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South Carolina based electrical company is family owned and operated! Tim is the owner & operator and has been in the business since 2001. Wired LLC specializes in residential and commercial electrical services as well as provide reliable service. The team is courteous, respectful & loves making clients happy! You'll receive high quality service and satisfaction!

LED lighting is far more efficient than traditional lighting. If you've been looking to update your Myrtle Beach area home to LED lights, we are the team to do it for you! Did you know that LED waste only 5% of their energy due to the heat they generate? This is far less than fluorescent and incandescent lights, which lose a lot more of their energy this way.

Not only is this better for your wallet, but it is also less of a drag on the environment. Regardless of the size or shape of the fixture, LED lighting is the answer! Myrtle Beach, SC and the surrounding areas #1 choice for residential and commercial generator installation.

read more › Wired SC is a family owned and operated Myrtle Beach electrical company. Wired SC specializes in residential and commercial electrical services, LED lighting installation, indoor and outdoor lighting, and a lot more! The team is highly professional and treats each and every client with courtesy and respect. If the lights are flickering in your home, or you're constantly tripping the circuit breaker just by opening the fridge, it may be time to take a look at upgrading your service panel. Installing a new appliance, or feel like something isn't quite right?

read more › It's time to update your home's outdoor and landscape lighting to LED lights, which are much more efficient than traditional lighting. Fluorescent and incandescent lights lose much of their energy due to the heat they generate, but only five percent of LED lighting is wasted as heat. The rest of the energy in LED lighting is converted into light. Using less energy reduces the demand from power plants which in turn decreases pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Since LED lights use only a small amount of the energy that an incandescent light bulb requires, using LED lights saves money because the cost of energy decreases.

read more › Professional fixture installation begins with a complete site survey to determine the requirements of the project and the current condition of the work location. Once the initial survey is complete, you will be provided with accurate project details and estimated costs, so you can be confident that your fixture installation will go according to plan. Our commitment to you is that we will stay within the budget and meet your expectations. No matter the complexity of the project, our well-trained staff is committed to doing the job with care and precision.

read more › Summertime is here and now is the time to upgrade outdoor lighting to enhance the appearance of your beautiful home. Adequate lighting is also very important for the safety of your family, neighbors and guests, so make sure that your yard is always clear of debris and well lit. This month we have the perfect outdoor wall or hanging light for your home. It all depends on how fancy you want to be! We have outdoor lanterns and barn lights to suit every dcor while adding style and grace. Ornate hanging lanterns, pendants or chandeliers will keep your yard bright and elegant for years.

read more › The world is changing, and if you haven't noticed, the automobile industry is too. Not only will you avoid the inconvenience of waiting around at a public charging station, but you can also potentially qualify for rebates and tax credits just for having a charger installed at your home. The experts at Wired LLC have the experience and knowledge to ensure your electric car charging station is installed efficiently and correctly the first time. There are three different types of electric vehicle chargers.

read more › If the lights constantly flicker in your home or the circuit breakers trip and fuses blow, you need an Electrical Service Upgrade. If you have recently installed an air conditioner, heat pumps, or large appliances that require a lot of electricity, the electrical panel can overheat and fire can result. That's why it is important to have your electrical panel serviced periodically. If your home still has two-pronged outlets, they should be changed to 3-pronged Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets.

read more › Every day we use electrical switches and outlets often without even thinking about it. Whether it is turning on the light when you first wake up or using your computer or charging your phone- too often we take these things for granted. Our electricians can help you update your switches and outlets and take care of any repairs that may be needed. When a light switch is not working properly, only then do we notice how often we use switches to perform common tasks. From dimmer switches to specialty switches you can look to Wired LLC for the best options for your home or business.

read more › Surge protectors are a necessary part of any home with electrical appliances and devices. As the name suggests, surge protectors protect your electronics from power surges. A surge protector senses when a spike or an interruption in electricity occurs and then diverts the excess electricity to another path leaving your devices unharmed. Power surges often occur during thunderstorms when lightning strikes nearby or hits a transformer. They can also occur when there is a sudden increase in power flow.

read more › Perhaps you have a breaker and it keeps tripping. Maybe you require the service of an electrician for a remodel project, Wired LLC is always available to attend to your needs. Wired LLC was founded in 2001 and we specialize in home and commercial electrical services. We are also trained to render reliable professional generator installations that you can always rely on. For any purpose of electric vehicle charger installation or an outlet replacement or any other service, there is a need to hire an insured and licensed electrician.

read more › Whether you have a breaker that keeps tripping or you need an electrician for a remodeling project, Wired LLC is here to serve you. Founded in 2001, Wired LLC specializes in residential and commercial electrical services and is trained to provide professional standby backup home generator installations as well as provide reliable service. If you need an electric vehicle charger installed, an outlet replaced, or any other service, the electrician you hire has to be insured and licensed. This ensures all work is performed safely and is done according to national and local electrical codes.

read more › You may own a circuit breaker that keeps tripping, all you need is the service of a professional electrician. That is why Wired LLC is here to serve you. Wired LLC was founded in 2001, and it specializes in rendering solutions to both commercial and residential electrical challenges. From service work to full projects, we can help you and with a touch of professionalism as we offer our best. A couple of times, you might have requested the services of an electrician to help fix your light switches or an outlet replacement, or any other electrical services.

read more › It doesn't matter if it's electrical system repair or the installation of exhaust fans or any electrical needs, Wired LLC is fully equipped to give you the very best! At Wired LLC, we specialize in all electrical services, whether residential or commercial, brought to us. We've got the training and expertise to install standby and backup home generators and also give you the best of the best services. We recommend that you hire an electrician that is licensed and insured, even if you just want to replace an outlet, install an electric vehicle charger, or anything else.

read more › If you need quality electrical services, Wired LLC is your best option! We can handle any electrical project effectively no matter how tasking it might be. With our team of trained professionals, you can expect nothing short of excellence. We've been dedicated to serving you since 2001. Our specialty lies in residential and commercial electrical services, you can trust that they are reliable and safe. Wired LLC is fully licensed and insured to provide the best electrical services that you need.

read more › Wired LLC is a quickly growing electrical company founded in 2001. We specialize in offering both residential and commercial services. Every electrical need requires the touch of a professional to supply a once and for all solution. Should you be battling with some electrical issues or you have a remodel project; Wired LLC is best for you to call as we offer a top-notch service delivery. If you need to install an electric vehicle charger or replace any outlet, you must ensure that the service of an insured and licensed electrician is engaged.

read more › Wired LLC is always available to serve you in providing top-notch electrical services exactly when and the best way you need it. It might be installing a backup home generator, fixing an electrical outlet, or handling a circuit breaker that keeps tripping, we're here for you! Wired LLC was founded in 2001 and has become renowned for its outstanding residential and commercial electrical services. Hiring a fully licensed and insured electrician guarantees that you get a professional, reliable and safe electrical service.

read more › Wired LLC is the best electrical company you can always trust with your electrical needs. Perhaps you have a remodel project, our strength lies in that as well. Wired LLC has been making great impacts since its creation in 2001. We are specialized in rendering quality in residential and commercial electrical services that will serve you so well. We are trained to give you a very reliable and professional standby service. Should you want to entrust your electrical needs into the hands of anyone, the truth is you need it to fall into the hands of a licensed and insured service company.

read more › Do you have a faulty electrical system at home or require the services of an electrician for remodeling? We have you covered! At Wired LLC, our goal is to provide commercial and residential electrical services at their very best. We are professionals trained to install standby and backup home generators, always offering reliable service. Established in 2001, Wired LLC consistently delivers top-notch services. Safety must always be your priority! That's why it's highly important to only hire licensed and insured electricians.

read more › Do you own a circuit breaker that sometimes trips? Are you in need of an electrician to get it fixed? Well, Wired LLC is a specialist to put an end to all electrical glitches. Wired LLC was launched in 2001 to offer both residential and commercial electrical services at a professional level of delivery. We are a reliable company for all of your electrical repairs and installations. It is crucial that you engage the service of an insured and licensed electrician if you want to install the charger of your electric vehicle or you need something as simple as an outlet replacement.

read more › Two of their electricians showed up on time and got straight to work. They figured out the problem in short order and fixed the with no issue. When they almost finished, the manager [or owner] and another electrician came by to ensure all was well. The team did great work, they left no mess, and provided me with the sense of confidence. As they left, I felt that I had been treated fairly by an honest group of people. Upon receiving my bill, I knew for sure that I had been treated well by honest people.

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