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We offer a variety of general services, from lighting upgrades to installing a ceiling fan. Make your home safe today by upgrading your electrical service panel to withstand your power needs. We are a family-owned small business based in San Diego, California, with 25 years of electrical installation experience. E&G Electrical Innovations is fully licensed and accredited, and a member of the Better Business Bureau.

We are ready to fix any of your electrical problems.

read more › We're a family / veteran-owned electrical installation small business with 25 years experience. Gerry and Enriqueta founded E&G Electrical Innovations in La Mesa, California in 2014 with a focus on providing quality and affordable services across San Diego and Imperial Counties to everyday home and business owners. Gerry has 20 years experience as a construction electrician for IBEW Local 569 and 5 years of experience as a former US Navy enlisted electrician. Gerry and Enriqueta have two beautiful girls - Sophia and Olivia.

read more › We offer a variety of electrical services for San Diego, California. We serve residential properties, commercial properties, and industrial properties. Our goal is to provide quality service at an affordable price. With 25 years of diverse experience, we are confident that we can solve any of your electrical needs. We offer a variety of general services, from lighting upgrades to installing a ceiling fan. Make your home safe today by upgrading your electrical service panel to withstand your power needs.

read more › There are numerous benefits to owning an electric vehicle (EV). With an electric vehicle, you will never need an oil change, you drastically reduce your carbon emissions, you can repair your vehicle by simply downloading a system update, and you can save a ton of money on gas. If you own, or are looking to own, an electric vehicle (EV), there are many benefits to purchasing an EV charging station, also known as an EVSE (electrical vehicle supply equipment). Instead of going to gas stations, you can charge your car from the comfort of your home while you sleep.

read more › Most commercial and industrial businesses are left powerless when during grid power outages. Due to an outdated grid, power outages occur more often than ever before. These power outages can be very costly to businesses, as they would have to shut down normal operations until they regained power. However, installing an energy storage system for backup power (also called backup generators) can make your business independent and resilient, as you will be able to keep the lights on during power outages and maintain normal operations.

read more › The electric panel is the grey or metal box that holds all the circuit breakers and fuses. It is also known as the service panel of your home. An example of a circuit breaker/electrical service panel is shown in the image on the right. A panel upgrade simply refers to upgrading this system. The electric panel regulates the electricity in your home. For example, if too much electricity is surged through a circuit, a circuit breaker in the electric panel stops the electricity from overloading the wiring.

read more › Off-grid or stand-alone hybrid energy systems optimize renewable energy products and available fossil fuel resources to enable comfortable living off the grid. Specifically, these systems can utilize solar thermal air, photovoltaic, wind, solar hot water, battery back up, and security. Off-grid hybrid energy systems are very practical for people or organizations that live outside of the energy grid. Economically, these systems cost less than extending a power line to the energy grid. They also are better for the environment.

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