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At Guaranteed Electric, our mission is to use the highest ethical standards, promise to do everything in our power to safely provide our customers with the best QUALITY, VALUE and SERVICE, through continuous investments in training and education. ONE CALL takes care of your electric, fire alarm, sprinkler, security, entry system, CCTV systems, and all your low voltage network needs.

We do too! Don't let the slow economy stop you from moving forward! Grab a coupon and let's build something together!

read more › At Guaranteed Electric Service Inc., no residential issue or upgrade/remodel is too small. From a problematic outlet to a basement remodel or finish project we have your covered. Our Service Forman brings 20 year's experience and knowledgeable service as an residential electrician in Mankato, MN and the surrounding areas. At Guaranteed Electric Service Inc you will experience unparalleled, guaranteed service from start to finish through fast, friendly and clean work completed by a staff of knowledgeable residential electricians specialized in residential service needs.

read more › If you are adding a new piece of equipment or building that draw a lot of amperage, you will need to consider upgrading. If you are blowing a lot of fuses and find yourself installing larger ones than the wire is rated for, it may be time to consider upgrading. If you are selling your home and you think a first time home buyer may be interested, it may be time to consider upgrading. If you like saving money on your homeowner's insurance, it may be time to consider upgrading. If the mast coming down the side of your house is starting to crack and show bare wires, it may be time to consider upgrading.

read more › Well a service call is a small job that does not take over an hour to complete. If a job does take over that hour, then our billing rate drops down to our hourly charge out rate. At Guaranteed Electric Service, we guarantee that we will be there in an hour from when you call if need be. Our staff has such a broad view of training, which ensures that we will have the right man for the job! Along with our service, we offer 24 Hour Emergency Service Calls or emergency work. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day / 7 days a week!

read more › When remodeling home / business you have to take into consideration the size of your electrical panel and if it is big enough to handle the remodel you are about to start. It is important to work with a professional to make sure you will have enough power and circuits needed. At Guaranteed Electric Service Inc. our employees are also up to date on the newest electrical codes needed to meet for the type of remodeling project you may be doing. No job is too big or too small and we are here to help with your electrical services while you remodel.

read more › By adding landscape lighting to your home or cabin, it will set a whole new feeling when you come home to the soft glow of your new yard. Have us come out and design your new look. Landscape lighting not only creates a welcoming feel and nice curb appeal, it also increases security and deters intruders from approaching.

read more › With the rapid changes occurring in the communication world, you need to know that the contractor you hire is changing and advancing with it. Our techs are trained and licensed in the low voltage world. There are many construction projects that we wire each year, so you can count on us to know and help you with exactly what your needs require.

read more › Guaranteed Electric Service has wired hundreds of septic systems, in varying types. Our customers can be assured that after we have wired their well or septic system, your family is safe and secure. From installing high sewage alarm systems to bonding and grounding your water system, we can do it all. We have worked on city lagoon systems as well as cattle yard lagoon systems. If you need a new septic and well pump, then your in need of an updated electric system that can run to it, We are guaranteed to be on time and bring all the available material needed to get the job done.

read more › Taking a customer's ideas and bringing them to life. From designing a She Shed (crafting space) or Chicken coop with automatic doors in your backyard to a multi-story office building, we are here to bring your dreams to reality. No job is too big or small if you can dream it we can wire it and design the lighting to be exactly what you want. Trust the experts when it comes to the electrical design of your next project. We have 45 years of combined electrical experience in our office. You can trust that we are keeping up on the latest code and design changes in the electrical industry.

read more › When it comes time to remodel or expand your business, let us help you get your project done on time. We have years of experience remodeling buildings. This has contributed to our electricians be able to minimize the cutting and patching that needs to take place. Our commercial remodeling team has tackled some great remodeling projects. It is extremely hard to think of what some of those buildings used to look like before they took on their new great look! We look forward to helping you design and transform your business!

read more › When it comes time to build or even upgrade your dairy facility, trust in our knowledgeable staff. With several hundred cow dairies under management, by our staff or family of our staff, we know and understand the importance of cow comfort. So let us help you make happy, comfortable cows. Because happy cows, keep cell counts down and production up.

read more › Many of our employees have agricultural backgrounds, having either been raised on farms or worked on farms. Wiring of grain handling systems have been a part of our business since its inception. Grain legs, storage bins, transfer augers, air vac systems and bin aeration systems are some of the systems that we can help you with. With underground trenching and aerial lift trucks available, we can efficiently and safely wire any grain handling system you may have.

read more › We have installed fire alarms in just about every type of business or residence that has needed a fire alarm system. We work with several different vendors throughout the state to get you the best pricing and the best product. We can also produce engineered drawings of the fire alarm system, if needed for your local fire marshal. So when it comes to fire alarm installers, trust in the guys who have hundreds of installs under their belts!

read more › When it comes to generators, you want to talk to people that deal with them daily. Look no further! Here at GES we have we have a certified/trained Generac Generator tech on staff that maintains several Drug & Alcohol treatment facilities, clinics and commercial businesses on a regular basis. We are able to run monthly tests, annual 2 hour load tests and bi-annual 4 hour load tests, regular maintenance and annual maintenance such as changing oil, filters, belts, etc. We have estimators that sell and design back up systems as well.

read more › When it comes time to protect your property, trust the techs that have the experience and knowledge to secure your building. We have installed systems from motion detection for the IRS building to vibration systems for Visa credit cards. So when you are ready to make security a priority in your business, let the guys with a solid security background give you a free quote!

read more › When it comes to home audio, we can rock the sheetrock loose! From simple 2 pair speaker systems to whole house audio, we have it ALL. By working with our local vendors who stay on top of all the new and cool technology, we can really rock the house! Because we have the ability to sell Sony & Panasonic at dealer prices to our customers, we have become extremely competitive with the big "box stores." There are a lot of common questions that arise from home owners and businesses alike when considering an audio system.

read more › Guaranteed Electric Service Inc., headquartered in Mankato, MN has established itself as one of Minnesota's premier Electrical Contractors. Catering primarily to small and medium sized businesses located within the 4 state Region, our mission is to provide "On-Time" service and build lasting relationships with our customers by offering a full suite of services. We deliver on our mission by hiring talented, service driven teams of people who have a passion for what they do. If you have hands-on and/or academic electrical experience and knowledge, a strong work ethic, the drive and initiative to become part of a highly valued team, then we want to hear from you!

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