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With employee's and customer's safety our primary concern, there will be no corners cut while providing the best value in the industry. When you choose Allegiant Electric LLC you will be able rest knowing you have recieved the best value for your money spent, guaranteed! Our mission is to eliminate the feeling of distrust between customer and contractor.

In delivering on this objective our electricians will explain why they are doing what they are doing to help all of our customers gain a greater knowledge of how their electrical systems work.

read more › Established in 2017, Allegiant Electric LLC is owned and operated by Diana Baruch and Master Electrician Justin Baruch. Having a reputation for safety, honesty, loyalty and exceptional work in the oil and gas industry for the past 10 years, we will be carrying on those same values at Allegiant Electric LLC. With a journeymen electrician assigned to every project, we ensure work is done efficiently and with precision. We don't like to waste time or energy. We make it a point to assess every project, creating a plan and strategy to get the job done right the first time.

read more › Allegiant Electric LLC is not a rush to get it done electrical contractor. We pride ourselves on being a safe company to work for and ensuring our customers recieve a safe, dependable and efficient product when we are finished. All electrical equipment will be installed to code using the latest version of the NFPA 70 : National Electrical Code and any guidlines issued by state, county and city authorities having. All Allegiant Electric LLC employees are required to complete a riggorous safety orientation and background evaluation before they are allowed to work for any Allegiant Electric LLC customers.

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