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Established in 1989, Don's Electric Service, inc. is a full service electrical contractor. We provide commercial services including standby generators, security lighting, specialty circuits and more. Our residential services include remodeling, new construction, minor and major repairs and more. At Don's Electric Service, Inc. our skilled electricians are trained to quickly and sufficiently identify what must be done to properly finish each job.

Our trained and certified technicians are licensed, and services are insured for your protection. Now you can even enjoy our special offer of free estimates on new installations with just a call.

read more › Performance: Our skilled commercial and residential electricians are trained to quickly and sufficiently identify what must be done to properly finish each job. Training: We update our training & licensing regularly to further our education and ensure accuracy. Materials: We provide our customers with the highest quality materials to guarantee a job well done. All of our materials are locally purchased from Home Depot, Great Lakes Electric, Leslie Electric, and Michigan Chandelier. Donald Gabbard (owner/ president) started as an apprentice Electrician in 1979, eight years later he received his Journeyman's license, two years after that he received his Master Electrician's License and his Electrical Contractor License.

read more › What is a standby generator? A standby generator is a back-up electrical system that operates automatically. Within seconds of a utility outage an automatic transfer switch senses the power loss, commands the generator to start and then transfers the electrical load to the generator. Do standby generators require maintenance? Yes. Standby generators require annual service or after 200 run hours. Suggested services include an oil change, new air filter, spark plugs, and a valve lash adjustment. How do i know what size generator to install?

read more › Losing power at the workplace can be crucial. Since most business owners rely on power to conduct day to day operations, it can cost money to be out of power for a couple of hours or even a couple of minutes. Protect your business with commercial automatic standby generators. Our installation crews are trained and certified to install commercial sized generators up to 150kw. Our crews have had experience installing commercial generators at convenience stores IT/ Telecommunications companies, restaurants, jewelry stores etc.

read more › A generator can last for decades but it needs proper maintenance. A generator needs maintenance to prevent it from breaking down. The better the maintenance, the longer your generator will function without the need for extensive repairs. We will service your Generac generator repair and maintenance, along with other major brands. For generator repairs, Don's Electric offers a 24/7 Emergency service for residential and commercial standby generator repairs.

read more › Surges can be caused by a number of things including damaged power lines, bad electrical wiring in the house, lightning strikes and even faulty appliances. Electrical surges typically only last a microsecond but this doesn't mean they can't be harmful. Frequent electrical surges can damage the electrical components that are connected to your home, this degrades the life expectancy significantly. Not unlike surges, dips and sags in your electrical supply can often be traced back to devices connected to the power grid that are faulty or made poorly.

read more › Modern homes can sometimes need as much as 200 amps to run air conditioners, computers, televisions and more. This is up from the previous standard of only 60 amps. Homes can experience many electrical wiring issues due to an outdated service panel that isn't equipped to handle all of this new demand. If you notice flickering lights, unusual sounds from the fuse box, breakers tripping constantly or even smoke coming from outlets or burning smells you might need service. An electrical panel upgrade is what you need, and it's time to hire a professional that can help.

read more › A great way to freshen up a room and provide more comfort is installing a ceiling fan. They are a less expensive way of updating the interior design if your home and are a great and efficient way to control the climate of the room. Don's Electric installs all types of lighting fixtures including recessed lighting, security lighting, specialty lighting and even outdoor lighting. Heavy lighting fixtures for the ceiling, like a large fan or chandelier, require sturdy support to the ceiling. If your ceiling is made of plaster or drywall it won't be strong enough on its own.

read more › A. The work was very good. The guys were friendly, did good work, and aimed to please. They came back to address a minor fix without any problem. We would definitely use them again. Description of work:We had 8 new can lights put in, our service was upgraded, and we had 4 new ceiling fans installed.

read more › I've used Don's Electric several times for both small and big projects and every time they are professional, courteous and do an excellent job. From the front desk manager to the technicians - everyone was friendly, helpful and hardworking. We changed our basement lighting from two fan lights to recessed lightening and the difference is amazing! They also added outlets around the house and inside closets as requested. I've had them come out for small problems that my husband wasn't able to figure out and they solved the problem with ease.

read more › Top Quality Residential Electricians offer electrical and generator installation, repairs, and maintenance. Residential Electricians offer long-term solutions to your electrical and generator needs with their high-quality services and inspections that identify issues before they ever cause a problem. Residential electricians are trained to notice potential warning signs and provide solutions. Should a problem arise, your. A backup generator can be extremely useful during power outages caused by harsh storms, cold weather, severe winds, etc.

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