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Reliant Electric Reliant Electric Works delivers powerful, around-the-clock electrical solutions to South Burlington and the surrounding communities. The expert electricians on our staff are committed to handling the area's electrical and generator needs outstandingly, ensuring that every customer served receives our individualized attention. Our team strives to handle every request promptly and proficiently.

We accomplish just that by placing our customers' needs at the top of our priority list. With highly knowledgeable electricians on staff who are masters at what they do, we are devoted to being the area's first choice for electrical maintenance. We offer financing on the generator you need through Synchrony Bank. Synchrony has provided customers across the United States with first-rate financial services for over 80 years.

Our trucks are always stocked with the best tools and equipment for the area's electrical needs.

read more › At Reliant Electric Works, we understand how crucial it is to have a generator that works during an emergency. Whether it is a rainstorm, blackout, snowstorm, or downed power line, you need to provide power to your home and keep your family safe. Our team of professional electricians is highly skilled, extensively experienced, and ready to help you with all your Vermont generator needs today. We have been keeping the residents of Vermont safe, secure, and powered since 1982. Our electricians are intimately familiar with all brands of generators on the market and we can fix, upgrade, install, and maintain any generator system you have.

read more › At Reliant Electric Works, we can handle all your standby automatic generator needs. Our skilled electricians have extensive experience with installing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading standby generators in Vermont. In addition, we offer 24-hour emergency services to our customers come rain or shine, and even during a snowstorm. This is because we are dedicated to providing our customers with the high-quality electrical services they need and deserve. Call Reliant Electric Works to learn more about our standby automatic generators in Vermont.

read more › When your home generator begins to malfunction, critical systems in your building or home can't be relied on in an emergency. Unfortunately, you may be discovering that your redundancy system is not operating as expected right when you need it the most. The generator that you expected to kick in during a power failure is providing no power and important components of your comfort or livelihood could be put at stake. When you need emergency generator repairs from the experts in Vermont, our team at Reliant Electric Works is ready to help.

read more › Protecting your home's electrical systems in the event of an emergency is critical. Whether due to a storm or equipment failure, you can find crucial systems like air conditioning or sump pumps non-operational in the blink of an eye. In that moment, your standby automatic generator takes over and delivers the energy you require. Affordable as well as convenient, a new outdoor generator delivers peace of mind while staying out of sight. At Reliant Electric Works, our team has performed residential generator installs in Vermont since 1982.

read more › Your standby generator system is the only thing standing between you and total power outage in the event of an emergency. A storm or equipment failure can significantly impact your home if the generator that you depend on is not well maintained. While many systems operate off your natural gas lines and do not require refueling, inspections and maintenance should be performed periodically to avoid the need for costly repairs at the worst possible time. At Reliant Electric Works, our Vermont electricians are factory trained and certified to ensure your system runs when you need it most.

read more › At Reliant Electric Works, our electricians in Vermont and the surrounding communities know how critical it is to have security and fire alarm systems that work when they are supposed to. When there is an intruder, fire, or dangerous gas in your home, you and your family need to know right away so you can escape to safety. For some, a security system has been the difference between life and death. Fortunately, our skilled team of electricians is backed by more than 37 years of electrical experience and we can handle all your alarm system needs by visiting our sister company at, including security alarm repairs.

read more › Have you ever left your home and then wondered if you forgot to turn off a light or electrical appliance/system? Or have you come back from a vacation and realized the air conditioning was on the entire time? If you want an easy way to control your electrical systems and appliances from afar, look no further. At Reliant Electric Works, we can install, repair, upgrade, and maintain a variety of smart home products, all designed to work efficiently and save you significant money on energy costs. With more than 37 years of in-depth electrical experience under our belts, we can expertly install your generator or smart home appliance in a timely and courteous manner.

read more › Our technicians work tirelessly to provide customers with the highest quality service available as promptly and efficiently as possible. We serve customers throughout the following areas:. Since 1982, we have been keeping our customers powered and safe in South Burlington and beyond. Our extensive experience allows us to provide accurate diagnoses and incisive solutions tailored to each individual's unique circumstances. As knowledgeable technicians, we can repair, install, upgrade, or maintain any system you have.

read more › Have an emergency request? Whether you need a repair, replacement, maintenance or a new installation, we're on-call 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to get your generator issues fixed. Our electricians are also factory-trained to service all equipment makes and models. We offer financing on the generator you need through Synchrony Bank. Synchrony has provided customers across the United States with first-rate financial services for over 80 years.

read more › At Reliant Electric Works, we understand the importance of getting proficient electrical services when you need them. You rely on electricity for nearly all of your daily activities and your life would be enormously disrupted without properly functioning electrical systems. We have a comprehensive understanding of all electrical systems and we know the ins and outs of every generator on the market. In addition, our factory-trained technicians specialize in prompt and efficient service work. You can count on us for all your generator and electrical services in South Burlington.

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