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Skilliez Electric, Electrician Georgetown Tx, Full service electrical contractors in Georgetown Tx. Specializing in Residential and Commercial Electrical Projects. We have been providing electrical services since 2010. Our Company is Licensed and Insured. Our local electricians in Georgetown can handle your electrical needs! Our electricians are registered and licensed with the State of Texas.

Our electricians are career minded and understand we are here to do the job professionally while providing the highest level of service possible. We want t0 be the only electrician you call when you need us, So if your looking for the Best electricians in Georgetown Tx, Serving Sun City, Round Rock, Leander, Hutto, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Austin.

read more › A ceiling fan can be a good way to bring a room a fresh look, better feel and more comfort. They are also a less expensive way to update the interior design of your home or office space. Another important use of ceiling fans is that they are a great and efficient way to control the climate of a room during Summer and Winter. In summer, a ceiling fan installation creates the same effect as a breeze. It helps evaporate perspiration on the skin and cools it by a couple of degrees. For the cooling effect, the blades should blow air down on people, usually by rotating counter-clockwise when seen from below.

read more › More and more car manufacturers are making electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars and the number of both car models and the number of cars sold is increasing each year. The change from gas to electric vehicles, referred to as EV cars or simply EV (Electric Vehicles), is happening faster than most people think. By 2022, industry analysts predict that the overall costs of owning an EV is likely to drop below that of conventional gas powered vehicles, at which point electric and hybrid cars may rapidly become the car of choice for an increasing number of new car buyers.

read more › The electric panel controls the electricity coming into your home. It basically acts as main hub, sending electricity to each circuit in the home. The breakers in the electrical panel regulate the electricity passing through. Only trust your electrical panel in the hands of a licensed and trained electrician. There are some electric panels that were installed several decades ago that have since been discovered to be inadequate or unsafe. The following list includes some of the older panels that are known to be problematic.

read more › Sometimes light switched need replacing. Although you can purchase a switch yourself at your local hardware store, it is not recommended that you attempt to perform the switch replacement yourself. This project should only be trusted in the hands of a licensed, skilled electrician. There is a high risk of electrocution and damage to your homes electrical system that could result in an electrical fire. So, you've done some remodeling or re-arranging of the furniture to freshen up the look of a room, but now you wish that light switch was in a different place.

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