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Delta Delta Electric We're a Whittier electrical services provider specializing in local residential and commercial clients. With a focus on our own immediate community, we've become not only an option for resolving difficult electrical installations and repairs but a true neighbor as well. Our long list of customers in the Whittier area know that we're not part of a national franchise - we're small, independent, and committed to only the highest level of quality.

Electrical Specialists - With a knowledge base that goes back many years AND stays up-to-date on all the latest advances in the electrical industry, Delta Delta Electric Electrical Services has the technical know-how to complete your electrical maintenance, repair, or installation jobs. When we make an in-person visit to your home or business, we'll be able to give you an accurate estimate of both time and cost.

Friendly & Professional - We believe our Whittier clients deserve the best and that's why we approach every customer interaction with a unique blend of local friendliness and professionalism.

read more › Delta Delta Electric is an electrical services provider in Whittier for a diverse group of residential and commercial clients. Our knowledge of local Whittier electrical codes and infrastructure make us an excellent choice for any task from routine maintenance to complex installations. In short, Delta Delta Electric Electrical Services is the ideal contractor for any property in the greater Whittier area. At the smaller end of the spectrum, we help house and apartment owners with everything from adding outlets to lighting installations and troubleshooting electrical issues.

read more › Home and apartment owners may not have the same electrical needs as our commercial clients, but that doesn't mean that they're any less important. Whittier residents are the backbone of Delta Delta Electric Electrical Services and we are available for any job you need done, no matter the size. Whether you need to gut and reinstall the wiring on an older home or just a new light fixture on a vaulted ceiling, we'll provide a painless repair or improvement at minimal cost. On every visit, we'll explain exactly what we're doing every step of the way to help you learn more about your home's electrical system.

read more › Large-scale commercial projects deserve large-scale electrical solutions. Delta Delta Electric Electrical Services is your local partner and can assist with your property every step of the way, from all the small planning details to the creation of a customized monthly maintenance program to keep your Whittier business in perfect working order. Our services will meet your projected deadlines as well and we offer a flexible schedule to perform services during off-hours if needed. When unforeseen electrical problems happen, they can put your business on hold, costing you time and money to fix.

read more › A large part of the work at Delta Delta Electric deals with new installations, both in the residential and commercial settings. Because large appliances, heavy machinery, and other expensive devices can have specific needs, having a professional electrician on hand for the installation process can be a huge benefit. We can easily deal with nontraditional wiring setups as well as running direct lines to your electrical panel for dedicated power situations. Because many of these installations involve valuable (and expensive) appliances and devices, many residential and commercial customers in Whittier prefer to have a professional install to protect their investment.

read more › Regardless of whether you own an apartment, house, commercial mall, or housing block, there's a good chance that you'll need an electrical inspection at some point in time. Delta Delta Electric can complete a full range of residential and commercial inspections with the kind of diligence that will discover even the tiniest of problems. Maintenance inspections, home sales inspections, and commercial safety inspections are a few examples of how we can help. In addition to inspection services, we are also able to troubleshoot any electrical problems you may be having.

read more › What happens when your Whittier home loses power? Do you frantically search for candles or are you protected with a standby generator? If your answer is the former, a generator purchase may be an idea to consider. Delta Delta Electric can walk you through the process, advising the right models for your particular situation, and providing maintenance and installation after the purchase has been made. A generator doesn't only deliver power - it delivers the sense of security and protection that comes with knowing you'll never need to worry about the power going out again.

read more › Improving the lighting in your home is one of the cheapest and most dramatic ways to change your level of comfort. Using LED lighting can also bring you yearly savings from your electricity bill. We can convert your current lighting setup to better suite new LED technology and help increase the value of your household or business. We always use high quality wiring materials and can route wires through walls with full repair of entry and exit holes. In addition to the services listed above, we can also help you find the right fixtures for any situation.

read more › The following are a few of the most common electrical questions we're asked by Whittier residents. Don't see the answer you need? Contact us today and we'll be happy to give you our professional advice. There are many warning signs that could indicate you need a professional electrician. Triggered circuit breakers, blown fuses, and flickering lights are just a few, but anytime you notice something out of the ordinary with your electrical system, it's worth calling Delta Delta Electric Electrical Services.

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