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Elmhurst Electric Elmhurst Electric Corp offers the best electrical system installation and engineering maintenance in the business, serving clients across a broad spectrum of industries with turnkey services and proven electrical solutions. Located in Hicksville, NY, Elmhurst Electric has been proudly serving the greater New York City area with advanced electrical construction expertise and engineering maintenance skill for over ten years.

With a commitment to quality, value, timeliness, and cost efficiency, the professional team at Elmhurst Electric delivers exceptional service and electrical mastery that is aimed at forging lifelong partnerships with each client. Offering start-to-finish electrical construction and maintenance to residential, commercial, and industrial properties, Elmhurst Electric will be with you every step of your project's progression, from strategy and planning to building and beyond.

At Elmhurst Electric, we know that every property has unique electrical needs--that's why our adaptable business model can be quickly modified to address your critical concerns and achieve your vision.

read more › When commercial and industrial property owners in the New York Tri-state area need the best electric construction and engineering maintenance service possible, they can turn to the best in the business. Elmhurst Electric started out over a decade ago as a group of young professionals with a true passion for electrical engineering, construction, and maintenance. Located in Hicksville, New York, our team of experienced and enthusiastic electricians serves the Tri-state area with high-quality electrical services that cover your construction project from start to finish.

read more › Elmhurst Electric specializes in the construction, installation, and maintenance of commercial electrical services for clients such as retail outlets, housing communities, and much more. Every project starts with a pre-construction electrical engineering plan and property review. This first step allows us to evaluate the needs of each individual client and develop a specialized plan for the installation, testing, and maintenance needed for the proposed commercial project. The review process affords us the luxury of considering multiple approaches to each of the following phases, allowing our clients to save on installation costs and reducing the overall duration of the project completion time.

read more › Elmhurst Electric is also here to serve the needs of New York City's massive industrial sector. No matter what your property needs are, an industrial electrician from Elmhurst can deliver the experience and expertise required to get the job done safely and efficiently. Our work within the industrial sector is incredibly diverse, ranging from the exterior installation of lighting networks, security systems, and alarms, to the proper installation and wiring of contingency systems for fire, backup power, and communication.

read more › An often overlooked electrical project that requires advanced engineering expertise is one involving public transit. From parking lot lighting to security camera systems, transit centers require complex electrical engineering services that Elmhurst Electric can deliver. Our trained electricians can help in every step of the process, from concept and planning to installation and ongoing systems maintenance. Our transit electrical services include parking lot lighting and lighting design systems, electrical upgrades to existing transit electrical systems, and even the installation and maintenance of generators to provide a backup power source.

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