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We understand your concern when choosing an electrical contractor. The Woodlands ELECTRICALSERVICES holds itself and it's staff to the highest standards in professionalism and reliability. Our skilled technicians will be prompt and provide you with an honest assessment with every electrical project we are involved in.

Whether you require a simple replacement of a circuit breaker or a complete design and installation of an entire electrical system, T.W.E.S. is the company to contact to get the job done correctly and on time.We are a local electrical service provider in the N. Harris-Montgomery Co. area. Strategically located in The Woodlands, we have evolved over the years as your 'One Source' supplier for all of your electrical installation and service needs.

We have made a strong presence in our business community, and are continuously striving to offer the best to our clients, something you will quickly realize when you choose us.

read more › Our Design & Build team is experienced in providing a broad range of electrical contracting services. Over the years, The Woodlands ELECTRICAL SERVICES has been a hallmark of consistency and excellence. We incorporate professionalism and pride into each phase of a project, from design to construction to operation. You can count on our expert electricians to be knowledgeable, reliable, and capable. They will make sure that you're satisfied with our work no matter how large or small the job. You can expect fast FREE estimates, competitive pricing, and quick response on all of our jobs.

read more › We all know how frequent electrical storms occur in this part of the country. Nowadays it's more important than ever to protect your televisions, appliances, and all other sensitive electronic equipment from destructive power surges. Give us a call today for more information, it could be worth your while. Surges are sudden and unexpected spikes in voltage that travel throughout your home's electrical system. Some surges come from within your own house, such as when you switch on a vacuum cleaner.

read more › Electrical service work is DANGEROUS! There is a serious risk of shock, severe injury, death, or fire when working with residential and commercial electrical circuits and devices. In case of fire or injury, contact your local 911 emergency service. If you are not completely sure of what you are doing, please do not attempt repair or installation. Call The Woodlands ELECTRICALSERVICES to make sure your work is done according to applicable local laws and codes that are designed to prevent injury and or fire.

read more › This patented energy saving device fine tunes electrical systems to reduce non - productive and wasted electricity, giving you cost - effective energy, and noticeable savings. The unit uses methods employed by large industrial complexes designed to reclaim and recycle electrical energy. As the demand for power runs through your home, there is non - productive current (heat) that strains your home appliances and wiring - this heat is wasted energy that your paying for. This device optimizes the power that comes into your home, allowing your appliances and equipment motors to operate more efficiently.

read more › For over three decades we have prided ourselves in providing top quality work at reasonable prices by paying attention to detail and practicing precision craftsmanship-that is why we can GUARANTEE our work. We have over 30 years experience evaluating innovation and product excellence, and our customers value our recommendations. Whatever the criteria- price, aesthetics, ease of installation, trouble-free operation or long life we will only recommend the right product for your application.

read more › Just what do you need an electrician for? Well, most people think that you only need an electrician when you are constructing a new home, but this is simply not the case. In fact, if you have anything in your home that has to do with electricity and it needs repairs, it is far better to call in an electrician and get them to fix it for you. If you make a mistake while trying to fix your own wiring and the like, such an error can be quite costly to you. Thus, when it comes time to repair or upgrade the wiring in your home, it is time to call.

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