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Updating your electrical system must be done by someone who is entirely familiar with all the building codes and regulations. Errors will lead to electrical fires, which can have devastating consequences. Electrical work needs to be done by a licensed, insured, and bonded electrician. They have the knowledge, experience, and training to do this job safely and on time.

It is unsafe to do an electrical upgrade any other way. Hire the professional at Lytle's Electric, LLC, and put your mind at ease. All services are efficient and cost effective. You'll be greeted by a friendly face who'll provide the highest level of service for a job of any size. Go ahead and check out the full list. Need something different? No problem.

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read more › Joist has partnered with leading personal loan financing companies to offer your clients access to personal loans for their home improvement projects. The financing options are presented professionally on the estimate and invoice web pages. Offering financing is intended to help increase your job winning rate and average project size. How much does this cost? Homeowner financing costs you nothing. There's nothing for you to sign up for and nothing for you to pay. The whole idea here is we want to make sure your client has the money needed to pay you for the job -- they do the applying, they pay back the loan, and you get paid directly by them.

read more › Our warranty options ensure that the highest quality of your installation desires will be met, and the guarantee of a worry-free return visit for any necessary maintenance. A two-year warranty is included with your installation if you purchase any of the mounts that Lytle's Electric, LLC has to offer.

read more › The camera connects to the DVR recorder via a coaxial BNC cable. Although the use of coaxial cable may not seem significant, it does have some limitations. As the coaxial cable doesn't provide power to the camera, there are actually two cables included within one covering - a power and video cable. The cables separate each end to provide the separate functions. As such, you'll need to install your DVR recorder near a power outlet. CCTV systems can work without the internet by connecting to a DVR to record or monitor.

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