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SJ Rios Electric SJ Rios Electric serves the greater San Jose area as a full service residential and commercial electrical company. Our expertise in design, installation and maintenance in the electrical utility field prove that we stand up to our reputation. Regardless of the age of a residential property, SJ Rios Electric is equipped with a professional team. We're ready to handle all your residential electrical problems right now.

Distinguishing key features set our company apart from other servicers. Prompt service, expert leadership, fair prices and quality products all come together to make a sensible solution available for your residential electrical needs. Our team is dedicated to doing the job properly on schedule and on budget. Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers is highest priority at SJ Rios Electric.

Utilizing technology to schedule appointments with precision, our technicians are guaranteed to be on time and dedicate all available resources to your job. Call us whether you're calling for a simple electrical service, an existing home that needs rewiring, or wiring a new home.

SJ Rios Electric has served the Bay Area since 2005 as a licensed and insured electrical contractor. Residential and commercial customers have been handled with first rate service, and our base continues to grow with our customers. Our reputation speaks true to our efficient and professional service we continue to make available to new and established

SJ Rios Electric provides expertise in design, installation and service on all residential properties. Through prompt service, expert leadsmen, reasonable prices and quality products, the team of professionals at SJ Rios Electric are dedicated to getting the job done on time and on budget. This is how we ensure satisfaction for all our customers. We

Living through a natural disaster can be a devastating experience. Watching water pour into your home and not having any control over it is most definitely a tough thing to watch. However, if your basement or main floor is flooded with water, be careful not to jump right in without first evaluating the situation. First and foremost, be sure you don

Fires caused by faulty electric wiring cost millions of dollars in repair costs every year. Whether it's old wiring in your home or wiring that's not up to code at your commercial location, you can't take the chance that bad wiring will cause a fire. If you've been unfortunate and had an electrical fire, it's a good idea to have our fire damage electrician

Fires are devastating, no matter how big or small they are. And cleaning up after a fire can be just as devastating. If you've never had a fire, you may not realize just how much damage the smoke and soot alone can do. In addition to all the smoke and soot damage, you'll have water damage that will most certainly damage your electric wiring. When that

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