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Since its inception, Matt Vu Electric has grown from a small local electrical company into a electrical contractor that can handle a vast array of Commercial and Residential projects. Over the years, the company has worked hard to expand its capabilities to meet the needs of its customers. Through experience, training, and dedication, Matt Vu Electric has been providing quality electrical services to its customers for over 20 years.

Expanding its capabilities over the years has lead to a variety of projects, including advanced lighting, solar power systems, generators, marine applications, cabling and telecommunications. You can depend on Matt Vu Electric to continually deliver quality work which has garnered much success and many loyal customers.

read more › Matt Vu Electric is a Master Electrician that still makes house calls. Many electrical contracting companies don't even bother with Residential work anymore or they send out their least experienced crew. Not, Matt Vu - we feel every job is important no matter what needs to be done. If you are remodeling a house from the 70's that has aluminum wiring, we are specialists at converting the wiring, plugs and switches to copper. We also do new service from the pole, panel boxes, new breakers, fresh wiring and receptacles for either safety or style reasons.

read more › Matt Vu Electric can handle all of your electrical needs all the way from the JEA pole to your panel and that would include changeouts, upgrades, panel rewires, meter cans and jars. Throughout the years, Matt Vu Electric has worked all over Jacksonville rewiring confidence into homes, home offices and businesses. Over time, the quality and effectiveness of your wiring diminishes. Older homes sometimes have outdated breakers, switches and wire which should be replaced. Matt Vu Electric is available to test and confirm whether or not your electrical systems are performing safely and economically.

read more › The best smoke alarms need to wake you when you're sleeping. That means the alarm can be no further away than in the next room. Let Matt Vu Electric make sure you have enough of the right kind of smoke alarms throughout your home. Hard-wired alarms can be connected together (with a wire) so when one alarm activates, all interconnected alarms go off. Many alarms in new homes have this feature. It means any alarm in the home can wake you in an emergency. For homes with battery-powered alarms, there are models that contain a radio transmitter that will activate a receiver that can be placed in the bedroom.

read more › Electrical surges can occur when large electrical loads are turned on and off, such as electrical machinery at a nearby factory or at the utility company itself. Matt Vu Electric can keep your electronics protected from just such an event. Lightning does not have to strike a home, or near a home to cause electrical damage. A lightning strike on a power line several miles away still has the potential to cause extensive electrical damage in a home. Lightning strikes on high voltage lines are generally dissipated by utility transmission lines.

read more › At Matt Vu Electric, the installation of most well-known brands and models of Chandeliers and Ceiling Fans has been a specialty of ours for years. We take great pride in helping you finish off a new room addition with elegant fixtures. We also are very knowledgeable about the new LED lighting options, low voltage power saving options and multi-volt options. Call us for details. Need a spot light on your favorite palm tree? If you are working on the exterior, we are experienced at wiring light poles, outdoor light fixtures and landscape lighting as well.

read more › Matt Vu Electric is experienced at networking your Commercial or Residential telecommunications systems. Cabling, telephones, routers, wireless devices and printers can be networked and surge protected for the optimum efficiency. Matt Vu Electric has worked hard to stay in front of emerging technology in order to be the "go to" guy for your Telecommunications equipment. Through a commitment to on-going training and relentless dedication Matt Vu Electric is your resource for the best brands, systems and features on the market today.

read more › With so much water around Jacksonville, there is no surprise in the number of docks and marinas that need electrical service. Matt Vu Electric has been wiring and installing lighting to docks, powering boat lifts, and installing shore power lines and generators for years. In fact, Matt Vu Electric will be glad to come out and check your current wiring for corrosion and damage. Electrical lines need to be encased in PVC piping, or non corrosive piping, to remain water tight. Docks age rapidly around the salt and brackish waters of our area - so electrical lines along a damaged dock or corroded pilings can cause lighting and boat lift power to be compromised.

read more › A growing number of hurricanes and other natural disasters in recent years have probably put preparedness on your radar screen. Along with an emergency plan and a three-day supply of food and water, you might want to consider adding backup power to your home or office. Matt Vu Electric can help you determine the wattage necessary for your most important household appliances and devices. Then we can help you choose the right generator and wiring system for running your critical appliances in the event of a power outtage.

read more › Matt Vu Electric continually offers new services to meet your changing demands. Here are two new services that customers have requested and, as always, Matt Vu Electric has the solution. A variety of Mobile Home electric needs have surfaced recently. One of which, is the need for a dedicated line and breaker for an exterior 30 amp weather-tight plug for a camper to plug into at a residence. Matt Vu Electric has expanded its capabilities to include solar power installation that can REVERSE your meter (and actually pay you).

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