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Pro Electric We have over 35 years in the business and guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services whether you are a residential or commercial client. Our electricians are trained to survey and determine what new electrical elements are needed when you remodel or add on to your home. Our services are tailored to meet your needs. We are available 24/7 and handle all commercial, industrial, and residential service calls quickly.

We know electricity and that's why we keep you plugged in.

read more › Our experienced team will provide you with the best electrical services whether you are building a new home, moving into an old home, or doing a bit of remodeling. If you are moving into a new home or your home needs some wiring help, we will do a full safety inspection to make sure everything is okay. No matter if you are looking for someone to light your pool or someone to wire an oil field, we are the ones for you. If you need power ran to your new home there are lots of things to consider. We will install breakers, wire appliances, lay down cables and do everything needed to make it happen.

read more › You can count on us at any time to make sure your oil field is running properly. No matter when it is if you need repairs, don't hesitate to call us so we can fix the problem. We'll take care of your wiring and new construction wiring! Safety is always our first concern. Our services include static grounding to avoid electrocution and protection from lighting. We also maintain the oil well making sure it is safe to operate.

read more › Commercial electrical services are important for your business because any time your power is out or your wiring is faulty you can lose money. Our electrical services cover everything from the lighting to the security system. If you are moving into a new office building or have recently purchased a new one, we want to make sure the wiring is safe for you. When you are building a new office or industrial location power is an important part. You need wiring to run machines, supply offices, and help cool off and warm up your employees.

read more › From the minute you start planning to build a new home or business, electrical wiring needs to be something you think of. It is going to be the basis of your whole operation whether you are building a personal home or office building. For the rooms in your home where electronics and appliances will be such as dishwashers and wall AC units there will be special wiring required. If you are building a new home or office, or just remodeling yours then we are the company to go to for all your electrical needs.

read more › Your pool is the epicenter of summer time fun. Your hot tub is the source of summer relaxation. You don't want either to stop working. That is where we come in to provide you with maintenance and repairs for continued fun in the sun. Our talented electricians are well skilled to handle any type of issue, repair, or installation you have. We guarantee 100% commercial service. If you are in the process of building a new home or remodeling we can install new wiring and move around the old to make it effective.

read more › If you are adding on an additional bathroom or a new bedroom we can add new circuits for them. This will be an easy method and a lot easier than taking the old wiring through the house to the addition. When you are remodeling we can easily help with the installation of new electrical elements. Our skilled technicians know just where to wire them. We are cautious when installing the new wiring for your remodel. We will inspect all elements of electricity in your home and make sure you are safe and your home is secure.

read more › Grounding is connecting electrical equipment into the earth by a wire. It helps keep your electric system safer and reduces the risk of an electric shock. Think of it as a buffer between you and electric hazards, it keeps you from getting shocked. Our company specializes in all types of electrical wiring from investigating the ground electricity system of an old home to doing the wiring for your new construction. Call today to tell us home we can assist with your residential and commercial electrical needs.

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