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Lowe's Electric Both homeowners and businesses are totally dependent on electricity. As a result, you should always make sure that your electrical system is properly configured and maintained. You may also face power outages and other electrical problems from time to time. When these occur, hire one of our licensed electricians to help. We also provide maintenance services and can install new electrical wiring, home theaters and solar electric systems for your home or business.

Santa Rosa Electricians offers every electrical service you might need for home or office. Many people run into problems when they try doing major electrical work on their own. Some projects are too complex and dangerous for amateur electricians. You should hire a professional electrician whenever you need to perform tasks such as installing new wiring, troubleshooting electrical problems, upgrading your amp service, or retrofitting your electrical switches or outlets.

Our staff has been serving homeowners in Santa Rosa for over 20 years.

read more › Santa Rosa Electricians is committed to providing the best electrical services in the Bay Area. We have more than two decades of experience as electrical service providers. Our team of electrical contractors have expertise working on electrical systems in residential, commercial and industrial units. Whatever facility you own or operate, you can always count on our team of electricians to offer their support. We have been available to our customers for the last 20 years. For all electrical repairs and service there's only one name you need to know: Santa Rosa Electricians.

read more › Getting the job done right is the biggest reason for hiring professional residential electrical services. Complicated electrical wiring and connections can be quite unsafe if not done properly. High-rise condos, townhomes, and single family residences in the North Bay benefit from the expertise of Lowe's trusted electricians for new installation and repair work. Consultations about the situation are available, as is emergency support services. We will rewire your home so it can handle the power required for today's technology.

read more › Do you have an electrical outlet in your house that you've been meaning to replace? Are you simply rearranging your furniture to avoid the dead spot? If so, you're in luck. Our team of licensed, skilled electricians can provide you with affordable, services to replace your old electrical receptacle or add another receptacle to any room. Many property owners who purchased an older house know the struggle the two-prong outlet. These receptacles limit your electrical real estate for appliances. It isn't as simple as replacing your 2-prong outlets with 3-prong models.

read more › Better yet, do you know what your wiring is made from? Long-standing properties in particular could have knob-and-tube or aluminum wiring. These outdated electrical wire types are more susceptible to fire and are a safety hazard to your home and family. Old homes need replacement electrical wiring the most. However, you shouldn't rule out whole home rewiring as something you won't have to face anytime soon. Flickering lights and problems with your outlets are the first signs you should call licensed electricians or contractors.

read more › If you're like any number of small business owners, you haven't thought twice about a backup power solution. And now you're worried about the impact that an electrical failure would have to your livelihood. Not to mention the livelihood of your employees and people who depend on your business. Every second counts in the event of an outage. There is nothing scarier than an uncontrollable and unforeseen loss of profits, after all. Luckily, there are ways that you can preserve your business in an emergency situation.

read more › It can be easy to understand why having a generator installed for your Sonoma County home is important. But you can feel like you're stumbling in the dark when it comes to choosing the right generator or backup power solution. Your uncertainty can quickly turn to panic, and to poor decisions. You could end up choosing a backup power supply that's wrong for your home. Or you might just put it off until it's too late. In fact, making a rash decision or no decision at all could mean shooting yourself in the foot.

read more › Sooner or later every homeowner will have electrical problems they'll have to address. These difficulties can be frustrating and even serious. Most electrical problems should be solved by an experienced emergency electrician and repair professional. Tackling a complicated electric problem on your own could ignite a fire, damage your electrical system or create the risk or injury or death due to electrocution. In addition, many municipalities have ordinances that require you to hire a professional electrician to manage complex electric repair work.

read more › Safety is Paramount during Emergency Electrical Repair - How To Deal With Electrical Emergencies. Electrical wiring and the current that flows through it is quite sophisticated and very dangerous when it gets out of control. Even the threat of getting a mild shock is enough to make most individuals back away and call for emergency electrical repair from professionals that know the right steps to take. Before attempting to fix an electrical problem in your own home, please call us about our residential services.

read more › We depend on electrical energy more than ever today throughout our daily lives. There are more gadgets in our home and at work that we use for various things on a continual basis. Some of these things help us work while others entertain us. In addition, electricity still is a large part of our heating and air conditioning units so that we can live and work in a comfortable temperature year round. The electrical lines run throughout structures in an intricate pattern of wires and connections and an electrical contractor from Santa Rosa Electricians knows the correct way to install and maintain these electrical lines and connections.

read more › If you've heard your neighbors talking about an electrical panel replacement, you may be wondering if it is something to consider for your home. One of the first things to find out is the age of your house. The next thing to check is whether you still have a fuse box instead of circuit breakers. You'll also want to choose the best Santa Rosa Electrician you can find. We have in-depth knowledge of installation, construction, maintenance and operation of electrical installation and equipment. We also have certificates showing successful completion of safety training that teaches recognition of electrical safety hazards and how to avoid them.

read more › Most home theater entertainment systems can cost you up to many thousands of dollars. Ensure that you're getting the greatest return on your investment by hiring a professional expertly trained in television installation from Santa Rosa Electricians. You risk harming your entertainment system when you set it up yourself. Our experts understand these obstacles and will ensure that your new television is installed securely and properly. In addition, our projects are fully insured if anything were to go wrong.

read more › The market for electric vehicles is anticipated to grow very quickly in the coming years. PG&E predicts that over 800,000 people will possess an electric car by the end of 2020. Many consumers look forward to driving an electric vehicle, but are concerned about charging it. Fortunately, consumers will be able to recharge their battery if they hire someone to perform an in-home Electric Vehicle charging station installation. Our accredited electrical contractors will install your Tesla, Nissan LEAF, or alternative EV charging station in Santa Rosa or anywhere else in Sonoma County, Marin County, or Napa County.

read more › All-electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are gaining popularity around the world. Nissan's Leaf can be found plugged into a public electric vehicle charging station in South America while the REVAi/G-Wiz I is charging at a London on-street station. Other examples of EVs include Tesla's Roadster and Model S, Chevrolet Volts, the Brammo Empulse Electric Motorcycle, and Renault's Fluence Z.E. The biggest challenge of operating an EV is finding an electric vehicle charging station in the area where the vehicle is operated.

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