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Able Electric NJ LLC is our family business, serving the electrical needs of families and businesses in the Union County area and beyond for over 25 years. With "Frank" at Able Electric, I know the work will be done right the first time and at a fair price. He is a very hardworking, honest, electrician that I felt very comfortable with. The work Frank and his sons performed on our circuit breaker box and basement wiring after Hurricane Irene destroyed them was immaculate.

I know that our electrical system is much easier to use and much, much safer than it ever was before. I was impressed with Frank's attention to detail and his determination to produce a quality product. He followed through with everything I requested. He left the job site very neat and orderly upon His completion. Frank was prompt, professional, and very pleasant.

He was clearly not out to make the job bigger than it needed to be and gave me several options to address my needs and fix the problem. Frank from Able Electrical Contracting proved to be a considerate businessman who is officially the only electrician that I will use.

read more › Some people love a great thunderstorm; others are petrified by the first flash of lightning or rumble of thunder. Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, thunderstorms produce lightning and that's a powerful force. Tier 1 - With permission from the utility company a socket suppression system can be installed. This system requires more coordination, power shut down and the utility's permission to use. Not all utility companies will do so. Tier 2 - Panel protectors at the home's electrical panel. There are several brands that can be found online or at your local electrical supply house.

read more › As an electrician I am always taking mental note of the electrical integrity of the homes I am called to service. Electricity is a modern convenience so taken for granted, that the hidden dangers of age related deterioration can be overlooked. Recently while working in a customer's storage room I turned on a light. Within just a few minutes I detected a burning smell eventually traced to the fixture pictured at right. The exterior shell is porcelain which can't burn and appears fine. However, the electrical failure had taken place in the interior components which had deteriorated with age.

read more › Did you know that homeowner insurance companies often require that fuse boxes be replaced? Pictured is a perfect example of the hazards of a fuse box. All the 30 amp fuses pictured should be 15 amps. When the antiquated 15 amp fuses kept blowing under the strain of modern appliances (indicating an overloaded wire and a need for a new line), someone put in a 30 amp fuse instead. Whenever the built in safety elements of an electrical system have been compromised a serious silent danger has been created.

read more › As an electrical contractor, fifty percent of the work I do is fixing the mistakes of a handyman or homeowner who was trying to save a buck. The savings which initially appear, quickly evaporate when an unsafe or unsightly electrical job has been completed. Most people have to exercise diligence in their finances, but when cheap has to be done over again, what have you saved? The nature of electrical work is that many jobs initially go smoothly. I'm always amazed however, how they quickly spiral into greater complications.

read more › A stairway with little or no light is an inconvenience that with time becomes a real hazard. Adding lighting can reduce the likelihood of serious injury. Newer electrical products on the market make life easier and safer. Receptacle/night lights can replace standard receptacles in hallways and bath. The LED light operates automatically, has a 10 year life and makes navigating at night less of a challenge. Approximately 50% of homes I work in have inoperable/inadequate smoke detectors. With newer smoke/carbon monoxide detectors that have a 10 year battery life, things can't get much easier.

read more › Recently, working in an older couples home, I replaced an inadequate ceiling light fixture. When I turned it on the homeowner gushed, "It's like my other cataract is gone!" (He had recently had one removed and was awaiting the 2nd removal.) While every situation isn't this extreme, working and living in 'low light homes' is frustrating. Applying band-aids by adding more floor and table lamps doesn't help the root problem. When I'm called into a lighting job I begin asking questions, i.e: What is the room used for?

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