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Threewire Electric We are a licensed electricians located in Lexington, KY and Centerville, OH. Our business prides itself on our excellent customer service and the professional craftsmanship of our electricians. Threewire Electric guarantees all our work to be done in a safe and timely manner as well as being neat and thorough. It is our responsibility as licensed electricians to ensure that you are well informed before, during, and after the job is complete.

We believe that good communication is the key to a successful job that is done on time and done right. My name is Nick Maxey and I am the owner of Threewire Electric. I started in the electrical trade as an apprentice in 2001 wiring houses for a family friend. I became very interested in learning about electricity as well as the building codes for installing electrical components.

In 2003 I acquired a journeyman's license for the city I worked in which allowed me to install electrical systems without supervision as well as supervise less experienced apprentices in our company.

read more › Ambient lighting illuminates a room or area for general use such as living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Light fixtures such as chandeliers, ceiling mounted, and wall mounted lights serve as an ambient light source. Task lighting is used to illuminate an area for specific tasks to be performed such as cooking, reading, and homework. Recessed, track, and under cabinet lights are great sources for task lighting. Accent lighting can be described as an eye-catching light. It is generally used to draw a person's interest to a certain object such as a picture, plant, or statue.

read more › We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! It is important for our customer to be completely satisfied with our work from beginning to end. We offer friendly and courteous service from highly trained professionals that will arrive on time and leave the job knowing everything is in safe working condition, all work areas are cleaned up, and the job is complete and ready to use. Communication is a key element to our business. Communication with our customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, and our own employees.

read more › The panel on the left is a properly labeled panel. Each breaker has a sticker next to that in good handwriting has the circuit listed that corresponds to the breaker. The panel on the right has stickers missing, a few different colors of sharpie and circuits scratched off and wrote over. In an emergency situation you could have a breaker turned off very quickly by going through the circuits on the left panel. A homeowner may be forced to turn off the main breaker in an emergency situation where the panel isn't properly labeled such as on the right.

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