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The expert electricians at MK Electric Man believe in providing excellent electrical repairs and services as performed by trustworthy, knowledgeable Jefferson Parish electricians, all backed by our lifetime warranty. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Repair is FREE! - We'll get it right the first time. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll come back to finish the work to your 100% satisfaction.

If you're still not satisfied, the repair is free. FREE Electrical Inspection with Every Repair - We'll inspect your basic electric systems to ensure that everything is running safely and efficiently for your family. While our skilled West Bank electricians can handle large scale jobs like no power, no lights, and electrical troubleshooting, our trained technicians are small job specialists.

We can quickly and efficiently take care of your home's simple switch installation, outlet installation, and ceiling fan installation. We only hire the very best electricians. Our employees are not only highly trained and professional electricians, they are also honest and friendly.

read more › At MK Electric Man, our Harvey electricians make sure our clients are completely satisfied by providing service with consistent cleanliness, friendliness, helpfulness, and professionalism. We are committed to providing quality service to the Jefferson Parish community. Our reputation as an honest and reliable Jefferson Parish electrician is the recipe for our success. While others try to profit by cutting corners, or trying to push unnecessary electrical services to customers, we believe that a good, honest reputation and unsurpassed service will provide the biggest rewards in the long run.

read more › Electrical issues can happen periodically, and they often happen without any prior warnings. Due to the dangerous nature of electricity, it is necessary to have these issues dealt with immediately by a professional electrician. Not only can electricity be life threatening, it can also cause major financial costs if not taken care of in a timely manner. The worst part is that these problems usually come uninvited and without a warning. However, if our Jefferson Parish electricians easily be resolve your electrical issues before anybody is hurt or costly repairs are needed.

read more › Today, most people are connected to the internet at their homes and offices. In order for people to have a connection to the world wide web, they must have the proper connections and cables which hook their computer to the internet. These Alton computer networking cables are the connective component that helps the world advance through staying connected on-line. With the rise in technological advances, it is important to stay current with the ever changing technology. Our electricians can provide the most up to date, computer networking services which will connect your computer to the world wide web.

read more › There is nothing more valuable than an electrician that offers full services including emergency repairs. Our experts can assess your home or office and determine which electrical repairs are needed. You may find yourself in need of emergency service. When this happens, you should never attempt to perform the Gretna electrical repair by yourself. Only a qualified electrical contractor should handle the repair. We can provide customized, emergency services that are based on your specific installations and electrical systems.

read more › Home generators in Avondale are your back up power supply when there are power interruptions. Home generators are sold based on their capacity. If you purchase a generator that is not the right size, you may find that your home needs one that is compatible for your home and energy requirements. You should always purchase a home generator based on the electricity load that your home needs. Understanding the amount of wattage something needs to start and keep running is important if you want to know how powerful you need your generator to be.

read more › Once the summer months start approaching, Louisiana homeowners start to use more electricity. This can lead to electrical or power surges within the home. A power surge can completely ruin your home appliances and electronics. In order to stop this from happening, you should have one of our professional electricians install a Jefferson Parish surge protection system to prevent these power surges from destroying your electronics. Homeowners may think that their appliances are being protected by using a basic power strip type of surge protector; however, it offers very little protection, if any.

read more › Another way to determine if you are in need an electrical panel upgrade is when your lights begin dimming when you turn on an appliance, such as a hair dryer or vacuum. This is an obvious sign that means you are probably maxing out your Avondale electrical system. An inefficient service panel can also cause power surges in the home which can potentially ruin electronics like computers, TV's, stereos, etc. If you are in need of a professional upgrade to your service panel, give our expert electricians in Jefferson Parish a call and we can upgrade your electrical system to full capacity.

read more › At MK Electric Man, we specialize in providing thorough electrical code inspection in Gretna. We can inspect all the electrical components in your Louisiana home and make that all your electrical systems are up to code. If our Jefferson Parish electricians discover that any of your electrical devices are not up to code, they can upgrade the electrical component the same day. We perform a thorough check of your service panel and your internal breaker panel as well. Electrical code inspections in Gretna provide an extra element of safety in your home.

read more › The experience and training of our Gretna electricians is an important factor in our ability to provide unsurpassed service. Our electrical contractors are install all electrical components into your Louisiana home including Avondale outlets, switches and electrical wiring. They ensure that these components will be properly set up to work with the overall electrical system of your house and not hamper with its smooth running condition. When you start experiencing electrical issues within the home and you need electrical repairs on your outlets, we can provide the perfect solution.

read more › Your commercial building or office needs the proper upkeep that requires the expertise of a professional electrician. A common electrical service for commercial properties are the rewiring and installation of new wiring or electrical repairs. Our well trained professional electricians in Jefferson Parish are able to design and install complete Harvey commercial electric systems throughout your property. Our services are both cost effective and efficient. We can also install data and communication systems, commercial lighting and electrical service panels.

read more › Whole house wiring in Harvey can be a complex job, depending on the size of the home or office. This is why you should always hire a professionally trained and qualified electrician to perform house wiring. It is a great option for residents who are buying, building, or selling a new home. We understand your home's wiring systems and components, and therefore can make informed decisions and provide the best solutions for your whole house wiring projects. Other than your electrical panel, the one system that is of greatest concern is the electrical wiring system.

read more › We have expert electricians that are available for all types of electrical work. For those in the commercial market, it is important to hire a professional electrical company that understands the proper techniques to work on commercial wiring in Gretna. Commercial electrical services can be extremely complex and dangerous if not handled by professionals in the electrical field. This type of wiring service usually involves complex electrical systems which require a high degree of consideration during the planning and installation process.

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