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When it comes to first class service and a lifetime guarantee for your electrical services in Oklahoma City, you can rely on the friendly advice and professional workmanship you receive from Edge Electric! Did we mention we offer something you won't find with just any Electrician? A LIFETIME GUARANTEE - This is really the only of knowing you can rest easy after electrical work, and we offer it with all of our services!

Get a new electrical panel that will provide you everything you need in regards to safety, ease of use, convenience and efficiency. Whether you are dealing with potentially dangerous, defective outlets or are expanding your electrical system, we're the ones to call!

read more › I started this business to give the people the best work and give them knowledge on what needs to be done without the hassle of calling numerous businesses. One call, set up an appointment, our electricians show-up, and you (the customer) will know what work needs to be completed to be up to code and sleeping easy.

read more › When you are looking for the best electrician for your home's electrical upgrades or repairs in Oklahoma City, you'll be delighted with the on-time service and lifetime workmanship guarantee you'll receive from Edge Electric. With Oklahoma City's reputation for fierce lightning storms professional surge protection can help to prevent electric surges that can damage computers and electrical equipment. If it is important that your computer equipment stays running consider a UPS too. For great home theater installations with hidden wires, or "all of home" stereo installations, call Edge Electric.

read more › When it comes to your home's climate control, there are many things you can do to maximize performance and save money. Perhaps one of the biggest tricks is to make sure the heated or cooled air is circulated throughout rooms. While vents and window units can perform in that role, nothing compares to having a ceiling fan pushing air throughout your home. With an Edge fan installation, not only are you addressing any air circulation issues, but you're also providing an aesthetic complement to your home's look.

read more › Adding a new dedicated circuit requires the help of a certified electrician such as Edge Electric. A dedicated circuit is an outlet that only provides service to one appliance or electrical fixture. It is commonly used for appliances with motors so that there is dedicated electrical current for start-up and peak performance needs. You would use a dedicated circuit when using a large appliance that could draw more power than a shared circuit is designed to handle. For more information feel free to contact Edge Electric online and one of our technicians will be in touch.

read more › As the trend of eco-friendly and hybrid vehicles have grown in recent years, the need has become larger for charging stations and solutions. Edge Electric's experienced electricians have been installing charging stations in the homes of hundreds of Oklahoma City electric car owners. When you call us for your EV charging station needs, we won't just stop at installation - we'll assess your home and vehicle's unique power usage and energy needs to make sure you're provided with the most efficient and effective solution.

read more › The U.S. Fire Administration's Incident Reporting System, nearly 50,000 home fires a year are the direct result of some sort of electrical malfunction. These electrical fires alone result in hundreds of deaths, and over a billion dollars in property damage annually. Of these, almost all could have been prevented if they were up to the National Electrical Code's standard. To ensure that your Oklahoma City home or business doesn't fall victim to an electrical hazard or poor installation, call Edge Electric for a code inspection and upgrade.

read more › Outlets are integral to the performance of your home or business. Not only do they supply power to the devices you use on a daily basis, but their placement can determine the layout and function of any given room. The experienced electricians at Edge Electric know what it takes to have the right electrical outlets in the right place, to make sure that your appliances are as effective, efficient and safe as possible. Ideal for offices or areas with multiple appliances, 2 duplex outlets allow up to four oversized plugs in close proximity, saving you the tangled mess of extension cords.

read more › A large number of older buildings in and around Oklahoma City have out-of-date fuse boxes that are not designed for today's modern electronics. This causes frequent tripping of fuses. In other cases, homes with older panels do not have enough room to handle additional breakers for new electronic devices. This means overloaded sections and power outages throughout your house. Edge Electric provides electrical panel upgrades and additions to keep your home safe and keep the lights on. An electrical service panel is the connection between the external wires that supply energy to your house and the internal wiring in your house.

read more › Safety is an issue of paramount importance when it comes to home's electrics. Faulty or overloaded electrical systems can put you and your family at risk of fire and electrocution. Edge Electrical can help you with expert advice and professional workmanship to keep your home safe and within the applicable building codes. If you have any doubt about the safety of your home's electrical system it is critical to call a qualified electrician to check it for you. Edge Electric can perform an in-depth safety inspection and solve any problems that arise.

read more › Great lighting can set the mood for a room, even change the entire feel of a house. That's why it's so often the secret weapon of interior designers - and why Edge Electric can help you with great ideas to make the most of your home and bring your own personal touch to it. Edge Electric offer all kinds of lighting solutions thought Oklahoma City metro area whether you are simply updating or remodeling. More convenient light switch locations, updated switch designs, or even dimmers for greater control of your lighting environment.

read more › The right lighting can make any internal or external space. Lighting can add visual effect, brightness or safety to your living space. Edge Electric provides the internal and external lighting design and installation services to meet your needs. Adding more light to your home can help it to look more spacious and chic, and LED lighting is the perfect way to improve your home's lighting. LED lights are more durable, more energy efficient and longer-lasting than traditional incandescent lights, and they also have a lower heat output.

read more › In the Midwest, threats of power loss can come at any time of the year. Especially during storm season, homes and businesses alike can fall victim to flash floods, tornadoes and lightning strikes, leaving them without power for extended periods of time. While smaller power outages like tripped breakers and blown fuses are easily remedied, the solution for large scale outages is not always so simple. In Oklahoma City, homes and businesses depend on Edge Electric to get them back online when the power company can't.

read more › You can bring new life to your outdoor areas, including garden, driveway and patio, with the great electrical service you receive from Edge Electric. With a lifetime warranty on all workmanship, on-time convenience, and up-front pricing so you can make an informed choice before you go ahead with work, you can be sure of Oklahoma City's finest electrical repairs and installations. Enjoy your patio and garden into the night with a range of lighting solutions, or simply make it easier to get from the garage to the front door at night.

read more › When it comes to delivering power where you need it around your home in Oklahoma City, you cannot beat the great service and attention to detail you receive from Edge Electric. With a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship, a written warranty on all materials, and an assurance of on-time convenience - it's service that puts you first. Emergency Repairs: With a rapid response and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies. Power Supply Problems: If you have problems with your fuse box or circuit breaker then Edge Electric can identify the problem.

read more › The demands of modern living could overload your home's electrical systems, especially if you have an older house. In these cases, you need an expert electrician skilled at rewiring a house. That's where Edge Electric comes in. We've worked with many new homebuyers who find that the previous owner was creative with home wiring. Poorly wired kitchens that caused half of a refrigerator to work while the other half was out. Old, hand-wired stoves that required the installation of a brand new outlet in order to accommodate the new appliance.

read more › With the amount of thunderstorms we have in Oklahoma, it's no wonder our state is a leader lightning and electric surge damage. Lightning is nothing more than concentrated electricity, so when it hits an object, it often hits with such power that the electricity is picked up in your home's current, causing a power surge, frying components televisions, computers and electronics. Below are a couple videos to help you learn about lightning surge protection and what can be done about it. For more information or a consultation, give us a call!

read more › Wall switches are critical to your home electrical performance. You interact with them every time you enter or leave a room, and can sometimes take them for granted. That's why Edge Electric knows the importance of having enough switches to not only control your light sources, but to make sure they are wired correctly to keep your home lit safely and efficiently. Not only can switches deteriorate from time and usage, but sometimes they are wired incorrectly or may not meet the needs of the light fixture.

read more › When you choose Edge Electric you receive a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship and written guarantee on all materials. It's your assurance of excellent repairs and upgrades for your home. The best workmanship is nothing without great service, too-which is why you can be sure of the great service you will receive from Edge Electric. Plus with Edge Electric you know the full price upfront to help you make an informed decision on what is best for your home before any work starts. Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to electricity.

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