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A-1Electric Here at A-1 Electric, we have a team of qualified inspectors, electrical contractors, underwriters and electricians that have earned the trust of our clients for decades. We have over 65 collective years of experience with reintroduction of service (also known simply as "re-intro") in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. Our trained and certified crew can complete any job, devoting the necessary time to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Since our founding in 1955, we have built a reputation for superior craftsmanship and unsurpassed quality. Our inspectors will travel to your property, and can even provide bucket truck services when you need to confirm the safety of an electrical service to restore power. A re-intro of service is required by electrical utilities for both residential and commercial properties as a line of site inspection by a third-party agency in Philadelphia or a third-party agency Bucks County, PA.

read more › When you need an electrical inspection to ensure your electrical system is safe to operate, our underwriters and inspectors at A-1 Electric have become a trusted third-party agency in Philadelphia to confirm all electrical units are in compliance with the Commonwealth of PA and all other Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs). Our inspectors have experience dealing with a plethora of electrical situations. Examinations include the connecting and disconnecting of outlets, electrical replacements and removals, routine maintenance and repair, as well as system and wiring installations as per the NEC, (National Electrical Code), IRC (International Residential Code), IBC (International Building Code) in Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA.

read more › A-1 Electric is a fully accredited and certified electrical underwriter in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and all local municipalities within that also works closely with electrical providers such as Peco and others across the state. Electrical contractors utilize our certified third party agency in Montgomery County (and other local areas) for consulting services because we have the proper credentials to perform appropriate inspections in line with all municipal and national codes for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) in Pennsylvania.

read more › With all the complications involved with electrical services and wiring, emergencies and problems can arise at any given time of day. For residential and commercial properties, utilities and electrical system malfunctions can put you in danger. When taking advantage of our emergency electrical service in and around Philadelphia, our 24-hour customer support will put your mind at ease. Emergencies can arise when power has been disconnected, or wiring has been replaced, repaired or compromised. We have a dedicated team that is ready to correct your emergency in as little time as possible.

read more › As a certified agency permitted to perform inspection and underwriting on electrical generators, we follow all the codes and conducts throughout our inspection process. We service residential, commercial, and industrial customers with superior craftsmanship and quality customer support. A-1 Electric is a third party agency that specializes in electrical inspection in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We are hired by electricians and homeowners to perform an assessment, inspection and underwriting for your electrical equipment.

read more › Reintroduction of Service - also known simply as "re-intro." Our inspectors will travel to your property in Bucks/Montgomery County, PA, Delaware/Chester County, PA & Philadelphia County when you need to confirm the safety of an electrical service to restore power to the property. A re-intro of service is required by Electrical Utilities for both residential and commercial properties as a line of site inspection by a 3rd party agency in all of these counties listed above. You are required to receive an electrical inspection for all new electrical system installations, as well as upgrades or changes to wiring or existing electrical systems.

read more › I finally searched for an "ELECTRICAL UNDERWRITER" and A-1 Electric was the top listing. I love Google! I called the 800 number and was greeted by Thomas Greenage. He was polite, professional and assured me that he could get me EXACTLY what I needed to satisfy the township. He was able to make room for me the very next day. Tom sent me a message with a time window, confirmed, and on the day of the service he sent me a message updating the time window and it was still within the original time frame!

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