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Skyline Electric A punctual friendly team will complete your project efficiently and leave your home as clean as when we arrived. Jeff was an absolute professional and very fast! He was able to install a chandelier, 2 hanging pendants and a ceiling fan within a couple of hours. I would highly recommend Skyline- also their scheduling team was prompt and followed up on all correspondence.

We had Skyline redo the lights in our basement, changing out the old incandescent fixtures to all LED models. The bid was very competitive, the electrician was prompt, easy to work with, explained what was being done and why. And, the work was excellent! As a realtor, I talk to numerous contractors every time one of my clients needs work done as part of a transaction.

When one of my sellers had to tackle a significant knob & tube wiring replacement project in the spring of 2018, Jeff and his team quoted less than their competition - and they did a stellar job. As a result, Jeff has become my go-to electrician for knob & tube issues.

read more › From the online booking to the end of installation, Jeff and his co-workers were courteous, prompt and friendly. We found our new appliance was missing screws, so Jeff trekked to the hardware store and didn't charge for the extra legwork/supplies. They cleaned up after themselves and even offered to throw away the large appliance box. Like many other reviewers, I hired Skyline Electric based on their high ratings on Yelp, to help relocate my AC unit and install a light outside a new exterior door.

read more › A punctual friendly team will complete your project efficiently leaving downtime to a minimum. Are You continually tripping breakers? Does your home still have fuses or worse an outdated Federal Pacific or Zinsco Panel? If so, chances are good that you need to upgrade or replace your electrical service. We rely on our electrical systems more and more everyday and don't give it a second thought until something goes wrong. If you have concerns or just questions about your home's electrical Call Skyline Electric today.

read more › One of first things you probably want to do if is install an EV charging station in your home. While most vehicles come with the ability to plug into a standard outlet, to get the fastest most cost effective charge you will want to upgrade to a 240v level 2 charger. Discuss all of your options and find the one that will best fit your daily commute needs. Provide a detailed, pressure free quote. Schedule a one-day stress-free install. Pull and coordinate all permits and inspections. Provide an industry leading warranty.

read more › Our Friendly, Punctual team will complete your project quickly, backed by our industry leading guarantee. Whether your existing light fixtures are ready for an update or you do not have any overhead lighting and are stuck dealing with switched outlets we understand how important lighting is. Updating or adding lights can change the look of a room, make It feel more comfortable or just add a sense of security to your home. Getting the lighting you want is often easier than you think and starts with a call to our licensed team of residential electricians.

read more › Knob and Tube or "K&T" is a wiring system that was commonly used until approximately 1950. It is still very common in homes throughout Minneapolis, Saint Paul and extends to older homes through White Bear Lake all the way to Stillwater. It gets its name from the ceramic knobs and tubes that are used to support and protect the wires. Knob and Tube is an ungrounded wiring system. These outlets present a risk of shock to people while operating the everyday electronics and appliances in your home. Because of the age of the wiring it is very likely additional electrical has been added to the system.

read more › Protect Your electronics and appliances: Ever figure out how much it would cost to replace everything? Electrical surges can cause big problems. When surge protection is installed at the electrical panel, it helps protect all the devices in the home, including your appliances. Whole Home Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) reduce higher-level surges that might otherwise overwhelm plug strips and damage connected household equipment. SPDs also provide surge suppression for important items that are not compatible with plug strips, such as a home's HVAC and smart appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, oven, and lighting).

read more › Arc Faults can also be found in light fixtures, appliances that go undetected until there is an issue. Electrical fires can be a silent killer occurring in areas of the home that are hidden from view and early detection. The objective is to protect the circuit in a manner that will reduce its chances of being a source of an electrical fire. An AFCI is a product that is designed to detect a wide range of arcing electrical faults to help reduce the electrical system from being an ignition source of a fire.

read more › A home electrical safety inspection will provide you with a health report for your home's electrical system. Not Knowing the current condition of your home's electrical system can be frustrating and even dangerous. There are sometimes subtle signs that there might be a problem. But sometimes there are no warning signs or worse yet they go unnoticed or left to deal with another day. When your lights flicker or "Buzz" when turned on it may be signs that a connection is loose, creating an arc that turns into heat and starts a dangerous situation.

read more › Fully Customizable: Create Multiple colors to showcase your favorite sports team or to create unique effects for any event or holiday. Mesmerizing Animations: control preset animations from your phone to create flowing patterns, fades, jumps and other fun movements. Enhanced outdoor lighting: with the ability to select individual lights to create stunning architectural accent lighting that will wow your neighbors. No Worry Warranty: LED's on average last 50,000 hours and are covered with our lifetime labor warranty.

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