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We know that having repairs and installation requires a lot of sacrifice for homeowners and business owners. That's why we guarantee our budgets and timelines so that you can more proactively plan for getting things done. Your home is where you spend most of your time with your family, and when it comes to electrical and plumbing, it is important to make sure everything is safe and functioning properly.

We can handle all of your installations & repairs including lighting that enhances your home decor. When it comes to new electrical and plumbing installations and maintenance for your business, you want to have a team of competent technicians that can handle your electrical and plumbing needs in a professional manner. For new buildings and regular repairs, our electricians and plumbers are responsive and on-time.

That is invaluable to keeping your business running. When something goes down, it's hard to know what the problem is. Our team of expert electricians and plumbers will help you identify the problem and fix it so you're back up working quickly.

We are a premier electrical service company with 20 years of combined electrical and engineering experience. Our goal is to bring reliable and cost-effective electrical service to residents in the Oklahoma area. We do this in a manner that puts our customers first by prioritizing their needs and concerns. Service is not just getting the job done but

We want to provide you with a service in which you feel comfortable, attended to and completely satisfied. Our goal when we come to perform electrical work in your residence is to leave it better, safer and more updated than it was previously. ECS Electric's state licensed electricians take great pride in the quality and detail of our workmanship, our

It is essential for you businesses to be produce, keeping down-time at a minimum and efficiency at its highest, we understand that. That's why when you come to us we will plan for and prioritize your commercial projects and business' electrical needs so that you can be back to work with little to no interruption in the workflow. We have knowledgeable

With all the unpredictable weather in Oklahoma we can't be sure that power to our homes and businesses will always be there. Especially with all the wind, tornados, ice and other types of weather that might affect the electrical grid. The severe weather affects homeowners and their families, but a generator installation can keep you and your family

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