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Redhawk Electric Electric hookups for Spas are the most dangerous electrical job! Therefore, homeowners should only hire certified electricians with spa installation experience. Congratulations on purchasing an electric car! Now that you have joined the environmentally conscious consumers, fully enjoying the experience. Contact us to install your electric vehicle charging station in your own home.

Stop worrying about So Cal Edison shutting down your power. A permanently installed home backup generator protects your home automatically. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel and sits outside like a central air conditioning unit.

read more › My name is Dominique. I am the office manager of Redhawk Electric and take pride in being the first voice you hear when calling us. We will go above and beyond to help you out. Temecula is my hometown. I am a proud mother of 4 beautiful kids. 3 boys and 1 girl! I met my husband Ruben in 2014 and are happily married. Beau hired me to join this incredible team in 2018. I am so happy to find this company, and I know you will be too. Drug & Alcohol-Free - All our electricians go through extensive background checks before being hired.

read more › As technology changes, you will probably need more power in your home. HD televisions and fast performance computers use more energy than your old electrical panel permits. Devices designed in previous decades can only handle up to a hundred amps. Most of the modern homes use approximately two hundred amperes. Your home's electrical panel may have a severe problem if it's more than twenty years of age, as there are some electrical panels back then that might have bad designs and this might lead to electrical fires.

read more › STEP SIX: Get consultation on smart charging app set-up, EV Charger usage, and how to use its features. Safely installing an EV charger or Tesla charger requires expert knowledge. For example, your charger uses a lot of electricity from your house or apartment building. So, suppose it's not correctly installed. In that case, you stand a chance of being dangerously exposed to this electricity. It is also worth looking into all tax breaks available for EV charging installations. Often you will find tax rebates for individuals to install an EV charging point in their homes.

read more › LED recessed lights can improve the appearance of your rooms. LED lights also reduce your energy budget compared to standard bulbs. The Go Green Movement recommends LED lights. As you know, Going Green emphasizes the use of low-power devices. Additionally, the bulbs have improved reliability, strength, longevity and come in compact sizes. Consider the effects you want to create before installing recessed track lighting. Consult Redhawk Electric at (951) 365-0587 to help refine your plan. For instance, recessed lights with an eyeball trim will allow rotation of the lights.

read more › We repair or replace the item at no charge for the first year after a repair or new install. Ceiling fans are a great assistant for your heating systems. As you know, hot air rises. These fans circulate the hot air that hangs at the ceiling. Every time warm air tries to rise, your fan circulates it throughout your room. Hence, warm air reaches all parts of a room and makes your place warmer with less energy consumption. Enhances the Look of your Home: Unique ceiling fan designs add pizzazz to your home.

read more › An average house fan uses up to 78 to 400 watts of power versus air conditioners, which use over 3000 watts. Whole house fans use fifteen percent of the energy used by your air conditioner. When you consider the high cost of electric bills, whole-house fans are a smart option. CFM or cubic feet per minute are the most critical factors when choosing a whole house fan. This measures how much air the fan can move and determines how big a house the fan can cool. Also, ensure that the fans offer variable speeds to control the amount of air movement.

read more › Our staff will find the electrical fault. Our team will find the electrical fault. We have experience fixing old worn-out wires or gfci troubleshooting. Our well-trained electricians will perform a complete analysis and repair your electricity lines. Electrical fires occur. They cause injury, claiming lives, and result in property damage. From 2009 to 2011, there were 25,900 residential electrical fires. These fires caused an estimated 280 deaths, 1,125 injuries, and $1.1 billion in property damage.

read more › Don't count on a power strip with protectors to safeguard your home and fragile electronics. There are no cost-saving alternatives to installing a whole home surge protector. Not long ago, we were halfway through the job of completely rewiring a 3,200-square-foot house. The owners decided to save money and not cancel the planned whole house surge protection. Few surge protectors live up to their name. Many are little more than a glorified extension cord. Power surges will follow any wire into a house.

read more › Call Redhawk Electric at (951)365-0587 when you need a Hot Tub SPA Electrician or hot tub wiring. Redhawk's master electricians have 18 years of experience wiring high-voltage appliances. We encourage customers to call Redhawk Temecula Electrical with their questions or concerns. Call (951) 365-0587, and an experienced hot tub installer will answer all your questions. Do your electricians have experience in below-ground wiring? How many hot tub installations and other water-based electrical installations have they performed?

read more › Our Commercial Electricians have specialized experience and knowledge. As a result, we can address the most demanding commercial electrical application. This is necessary for the complex requirements that commercial jobs need. Our certified industrial electricians take our job to a level of excellence. But that's not all! We have a no-hassle guarantee so you can feel confident that the job will be done right the first time. Our commercial electricians use the latest technology to tackle commercial jobs.

read more › Do you need a permit to replace your electrical panel? The technical answer? No. The right answer? Yes. Electrical panels age. The appliances we use today have different power requirements than before 2000. If your house was built in the 1990s or earlier, you probably need a new one or have to upgrade. You may think that the cheapest method is to do the replacement yourself. Dealing with the voltage of an electrical panel is dangerous. This job should be left to a licensed electrician. Upgrading your electrical panel is a job that our staff at Redhawk does daily.

read more › If you have never fixed an electrical issue or the current problem is new to you, STOP. When you are dealing with electricity without training, it can lead to severe injury or death. Getting a professional electrician for electrical issues is smart. A licensed electrician will resolve all your problems. Get your electrical repairs done right the first time. If you plan to tackle the job, make sure to take proper precautions to avoid shock or an electrical short. Before you try to fix an electrical issue, turn off the power at the main circuit panel.

read more › Solar energy is considered as a cheaper and effective natural source of energy. In case you are considering installing one, you should familiarize yourself with the options and their benefits. Installation of the panels on your roof can cost you thousands of dollars if you fall into the hands of untrustworthy dealers. In order to evade this con men, you need to familiarize yourself with the following tips on selecting the best solar panels. Another important issue to consider is if as technology advances and more models are designed, will solar energy's drop in the near future?

read more › Replacing electrical outlets is critical if the wall gets stained. It is a sign that the outlet is either not installed correctly or it is burnt. When a short happens, a plastic that encompasses the repository melts and might lead to a fire. Redhawk Residential Electrical Services & Emergency Electrical Services offers Xenon Light Bulbs.

read more › Redhawk Residential Electrical Services & Emergency Electrical Services offers Xenon Light Bulbs. Color temperature: Many people don't understand the Kelvin scale. That's the color temperature of the light. Some people know they want bright white because some can see better. Others think they want warm white because the bright light "hurts" their eyes. Interior decorators will tell you that you want warm white light should be used in living areas. Bright white lights should be used in work areas.

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