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T C Electric Modernize a commercial building with new lighting and phone and internet wiring throughout the building. We are on call for any electrical problems. Even if there is nothing really wrong with your current electrical system, you may be missing out on advantages of new technology. Add safer outlets for bathrooms, more efficient and powerful electrical systems, surge protection, backup generators and more.

T.C. Electrical Contractors has offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland to serve areas such as Philadelphia and Wilmington. We have been serving this area since 1982.

T.C. Electric is an electrical contractor with over 25 years of experience in meeting the needs of our customers; from the homeowner to the residential and commercial builder. We are a member of the Home Builders Association of Delaware, Builders League of South Jersey, and Better Business Bureau. We enjoy participating in local community endeavors

The wiring in your home is not a great place to save a few bucks by doing it yourself. T.C. Electric offers electrical troubleshooting, and other services to our residential customers. Many older homes rely on a central light on the ceiling or lamps around the room for lighting. New construction more often uses many different types of light to provide

An office that feels old, dark and dreary, or is overly bright, can discourage potential tenants from choosing your commercial building. Lighting may also be taking a toll on your current workforce and making them less happy and productive. One of the lighting specialists at T.C. Electric can find a lighting solution for your office space that will

Power outages can cause major problems for homes and businesses. A backup generator can be set up to kick on the moment an outage occurs so that important electrical devices stay on. This prevents data loss and damage due to power interruption Backup generators can be configured to power your entire home or building, or only important devices that need

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