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Our mission is to achieve success through basic essential values, focusing on the electrical needs of our customers, and servicing those needs to exceed the customer's expectations. We wish to develop and maintain positive relationships with customers and employees. Being involved with customers to meet their needs goes well beyond the actual electrical installation or repair.

The conduct of our Company must be in a manner that reflects honesty, sincerity, wholeness and uprightness, striving to achieve the highest ethical standards set forth by God and man. Having been established since 1975, Larcon has done all kinds of work including; commercial, residential, data wiring, and industrial, so check out our Galary where you can see all of our amazing work!

read more › Larcon Electric was established in 1975 by Larry Anderson, who had 25 years of experience before creating Larcon as we know it. With his passing in 2012, Brian Winn and Annice Stephens have put their all into maintaining the amazing business and helping grow to new heights. Although originally based in Lubbock, Texas, Larcon is licensed to do electrical work all throughout Texas. They have completed several large projects in Austin and the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, and are always looking to expand and grow their business.

read more › Initiative - Posses the independent motivation to apply your imagination and common sense to get things done. Lighting is one of the most important things for a business, it can be the difference between a break in or even if someone wants to shop with you! Check out our commercial gallery! Lighting can have a drastic impact on the mood people feel when they're in your home, so check out how we can help by checking out our Residential gallery! Big machines come with big risks, so you have to be able to see what you're doing, so check out our industrial gallery and see what we've done to make the work environment much safer!

read more › Larry Anderson worked for 25 years in the electrical industry and in this time became well known for his no nonsense attitude, unwavering determination, and drive for perfection. Then in 1975, he and his wife Connie started Larcon Enterprises. Their names combined created the name of our company. Larry and Connie wanted to build a foundation for their family, but at the time they didn't know how large there family would eventually become. They wanted to start small and build a name that could be trusted and that is what they did.

read more › IEC - Larcon Electric dedicates as much resources as possible to the education of apprentices and promotion of our trade. In our work with Independent Electrical Contractors we create a quality classroom experience. We take time to visit high schools to encourage young people to join trades and get an education without the assessment of debt. We know that we have an ever dwindling work force across all trades in our country and trying to do something of value to combat this. Community - We take great pride in our community and giving back in local, intimate, and impactful ways.

read more › Larcon strives to provide quality and comprehensive electrical services for every business and home where we work. Larcon only hires the most qualified people and our team constantly learns and grows through experience on the job and with clients. Once our employees are hired they consistently receive updated and ongoing training to make sure our electricians operate professionally, and most importantly, safely. Larcon consistently works with our employees and clients to insure our quality of professionalism is always top tier.

read more › Established in 1957, the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) is a trade association representing nearly 3,000 members with 60 chapters nationwide. Headquartered in Alexandria, Va., IEC is the nation's premier trade association representing America's independent electrical and systems contractors. IEC National aggressively works with the industry to establish a competitive environment for the merit shop - a philosophy that promotes the concept of free enterprise, open competition and economic opportunity for all.

read more › Larcon is always looking to add more members to our ever-growing team of liscensed electricians! We take pride in our family-like work enviorment and hope to spread that into our work. Having been established since 1975, Larcon has done all kinds of work including; commercial, residential, data wiring, and industrial, so check out our Galary where you can see all of our amazing work!

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