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All our Electrician Professionals are experienced and licensed to provide our customers with fast, friendly and efficient service. We can repair those non-emergency problems that require attention before it becomes an emergency. We have clients across all platforms who take advantage of our Experienced Professional Electrical Services. For those special projects that require custom installation our Electrician Specialists can install to code your electrical needs.

Haddox and Sons is the electrical contractor we used when we did a remodel from the ground up 8 years ago. We had the need to have Chris out.

read more › Consider having additional circuits or outlets added by a qualified electrician so you do not have to use extension cords. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for plugging an appliance into a receptacle outlet. If outlets or switches feel warm, frequent problems with blowing fuses or tripping circuits, or flickering or dimming lights, call a qualified electrician. Place lamps on level surfaces, away from things that can burn and use bulbs that match the lamp's recommended wattage. Make sure your home has ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in the kitchen bathroom(s), laundry, basement, and outdoor areas.

read more › A lot of homes are designed now with exterior plug outlets attached through a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) in bathrooms and garages. If a large power surge or faulty equipment is plugged into one of the outlets the GFI will trigger off the electricity to a number of plug outlets. To better explain, a GFI is a receptacle (power outlet) designed to trip from a hot to ground interruption of a power overload. Therefore if the GFI power outlet is tripped there might be an underlying problem with the device you are plugging into the outlet with.

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