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We solve our clients problems, not just electrical problems but any problems you may have in general. We create a positive relationship with our clients while being honest to them and doing quality work to get the job done the correct way the first time. If you need an electrical issue fixed that's making you feel unsafe in your home, we're on it.

If you're in the process of moving to a new home and you don't have anyone to help you move all the big furniture, we're on it. And not because we want something in return but because we want our clients to know that we are here for them for any reason. Not just electrical issues. We offer 1 year warranty on labor and retiz electric provided parts from the date of service.

Yes we do, let us know the location of the project and what day/time works best for you and we'll be there! You must first identify the breaker that tripped. Once you've identified the tripped breaker, turn the breaker to the "OFF' position, then turn it to the "ON" position to ensure that it turns back on properly.

read more › Growing up within the industry at a very young age, i've heard many stories from my clients or my father's clients about their experiences with many different contracting or sub contracting companies. One of the stories I often hear are about sub contracting companies (not just electricians but plumbers, sheetrock guys, etc.) take the customers money and never hear from them again. I've also heard them say that sub contractors don't care about customers and they only care about the money. Being around the industry for so long and interacting with other sub contractors in custom homes or remodels, I always see a lack of contractors taking care of their clients and only focused on the money they will obtain from the job.

read more › New residential homes in empty lot from the start to finish. The project that consists of 2 major parts, the rough-in phase and the final installations. Whole home or partial home remodeling. Demolition of all existing electrical wiring, light fixture, breaker box, and outlets & switches. After the demolition phase we start the rough-in phase and prepare it for the final installation before inspection. We also do partial home remodeling like kitchen upgrades. New lighting installation in occupied and vacant homes.

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