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Contact Professional Electric Co whenever you notice any problems. We are located in Marietta, GA and we can be your trusted and reliable electrical contractor! We are an electrical installation repair and system maintenance service provider for anyone in need. We are an electrical contracting and engineering company that specializes in design builds and projects, new constructions, renovations, service, repair and system maintenance for commercial, industrial and residential.

We also install new LED lighting and retro fitting. As we said, we can send a electrician to basically any type of building where electrical repairs are needed or any type of electrical maintenance service. Most of the homeowners think that it is a child's play repairing electrical issues. But having a problem with your wiring or any other type of electrical problem and repairing and replacing it can be really dangerous.

That's why you should take advantage of the electrical service that we offer. We have highly trained professional electricians, tools, methods and safety gear for all jobs.

read more › Professional Electric Co is an electrical contractor located in Marietta, GA. Contacting us is the most effective way to deal with all the electrical problems you may have because we are a highly specialized team of professionals with over 50 years of experience. For that reason, providing our commercial, industrial & residential electrical service installation. The main factor that really separates our company from any other electrical service and electrical maintenance provider is that we work only at affordable prices, using the most professional tools for the job.

read more › Need to wire or re-wire your house? It's not advisable to take the risk and do the job yourself. Electricity is a complicated and specialized industry and many people don't realize that. What comes after this? You can easily get shocked, and chances of survival are extremely low. Therefore, you need a professional to take care of your home, business building or industrial facility. This is one of the big reasons why even the biggest companies in the US are hiring professional electrical contractors to deal with this kind of things.

read more › If you are still thinking if an electrical system electrician from our company is not the best choice for your needs, make sure you go to our official Google+ Page. There, you will find the reviews of our clients and will get to know us as professionals a bit better. You can share your feedback there too!

read more › An electrical system is considered as an important component of any household. This provides energy around the house thus allowing you to use your appliances easily. Homeowners depend on their devices to finish their tasks. Maintenance must also be done on your electrical system. If you need someone to check on the wiring, you must book a residential electrical service. Homeowners are known for handling electrical work alone to save some money. These quick DIY approaches don't always yield a good outcome at all.

read more › Call Professional Electric Co if your lights flicker like in a low budget horror movie! Our expert technicians will fix any problem and bring the light back to your property. We offer services for all residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Marietta, GA. If you are looking for an electrical contractor with a license and insurance, we are the experts to call. Reach us at (770) 355-9492 to hear our discounts and make an appointment. Hire us and let the company with 50 years of experience in the residential electrical service business take care of your property!

read more › With over 50 years of experience, there's nothing more you will look for in an electrical contractor like Professional Electric Co in Marietta, GA. We cater to an array of professional electrical services that will satisfy both your residential and commercial electrical needs. We specialize in providing electrical system maintenance services. As a priority, we guarantee that the electrical systems in your property are all thoroughly checked by our professional team. We are the company that will keep a keen eye to keep your electrical systems functional.

read more › Have you experienced slight electrical shocks whenever you turn on or turn off a switch? Did you see sparks coming from your electrical system? If yes, you should contact Professional Electric Co as soon as possible. We are a trusted electrical contractor that delivers impeccable electrical system repair for our clients in Marietta, GA and in other neighboring areas. With over 50 years in the business, our professional electricians are well-trained and adept in handling whatever electrical issues you have.

read more › It is important that you perform regular maintenance on your electrical system. Such work can be a time-consuming activity, especially for large commercial systems. Thus, you should let an electric contractor like us at Professional Electric Co do such work for you. For over two decades, we have maintained different systems across Marietta, GA. You can also expect us to bring professional-grade equipment for the task. This is so we are ready to repair sparking outlets, flickering lights, and other issues.

read more › If you are looking for someone who can repair everything electrical-related in your property, like the wiring for example, and also provide you with a quality electrical system design, installation, services or maintenance, contact our company now! We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with our services! We are located in Marietta, GA.

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