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Rodgers Electrical Services is a family-owned and -operated business in Downingtown, PA, that can help you when you need the services of an electrician. We're dedicated to our community, and we enjoy having the opportunity to help our neighbors in the area repair or improve their residential or commercial electrical wiring. We're fully licensed and insured, and we work hard to provide affordable and prompt service.

Call us to discuss how an electrician from our company can help you. We'd be happy to meet you at your property to give our professional assessment of what can be done. We offer flexible appointment availability so that we can meet with our clients at times that are convenient for them. We're available Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm, and Saturday, by appointment.

Before hurricane/snow storm season starts - Let us give you a price on a generator installation and get ahead of the game. When bad weather hits the area and causes power outages it is the worst time to attempt to install a generator. It then becomes near impossible to obtain parts to install the generator and the wait has been up to 4 months in some

Let's face it: A stable electrical system is an essential component of everyday life. We depend on electricity for so many of our run-of-the-mill tasks; without it, we'd be lost. So when electrical problems occur in your home or place of business, the last thing you should do is try to repair them yourself. Fortunately, Rodgers Electrical Services LLC

With technology the way it is today, it seems like there's always a new gadget to bring home or into the office. And the more gadgets and appliances you have, the more electrical switches and outlets you'll need. Fortunately, we can help in that regard. At Rodgers Electrical Services LLC, we provide a wide range of commercial and residential electrical

Recessed lighting is a great way to add a touch of elegance and class to any room in your home or office. At Rodgers Electrical Services LLC, our recessed lighting is designed to enhance the look and value of your space while providing the comfortable, functional, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere you're looking for. At Rodgers Electrical Services LLC

From inclement weather to overtaxed systems, sometimes the power goes off at the most inconvenient of times. But interruptions in service are often more than just annoying. For homeowners, power losses can spell hundreds of lost dollars in spoiled food. And for business owners, a lack of power can mean lost productivity and profit. Fortunately, Rodgers

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