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Reliable Electrical Service We are a professional electrical services company located in Broward County, serving residents and business owners all over South Florida for the past 30 years. Brian Smith, owner and founder of Reliable Electrical Service started this company with the intent of providing our customers with the best customer service experience possible by qualified electricians.

At Reliable Services we show up on time and provide accurate estimates with no hidden costs. Honesty and Integrity are part of our core believe as a company and we back that up with professionalism and knowledge to perform the service needed, exceeding our clients expectation. Reliable Electrical Service representative will provide a complete and accurate estimate and will explain the items in layman's terms so it will be easy to understand.

Times have changed, but our commitment to quality has not which is why, when you call Reliable Electrical Service, we will send only the best and most qualified electricians to your door. At Reliable Electrical Service, our team of experts is on hand 7 days a week, 24 hrs a day covering Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

read more › Reliable Electrical Service is a professional electrical services company, family owned and operated, with extensive experience in the residential and commercial electrical fields. With over 30 years in the market, Reliable Electrical Services has assisted many different residential and commercial clients with their electrical projects. Reliable Electrical Services is owned by Brian Smith, a 2nd generation Master Electrician with 30 plus years experience. I will never forget the first time as a young boy, I created my first circuit utilizing a light, a switch and a light bulb and it worked.

read more › There are several panels that a home or business owner should be aware of, that may pose a possible hazard to his or her home or business. I have list the following panels along with information and links that will assist the home or business owner in making an educated decision if he or she is in doubt as to whether he or she will need to upgrade and or replace their electrical panel. Federal Pacific Equipment Panel (FPE): Federal Pacific Breakers may not trip as required when an overload is present in an electrical circuit.

read more › Electrical Hazards that may have been installed when your home or commercial building was originally constructed:. Aluminum branch circuit conductors expand and contract causing connections at the device, fixture or equipment to become loose, causing arching, resulting in a heated connection, then cooling down when either turned off or connection is lost creating a snowball effect of heating and expanding, cooling and contraction until the heat builds up, causing the insulation to melt either back to another conductor or to the point where the conductor enters the box possibly causing a short or an arc, which may result in a fire.

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