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DBE Certified Electrical Contractors & Suppliers Serving the Philadelphia, PA & New Jersey Areas. We would like to introduce our company to you, Holder Inc. t/a Donovan Electric & Supply, as a DBE electrical contractor and supplier in the state of Pennsylvania. We have been in business for over 35 years working in the City of Philadelphia and surrounding counties handling residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Holder Inc. came into existence because Mr. Holder wanted to open a respectable business were the consumer did not get taken advantage of over their electrical needs and requirements. After working for someone else for over 15 years and seeing the short comings in the electrical field he wanted to try to make a small but impacting difference.

Mr. Holder came to realize that he would need to start his own electrical business from the bottom up and that is exactly what he did and he is still making strives to reach that pinnacle today.Holder Inc. also has had its DBE certification for over 25 years in the state of Pennsylvania and during this time we have been performing electrical services for the BSRP (Basics systems repair program) program in City of Philadelphia.

Donovan Electric and Supply is a full service electrical contractor that specializes in all facets of commercial and industrial electrical projects and supplies. Donovan has been in business of over 30 years and we perform a variety of electrical contracting projects varying from residential to industrial. We are fully licensed, insured and up to date

Upgrades on your existing panels, whole house circuit protection, lighting and other fixtures, outlets and switches, 100 amp services all the way up to 400 amp services. We also do complete home rewiring bringing your old knob and tube up to the existing code. If you are experiencing power outages we can custom fit your home for a stand-by generator

Would you like back up emergency service in case of a black out so production doesn't stop?. Here at Donovan Electric & Supply we offer a full spectrum of electrical services and provide customized services to meet your unique requirements of your industrial or commercial facility. From complex electrical system installations to emergency repairs and

We install dry and pad mount transformers, compressors, motors- single phase and 3 phase, switch gear, high voltage work and terminations, automatic transfer switches, uninterrupted power supplies, conduit/pipe, wire trays, troughs and generators. If you need industrial electrical services we are the company to call.

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