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We offer an array of services suited to many common electrical issues, from wiring repair to installation of lighting and other fixtures. Landscape lighting is one of the most significant improvements that you can make to your home. Solar panels are a great, stylish, and economical way to improve your property's value, affordability and functionality.

There's a lot of factors that go into finding a quality residential electrician that you can trust to keep your home functioning and safe. Your ideal electrician will be fully licensed and insured, and come with years of experience that qualifies them to work on your home. Along with readily available testimonials and pricing that's not too low or too high, the most important factor is that when you meet for a service estimate, you feel like you can trust the contractor you're speaking to.

At Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning, when you speak to one of our professional licensed electricians, what you see is what you get. With free, honest, up-front estimates, all you have to do to find out more is give us a call!

read more › If you're a homeowner or general contractors on the lookout for a full-service electrical company that can cover you for a multitude of services, look no further than Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning. Not only do our electrical contractors offer electrical layout and design, our electricians are able to wire or rewire any home, upgrade systems, and provide you with the best power solutions around. Whether you need some new lighting installed in your home or a full security lighting system installed outdoors, we're the crew to do it!

read more › Electricity is a part of everything we do. Homes without electricity are unheard of. For such an important part of our day-to-day life, we don't think about electricity much-but it's always there. A safe home is a happy home. Who among us is not concerned with safety? From alarm system installation to purchasing guard dogs and setting up motion lighting, there's a lot that we do as homeowners to keep our property safe. Amongst the many services we offer at Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning, home automation is one of the more exciting ones to many of our clients.

read more › Electricity is a part of everything we do. Homes without electricity are unheard of. For such an important part of our day-to-day life, we don't think about electricity much-but it's always there. When you need to design your home's electrical system or update an older system, you're going to need a certified electrical contractor to manage the project. Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning has been operating locally for a number of years, managing projects both large and small, directly for homeowners, as well as in partnership with general contractors.

read more › A safe home is a happy home. Who among us is not concerned with safety? From alarm system installation to purchasing guard dogs and setting up motion lighting, there's a lot that we do as homeowners to keep our property safe. But did you know that one of the biggest dangers lies within the walls of your home itself? The electrical system in your home is important for keeping your day-to-day life functional, but it can also be very dangerous when it malfunctions. Old damaged wiring and other electrical issues can cause electrocution and electrical fires.

read more › Amongst the many services we offer at Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning, home automation is one of the more exciting ones to many of our clients. For most, home automation seems like something that not just anyone could have, when in fact, that is not true at all. Our home automation systems are safe, functional, and priced reasonably so that any budget can simplify their life with one or two little changes. If you want to go all out, we can do that too. Just about anything in your home can be controlled remotely from the comfort of your phone or iPad-just ask us how!

read more › Imagine getting out of bed in the morning, and walking into your bathroom, where you're greeted with warm floors that ease you out of your slumber rather than shock you awake with their frigid temperature? Heated floors may not seem necessary to some, but once you install them in one home, you're never going back. Radiant floor heating adds style, comfort, and functionality to your home-and on top of all that, it raises your property value as well. There aren't a lot of other home renovations that can boast that much!

read more › Interested in adding some design elements to your yard, or illuminating those that are already there? Residential landscape lighting is a great choice for those with fully or even partially landscaped yards. Not only will strategically placed lighting brighten up and enlarge your space, it will add curb appeal to your home and of course, safety. At Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning we have been installing outdoor lighting for homeowners for as long as we've been working as landscape electricians.

read more › Have you ever walked inside a show home or seen a property on TV and felt happy and comfortable without really knowing why? While that is in part design elements doing their job, lighting is also playing a major role. The right level of brightness can lift our mood, help us to feel awake, and productive, and even keep seasonal depression at bay. That's why it's so important that when you invest in lighting in your home, it needs to be done right. At Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning, we've designed and installed lighting systems for hundreds of local homeowners-from indoor ambient lighting to outdoor security lighting, we've done it all!

read more › Electrical is an important part of any new residential construction. The Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning electrical contractors use proven techniques and quality tools to design and install electrical systems that are functional, attractive, and enjoyable. Over our years in the local industry we've built relationships with general contractors and subcontractors alike. We value teamwork and acknowledge its importance on a build site. If you are a new homeowner putting together your team of contractors or a general contractor looking for residential electricians who can get the job done efficiently and to the highest standard, look no further.

read more › Looking to invest in new appliances, but not too sure which the best ones are for your home electrical system or how to install them properly? We've got the answer. Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning is a full-service electrical crew who not only performs electrical repairs and large-scale jobs, we also provide appliance installation services. If you have yet to purchase your appliances, we'll inspect your current setup and advise on the best changes to make. And, when it comes to installation, you can count on us to arrive on-time and finish your installation quickly and safely.

read more › Renovating your home or just looking to warm it up a little? Considering switching your gas heating system to electrical? Think there's something wrong with your electric heating system and need the eyes of a pro to help figure it out? Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning is here for you! With our collective experience in the industry and background of education, the certified residential electricians at Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning know their stuff when it comes to electric home heating systems.

read more › Finding an electrician you can count on to handle all of your electrical repairs efficiently and safely can be tough. You want a professional and friendly crew who will tell it like it is and not charge you through-the-roof rates. So, how do you find that electrician? Just call Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning! Our team of residential electricians work on homes just like yours on a daily basis, making sure their electrical systems are up and running, functioning smoothly, and don't have the potential to be dangerous.

read more › At Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning, we can help you out with the electrical side of things. Older homes often have older electrical systems that require an electric retrofit. While some may think this is an optional procedure, that couldn't be further from the truth. If your home was constructed 50+ years ago and has yet to have an electrical service upgrade, get in touch with us immediately for a free assessment to see how safe your home is. A good place to start if you're wondering about your home is to look at the age of your property.

read more › When homeowners and contractors are looking for safe, certified residential electricians they can sometimes have a difficult time finding the right match. At Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning, we aim to make the decision a simple one. By providing exceptional client service, free and honest estimates, and transparency at all times, we are able to promise quality work on every job, and 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you're calling us for the first time in an emergency situation, need a new home rewired, or are looking to upgrade your property with security features, solar panels, or new appliances, we're here to help!

read more › There's a reason we're taught to keep hair dryers away from the bathtub and not to stick utensils in outlets. Electricity can be dangerous. Useful as it is, electricity can be harmful, and as certified electricians we're well-versed in all it can do. If you or someone in your household has been harmed by your home's electrical system, or if a fire has started on your property because of an electrical malfunction, along with other emergency services you should also be calling a licensed electrician.

read more › Are you looking for a residential lighting electrician who will take your electrical work seriously? At Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning we do our best on every assignment to go the extra mile for our clients. This means inspections to ensure everything is operating properly, and offering you the best competitive pricing around. When you work with a Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning lighting electrician, you won't be waiting around hours for an electrician who walks in, does the job, and leaves without a word.

read more › Home rewiring is a lengthy and complicated process. While in the age of the Internet it's easy to find do-it-yourself articles on just about anything, when you need a full house rewire, your best bet for success and safety is hiring certified electrical contractors. Advanced Electric & Air Conditioning provides clients with quality inspections and electrical rewiring services for projects of any size. From single room remodeling to installing new electrical wiring systems throughout an entire home.

read more › Power outages are becoming a growing nuisance in many cities across North America. Lasting minutes, hours, and sometimes days, they are an interruption to homes and business. So how do you avoid them? By purchasing an emergency backup generator, you'll ensure that while the rest of your block is in the dark, you'll be in the light. Many of us think it might be fun to use candles around the house for a bit, but the idea stops being fun when you're faced with an actual blackout interrupting your work flow or your relaxation time.

read more › For as small or as large a budget as you have available, you can protect your electronic devices and appliances from a shortened lifespan due to electric surges. Surge protection is something we normally associate with computers, but it goes much further than that. Any sensitive device in your home has the potential to be damaged by surges which we often aren't even aware are happening. With internal surges that originate with your own appliances to external surges that are caused by storms and other outside sources, protecting the investments that are your electronic devices is a good idea for any local homeowner.

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