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Complete electrical installation for ground up multi-family building in MidTown Sacramento. We are faced with dwindling resources and rising energy costs. Not so long ago, when our parents were growing up, nobody worried about energy consumption. Gasoline cost less than $1 a gallon. It didn't cost much to light and heat our homes. It seemed our supply of natural resources was endless.

We know now that is not the case. The results of dwindling supplies are reflected in the prices of gasoline, heating oil and electricity and in the concerns of world leaders about the availability of those resources. Heating oil is a high-cost - but very necessary - item for homeowners. Save fuel and money by turning the thermostat down. Change the settings to 78 degrees during warmer months and 68 degrees during cooler months.

You can save energy in other areas of your home as well. Wear garments more than once before tossing them into the laundry basket. Only wash a full load of laundry, which Energy Star says can save more than 3,400 gallons of water each year.

read more › A1 Electrical Inc is a leading provider of electrical contracting services for residential and commercial projects in Northern California. For over 9 years, we have proudly provided electrical services in Sacramento and surrounding areas. Whatever your electrical contracting needs, A1 Electrical leads the field in experience, creativity, and dependability! Contact us for a FREE quote.

read more › I highly recommend A1 Eletrical, my electrician was Igor Ilyenko and he did the cleanest most professional install of Cat6 cable from my downstairs router to an upstairs bedroom. Very nice guy from Ukraine and I want him for my next electrical needs. Thank you A1. A1 Electrical technicians were professional and showed up on time to perform my panel upgrade. Easy to work with. I would recommend. Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was working with your company on the renovation project.

read more › For over 9 years, we have been one of the leading electrical contractors for custom homes in the Sacramento area. We offer electrical services such as electrical panel upgrades, ceiling fan installation, troubleshooting and repair and lighting installation to customers within a 40 mile radius. We are ready to assist you with your existing home's electrical needs or to wire your new build home from the ground up! Our skilled and experienced staff have built homes from 1,000 to over 8,000 square feet.

read more › Whether you need an Electrical Service Upgrade or you're looking to have a Ground Up Installation, A1 Electrical Contractor Sacramento should be the first place you call. Our professionally trained team will be able to talk with you about the different available options and from there, we can come up with a plan to most effectively handle the situation. We understand the needs of businesses from a logistical standpoint and we are also quite good at working in difficult environments. The job will be completed the right way and you'll be set to save energy and money.

read more › Every hour the sun beams onto Earth more than enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year. Solar energy is the practice of harnessing the sun's energy for use here on Earth. This energy is captured by specially designed solar panels and routed to your home! Many people have HEARD of Solar Energy, but few have a real understanding of what it is or how it works. Solar cells are made of semiconductor materials like what is used in computer chips. When sunlight comes into contact with the, electrons are knocked loose from their atoms.

read more › LED lighting has emerged as one of the most reliable, cost-effective and highly efficient forms of lighting that are being preferred by residential and commercial establishments globally over the conventional forms of LED lighting Sacramento. It helps in saving the considerable amount of money on energy bills and lasts much longer. On an average, LEDs have the lifespan of around 50,000 hours in comparison to the lifespan of 8,000 hours of the CFL bulbs and 1,200 hours of the incandescent light used widely.

read more › A1 Electrical troubleshooting Sacramento consists of Maintenance, repair, upgrades and operations. Regular maintenance and service to your equipment will help detect minor problems before they become costly or dangerous ones. Everything we do we, have you in mind. A1 Electrical Troubleshooting in Sacramento California| Service & Maintenance Serving Sacramento and surrounding communities. If you live in the Sacramento area and are looking to upgrade the electrical wiring in your home, A1 Electrical is the right place for such work!

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