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MZ Electric has been proudly family owned and operated since 2009. We serve Littleton, CO, and surrounding communities with professional residential electrician services. How can we help you today? We strive daily to meet the highest quality service and overall satisfaction for our customers. We keep an eye for your needs and update your home and office to your unique tastes, whether those are contemporary, classic, or nouveau.

Whether you want to update your electric panel, install a hot tub, update your fixtures, or childproof your home, let us be the ones to do so. If you require an electrician of this level, then you have found the right one. We are local to the Littleton, Denver, CO, area, and always have your best interest in mind. Our electricians shine bright! We are fully licensed and have a wide range of experience in the electrical industry.

We offer you exceptionally competitive pricing rates for all needs. In addition to these already low rates, we also have numerous discounts available to teachers, military members, and seniors.

read more › Modern homes that depend on electricity can really be inconvenienced when there is something wrong with their electrical system. From being able to see in the dark, to powering gadgets, to running appliances, electricity is profoundly essential to a well-working home. When an electrical system has a problem, it can have an impact on multiple home areas - many of which affect personal comfort. Issues in household electricity are irritating, but they are also more than that. An electrical problem can also pose a risk and a safety hazard to the people living in the home.

read more › Your home's electrical system is complex, featuring a number of parts that are designed to distribute power throughout your home safely. Unfortunately, that complexity also means that there are several places where your system can experience problems. Much of your electrical system is hidden within walls and other areas that are difficult to access, so the best way to deal with an issue is to have a trusted electrician determine the cause and solutions to your electrical problems. At MZ Electric, our licensed, certified technicians are experts when it comes to electrical troubleshooting.

read more › Every day, you rely on your home's electrical system to keep your home up and running. Whether you're using your appliances or charging your electronic devices, modern life requires a steady, reliable supply of power. Keeping your electrical system working at peak performance requires maintenance, though, and the best way to accomplish that is with a regular electrical inspection. At MZ Electric, our team of licensed and insured technicians has the experience you need to make sure that your home's electrical system runs safely and efficiently.

read more › When it comes to home improvement, electrical projects are one area in which you should never compromise on quality. While it may not matter if you choose the cheaper carpet or most cost-effective countertops, your family's safety is in jeopardy when you cut corners on an electrical installation. While our prices at MZ Electric are competitive, we are especially committed to the quality of each project, ensuring that your electrical system is always safe and dependable. We understand your desire for a home that balances beauty and livability.

read more › We have been serving communities in and around Littleton since 2009. While every job is different, our commitment to excellence and our integrity both remain the same. We are always excited to take on a new repair project, and we bring our passion for quality and safety to each appointment. If you are looking for an "electrician near me", we hope you will spend some time browsing our website and learning more about our services. How long has it been since you have had your electrical system checked for safety?

read more › Your electrical panel is the heartbeat of your home! Many panels installed prior to the turn of the century cannot accommodate today's power needs. Are you planning a remodel? Do you want to add a hot tub or sauna, an electrical vehicle, a workshop, an additional microwave, or a laundry room? MZ Electric will upgrade your panel to 200 amps to keep that heartbeat strong and steady for decades to come! The purpose of your home's electrical panel also called a breaker box is to bring electricity from the electric company into your home and regulate how much of it is supplied to the individual circuits.

read more › Every year, the power demands of the average home continue to grow. With every appliance and device that you add to your home, you draw more and more electricity. Many electrical panels aren't equipped to handle these increased loads-especially in homes built more than 20 years ago. If you're concerned that your electrical panel isn't up to the task, contact MZ Electric to discuss options for electrical panel upgrades. Our technicians are all licensed, certified, and insured, and with their experience and training, they can handle even the most difficult electrical problems.

read more › Your home's electrical panel sits at the heart of your electrical system. The panel helps to safely distribute power throughout your home, making sure that you have electricity where you need it. The electrical panel also houses your circuit breakers, which prevents appliances or other devices from drawing too much power from the system. So when your electrical panel has problems, it's more than an inconvenience-it's a safety hazard! The technicians at MZ Electric are well-trained in electrical panel repair.

read more › Whether you are trying to update your curb appeal, entertainment areas, or home office, the team at MZ Electric has the most creative and experienced professional lighting design eye in Littleton. Recessed can and LED wafer lights are the most common: practical, low profile, and bright idea available for your indoor living areas. Chandeliers, ceiling fans, track and monorail systems, and good ole' fashioned surface mounted fixtures are all options we work with to turn your lighting dreams to reality.

read more › Lighting seems to be constantly changing and upgrading, whether it's the fixtures or the bulbs themselves. Lighting is not only a functional necessity but also an expression of the homeowner's design aesthetic. A new light fixture can take a room from dim to bright, and from old and dated to stylish and modern in an instant. With the many different designs available today, you are sure to find one to match any decor style. A professional electrician can help you with any lighting installation or repair.

read more › Looking to update your home to a more contemporary, open look and feel? Flush mount recessed can light are the way to go! Airtight and low profile, recessed cans provide your choice of super bright white to brighten your reading nook; or cooler, softer color temperatures to romanticize your space for entertaining. Recessed cans and LED Wafer Lights are our favorite way to bring that minimalist look to your home without sacrificing your light!

read more › Ceiling fans help create a steady breeze and are far more efficient than other air circulating options. They are now available in myriad materials, shapes, and sizes to fit in every design motif! Today's fans are super quiet and have convenient operations such as remote and wall controls, so there is no more jumping up on the bed to reach the pull chain! Ceiling fans can be installed in every height and type of ceiling even where there is not existing lighting! Don't forget to ask about our seasonal specials for ceiling fan replacements and installations when you call or email MZ Electric!

read more › Today, a light switch is used for the functioning of electric light for a dark room in your home. We tend to take electric lighting for granted, though it's only been around for a few generations. You may not appreciate how much we rely on electric lights until you flip a switch and nothing happens. Lighting has become essential to our safety, productivity, and efficient task performance. Each day there are many Americans that use electric lights for various purposes. Electric lighting is safer and more convenient than ever before, thanks to advances in technology.

read more › At MZ Electric, we are confident that repairing your electrical issues will be easier and less costly when the electrical systems throughout your home or office are regularly inspected and maintained by a licensed electrician. Minor electrical issues often go unnoticed for years until they finally give in and create larger problems often damaging appliances and/or equipment. This leads to unnecessary service interruptions and expensive repairs. Regularly scheduled maintenance and inspection ensure the proper functionality of all electrical systems throughout your home or office space.

read more › Mark your calendars! Check the batteries in your smoke detectors every time you change your clocks. Smoke detectors with a lithium battery or that are hard-wired have about a 10-year life span. Carbon monoxide detectors live roughly 5-7 years. Interconnected systems are the latest and greatest! These systems are hard-wired and all talk to each other so that if one alarm in your basement goes off, it will tell all the others so that you can hear the alarm regardless of your location in the home.

read more › Colorado's dry climate is a breeding ground for power surges and lightning strikes! Installing a whole-house surge protector is the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your devices that could be damaged by these surges. Back in the day, power strips were all the rage, but they have been proven ineffective time and time again. Don't forget, most of today's appliances also have electronic boards which will greatly benefit from this same protection as your computers.

read more › While the rest of your electrical system is hidden behind the walls of your home, your outlets are on the outside making this electricity available to you. They are in use every day so they should always be kept in good condition. At MZ Electric, we install and repair electrical outlets in Littleton. When you need to upgrade your outlets or one of your outlets has stopped working, give us a call. Many of the outlets found in homes today are standard three-prong outlets. However, our services are extended to other special types of outlets as well.

read more › Each day, homes rely on electrical power to do basically everything. From operating the fridge to watching television, to switching on lights, families rely on reliable electricity for virtually all of their everyday home functions. But electricity needs actual outlets, for, without them, it cannot be accessed. An outlet that is broken or not operating properly can be quite frustrating and even dangerous. When you're ready to upgrade or repair your outlets, it's best to contact a professional electrician to make sure the job is completed properly and meets all safety standards.

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