting, security lighting, and much more.

Your electrical system is important and should be kept in excellent condition. Thanks to the experienced local San Antonio electricians at John Jones Electric, you can count on enjoying the most reliable electrical system possible through the years! We offer a variety of electrical services to meet your electrical needs, whatever they may be. We pride ourselves on providing quality work by keeping the customer's needs first and foremost.

You should choose your local San Antonio electricians at John Jones Electric because your electrical system is one of the most important in your home or business, and you need to keep that setup in the safest most reliable condition possible.

read more › Established in the San Antonio area in 1986, we at John Jones Electric have been providing quality electrical work to homeowners and business owners in the area for over thirty years now. This work includes everything from installations to repairs and even troubleshooting to help locate and address potential issue with your electrical system. Whether you are looking to have a new electrical system installed or to have your existing one worked on, you can rely on the experienced local electricians at John Jones Electric to provide you with quality work at a great price!

read more › Your electrical system is one of the most important components within your home or business. It's what allows the place to run efficiently and, most of all, safely. If your electrical system is experiencing any issues, you might, therefore, experience a significant dip in the quality of the time you spend in your home or business. If that's the case, then don't hesitate to call on the experienced local electricians at John Jones Electric for quality electrical work that'll help keep your home or business functioning like a dream for years to come!

read more › Above perhaps all else, a home should be functional and efficient. And what better way to make a home functional and efficient than by making its electrical components easily accessible? There is none! Unfortunately, what is efficient to you might not occur to the folks who build the home you ultimately move into. This means that you might wind up needing more outlets and receptacles than your home can accommodate. Should you find yourself needing more outlets and receptacles than your home currently provides, then just give your local San Antonio electrician a call at John Jones Electric!

read more › Lighting is an imperative installation within any home or business. You wouldn't be able to see to get around a building if it lacked lighting -- let alone get anything done. Luckily, in these modern times, indoor lighting is a given, so you don't have to fret over such a scenario. Unless your lighting begins to experience troubles, that is. In that case, you might be looking at the actual reality of having to navigate about your home or business with limited or even no lighting. Fortunately, though, if your lighting is experiencing any troubles, you don't have to live in the dark.

read more › Of all the installations that make a modern home go, the electrical system is perhaps the most important. Without electricity, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the convenience that is indoor lighting, nor would we be able to enjoy the many devices that makes our lives that much more enjoyable. Should your electrical wiring experience any issues, your home's electricity as a whole could experience issues with its performance. And that's not to mention the risk that faulty wiring could pose to you and your safety!

read more › Whether your goal is to start a family or to start a business, one thing is for sure: You're going to want that goal to be a successful one. And, of course, with success, you can expect one thing above all else: growth, and lots of it! While this growth is certainly good news for your family and your business, it's not quite so good for something else: your service panel. Just what is a service panel? Why, it's the component in a building that connects the electrical wires from the street to a building, thus allowing the transfer of electricity that allows you to use your many electronics.

read more › There is one installation that your home that you cannot do without: a surge protector. A surge protector will help to keep you and your costly electronics safe from electrical overloads. These overloads can occur because of either lighting from outside of your home or the electronics within your home. In either case, an overload, or surge, could damage your valuable and much-needed electronics, leaving you with a very costly headache indeed! Nowadays, we have and rely upon more electronics than we ever have before.

read more › In your home, safety should be your first priority. After all, your home is where you'll keep your valuable possessions. More than that, your home is where you and your loved ones will spend so much of the time, so you need to take any precautions to keep your home as safe as can be. And one important step for keeping your home that safe is to equip it with smoke detectors! Fires are one of the most prevalent and most DESTRUCTIVE issues that can develop in your home. While you can't always prevent them from happening, you can prevent them from surprising you by getting a smoke detector installed in your home.

read more › Your home's electrical system is one of its most important components. It also, unfortunately, is one of its largest -- and most prone to wear and tear. And should this wear and tear occur and result in issues, because of its sheer size, you might experience difficulty localizing the source of the issues. Instead of poking around and merely guessing at the cause of your electrical problems, simply call on the experienced local San Antonio electricians at John Jones Electric. We can quickly and accurately identify the problem with our troubleshooting service, thus helping to resolve the issue quickly and safely.

read more › Weather-wise, Texas doesn't pull any punches. In this state, we get a little of everything: tornadoes, windstorms, heavy rains, hurricanes, even a little snow when the weather conditions are just right. While all of these weather conditions can certainly be a headache as you try to go about your daily life, they can be a pretty serious headache if they wind up damaging your power lines, rendering you without power. As anyone who's ever had to go any amount of time without their power knows, such a situation can be a real headache.

read more › Since your home is where you'll wake up, go to sleep, and raise your family, it is likely to be the place in which you will spend the largest majority of your time. For this reason, you'll want to be sure that your home is just about the safest place to spend that time. Unfortunately, there are a number of threats to your safety that can occur within your home. And among these threats, one of the most deadly is carbon monoxide poisoning. What makes carbon monoxide so deadly is that is is almost impossible to detect by yourself.

read more › Texas is known for quite a few things: its sheer size, the Alamo (who could forget?), "The Yellow Rose of Texas, " its bustling artistic scene. You might enjoy basking in the hot summer sun when there's nothing to do but lounge around and do nothing at all, but you probably don't like to take the heat from that sun inside with you. That's why you do what you can to keep your home cool. And one of the best installations you can have in your home for that purpose is a ceiling fan! Paddling quietly but constantly, a ceiling fan can circulate the cool air in a room, helping to make your home and you that much more comfortable when the intense Texas heat is raging outside!

read more › When building a structure, one has a variety of codes to adhere to -- including a National Electrical Code (NEC). Should one fail to adhere to this code, they could face some serious punishments, including hefty fines and even imprisonment! Of course, not all cases of code noncompliance are due to careless contractors or oversights or anything like that. Sometimes, they just develop over time as codes change or even as a building's electrical system wears down. Whatever the case may be, not adhering to NEC standards could result in more than just fines or prison time for the guilty party.

read more › It's true that Texas gets pretty hot in the summer. But it's also true that Texas gets pretty cold in the winter -- so cold, in fact, that you could be in a dangerous situation indeed if you remained unprotected from the cold all winter long. Happily, these days, it's the easiest thing in the world to stay warm when Old Man Winter is blowing up a storm outside. All you need is a reliable indoor heating system! Indeed, indoor heating is so commonplace that we even get to enjoy different kinds of heating systems: gas and electric!

read more › Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you are going to want to ensure that your property remains in the safest condition possible. After all, you don't want to lose everything you've ever worked for -- or, worse, put your loved ones at risk! Unfortunately, there are many things that can happen to put your property and those residing it in danger. One common issue that can occur are fires that occur because of electrical issues. Fortunately, while such an issue might sound somewhat hair-raising, it doesn't need to be -- especially since you can avoid many potential electrical fires with an arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) breaker!

read more › The world can be a dangerous place full of many perils that can threaten your well-being -- or, indeed, your life! And unfortunately, some of these perils can even be present in what's supposed to be the safest place around: your home. Of course, you don't have to feel nervous at the thought of an electric shock every time you go to make your coffee or hop on your computer. Instead, you can have a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) installed in any outlet, and this handy installation will help keep you safe from shocks!

read more › When it comes to comfort, it's hard to imagine anything that tops a hot tub. Providing a personal hot spring right in your home, a hot tub will provide a mini paradise that's as close as your bed, your refrigerator, or any other major item in your home. Only one headache inherent in a hot tub: getting it installed. While a hot tub requires the plumbing hookups that are needed for all installations that use running water, it ALSO requires electrical hookups. If you want to enjoy the unparalleled comfort of a hot tub without putting yourself at risk, then call on the local electricians at John Jones Electric!

read more › You are likely to spend more time in your home than you are anywhere else on this earth. And because you'll probably spend such a large majority of your time there, you need to be sure your home is just about the most beautiful and the safest place there is. And to make your home every bit that beautiful and safe, you can't go wrong with quality landscape and security lighting! With landscape lighting, you can enjoy a mini light show in your garden every single day after the sun goes down. And with security lighting, you can be sure to catch any unsavory characters prowling about your property in the middle of the night.

read more › Read reviews about John Jones Electrical, and testimonials from clients who have hired our San Antonio electrical professionals. I had John Jones Electrical Services out to my home to install four previously-purchased exterior light fixtures. They were courteous, respectful, extremely professional, personable and friendly, and truly "know their stuff." They identified some errors made in wiring and installation that had been done by a 'non-electrician' friend many years ago. They explained everything to me and discussed any issue about which I had questions.

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