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Hahn's Lighting & Electrical Service As a family owned and operated business serving the many cities in the Bay Area for more than 25 years, Hahns Lighting & Electrical provides installation, repair and maintenance of interior and exterior lighting systems for commercial, industrial and retail applications. We pride ourselves in providing professional, knowledgeable and affordable lighting and electrical services, and excel in troubleshooting and repair of all types of lighting and electrical problems.

Our service specialties include parking lot lighting, neon sign repair, and retrofit of your neon signs using energy saving LED lights. Our customers will tell you Hahns Lighting & Electrical consistently delivers quality work along with reliable and timely services at very affordable pricing.

Every company has a lot on their plate with day to day company maintenance and demands. When it comes to liability, companies of every size have to protect themselves from mayhem and keeping a property well lit and in repair is the first step. Parking lots are one of the most dangerous places on any property. More often than not parking lots are dark

Hahns Lighting & Electrical provides complete interior lighting installation, repair and maintenance for the San Francisco Bay Area's commercial, industrial, institutional and retail businesses. Your interior lighting is a significant element of your overall electrical, maintenance and operating costs. At Hahns Lighting & Electrical we work with you

There are many new energy efficient lighting products available today which makes this an exciting time to be involved in reducing your company's overall energy cost. Our staff of LED lighting and electrical specialists are trained to upgrade, retrofit, or repair existing lighting systems, as well as installing new retrofit LED lighting products, fixtures

Hahn's Lighting and Electric Service has cost saving maintenance programs to include installation, repair and maintenance of your exterior and interior lighting systems. Fully stocked lighting/electrical parts and materials to ensure minimum disturbance in your work place. Qualified use of high reach equipment for all types of parking lot, exterior

Hahns Lighting & Electrical will handle both your lighting and your electrical requirements and is your premier vendor for both. From your internal office needs to your outside parking area, Hahns Lighting & Electrical can manage the lighting and electrical needs for your business. Our licensed electrical technicians know how to troubleshoot your electrical

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