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Providing top-notch electric vehicle charging stations along with high-quality installations. Our electricians will install a new panel that will exceed your state and local regulations. Modern Wiring has been providing expert electrical installation and repair services in Washington State for over 25 years. No project is too big or too small for our electricians.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. In addition, we employ professional, certified electricians, not just technicians, to handle all of your electrical repair and installation needs.

read more › The electrical services that keep your home supplied with power should always be done by well-trained, knowledgeable professionals who have years of experience at their craft. That kind of quality is what we deliver at Modern Wiring on every single electrical job that we undertake. When you have our team of professionals handle your installation, repairs, or electrical servicing, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the job was done expertly by pros who are the best in the business.

read more › Homeowners interested in this Modern Wiring, Inc standby generator installation service have most likely already suffered a major power outage. Especially if you live in the Puyallup, South Hill Puyallup, Sumner, Frederickson, Bonney Lake, Graham, Orting, and Tacoma, WA area. Without electricity, it can cause havoc as they cause loss of food, damage to furnishings and electronics, harm or kill pets, and sicken the baby or your grandmother. A home backup or standby generator installation from Modern Wiring protects your home automatically.

read more › Ceiling fans can be a great comfort and convenience at any residence or place of business. They provide a great service by circulating the air, helping to manage temperature, and lowering utility bills. However, it can be pretty tricky to install a ceiling fan, and it's something that only a trained professional should tackle. Our skilled professionals at Modern Wiring are experts at installing ceiling fans and will be sure to do a fantastic job at installing yours. Once your new ceiling fan is in place, you will have an affordable property upgrade that will make interior living much more comfortable for all members of your household or for all employees in the workplace.

read more › Many modern homeowners have discovered that there is an inadequate number of outlets installed in their homes to accommodate all the electrical usage needed for appliances and electronic devices associated with modern technology. Owners of older homes may also have discovered that some outlets situated throughout the household have sustained so much wear and tear that they need to be replaced or upgraded. If either one of these situations sounds like something you've encountered in your household, you should contact us at Modern Wiring, so we can assess your electrical requirements and determine whether you need new electrical outlets or upgraded outlets.

read more › You can think of your home's electrical system as being similar to the nervous system of the body in the sense that when your electrical panel begins failing, the entire system will be impacted. Your electrical panel is where all the circuit breakers will be situated, and these control the flow of electricity while also safeguarding against short-circuits and preventing electrical fires, which might be devastating. When circuit breakers trip, it's because they're trying to safeguard your home from over-currents or electrical short-circuits.

read more › Buying an electric vehicle is a great thing for the environment, and it's easy on your wallet as well. You won't have to worry about stopping at gas stations to fill up, especially when there are long lines at the pumps, and you need to fill up for upcoming activities. However, you will still need to charge your vehicle, and depending on where you live, those charging stations aren't always available or convenient. Rather than depend on the availability of uncertain charging stations where you happen to be driving, it would be best if you considered the possibility of having your own electrical charging station installed right at your home.

read more › It's necessary to have special wiring installed on the electrical panel of your home when you want to put it in a hot tub at your residence. It is not recommended for do-it-yourselfers to attempt this on their own because it's very possible to end up doing damage to themselves or others, as well as to the new hot tub that you want to install. If you live anywhere in the region around Puyallup, South Hill Puyallup, Graham, Kent, Orting, Tacoma, Fredrickson, Bonney Lake, or Sumner, contact us at Modern Wiring because we have all the expertise necessary to safely install your hot tub wiring, so that you will never have any issues with malfunctions.

read more › You probably don't think too much about all those accessories and appliances which run off electricity in your household - that is, unless you've had your power knocked out for any period of time and been left without any power whatsoever. All kinds of electrical disasters related to power surges are possible, and if you should experience a power surge at your home, it's entirely possible that some of your own appliances could be fried and damaged beyond repair. You could lose your heating and cooling systems, your hot water heater, and even a substantial part of your electrical wiring.

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