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LA Electrician LA Electrician is a full-service residential & commercial electrical services company which provides high-quality electrical installation, repairs and on-going maintenance to customers in the Los Angeles metro area.

Our wide range of in-demand services are designed to meet your varied needs-such as installing ceiling fans, chandeliers and custom LED lighting; replacing breakers and fuses; correcting electrical code violations; installing security camera and outdoor lighting, SmartHome installations, electric car charging, troubleshooting simple and complex electrical problems, and much more!

If you're experiencing any of these problems, we strongly advise you to call la electrician (818-471-5647) before your electrical problem worsens.

read more › Upgrading Your Electrical Panel Our electrician will install the best panel to safely handle all your home's electrical needs. Scheduling City Inspector Visit Our electrician will be there when the city inspector comes out to inspect and approve our work. Scheduling Power Reconnection The city inspector will automatically schedule when the city comes to reconnect your electricity. Old electrical panel Electrical systems of houses built decades ago weren't designed to handle the increasing demands of the new technology and creature comforts in our homes.

read more › LA Electrician's licensed professionals are trained and skilled to take care of all your indoor and outdoor lighting needs-from installation of new lighting systems to troubleshooting and repairs. Whether you need security lighting outdoors or updated lighting for your beautiful new kitchen or bath, we're here to help you accomplish your residential lighting goals. Most people, at one time or another, have lived in houses where the indoor lighting leaves much to be desired.

read more › Now that you're eager to have an electric car charger station at home, contact the experts at LA Electrician. We've installed hundreds of charger stations in Los Angeles homes, always following the manufacturer's installation guidelines and complying with California State Electrical Code. Imagine the ease and convenience of plugging in your car at night and driving off the next morning in a fully charged car.

read more › Three-phase electric power is the most common method used by electrical grids around the world to transfer power. In business and industry, it's used extensively to deliver more power to large motors and other heavy loads. Delivers power faster without the interruptions in the flow of electricity caused by lower voltage circuits. Smoother power delivery to big motors and other heavy loads results in smoother-running motors with higher performance.

read more › Our Los Angeles Electricians Install High-Quality LED Lighting Systems for All Kinds of Businesses. LED lights have made a big impact on entertainment venues like neighborhood bars, nightclubs and big performance arenas. But the real excitement is the fact that every business and organization-from industrial plants to art museums-can benefit in key ways by switching from conventional lighting to LEDs.

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