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Light-tech At Light-Tech we install fragile crystal chandeliers that other electricians would not dare touch. In this case, it's a beautiful Waterford Crystal Chandelier. What sets Light-Tech Inc apart from other electricians in Houston is that we specialize in lighting and lighting improvements. Light-Tech Inc. is a full service independently owned and operated residential electrical contractor and lighting consultant servicing the heart of Houston, Sugar Land, West University, and Bellaire Texas.

We specialize in design, installation, and service of fine interior lighting, landscape lighting, lighting automation, and Security Lighting. We are experts in residential as well as light commercial office and hi-rise lighting. Light-Tech Inc. is a full service and licensed electrical contractor that can service all your electrical and lighting maintenance needs and service calls.

We are located in Houston and have the facilities, equipment, and licensed electricians to provide you with the best service at a fair price.

read more › Lighting improvements significantly improve your level of comfort and increase your home's resale value. Whether your home or office is newly built, a classic, or even a high-rise condo with concrete walls and ceilings, we will provide you with options to upgrade your lighting. Do not settle for a single surface mount mushroom light fixture in the center of your rooms or table top lamps. Lighting is the first thing your guests see when they walk into your home and with our expertise, we will blend lights in each room so that each light has a specific purpose to really bring each room together in a welcoming way.

read more › What sets our electricians apart from other electrical contractors is in addition to being experienced electricians, we care for and respect your property. Before we start any job inside your home, we cover the work area with drop cloths and if there will be dust emitted, cover your furniture. When you call Light-Tech Inc, you can be sure that a fully licensed electrician and helper who has passed a criminal background check will be at your home to troubleshoot and repair the problem. Our employees are courteous, uniformed, and on time.

read more › Light-Tech Inc. is Houston's premier landscape lighting installer and can add beauty and provide security to the outside of your home by lighting up your porch, front yard, flower garden, trees, back yard, street, stairway, walkway, and parking lot. We are electricians and experts at designing and installing motion sensor or timer controlled security lights, floodlights, up-lights, moon-lights, spot-lights, and low voltage lighting. Let our Experts custom design and install the perfect combination of landscape lighting to make your house stand out in your neighborhood just as we have for countless number of other fine homes in Houston and surrounding areas!

read more › Lighting Automation gives you the ability to intelligently and conveniently control all aspects of lighting in your home or business. With the advent of smart phones and the internet of things, there has not been a better time to invest in a Lighting system. Lighting Controls systems can perform tasks as simple as turning on or off a group of lights with a push of a button, closing the shades in your house while on vacation, or integrating your lighting controls with Audio/Video, timers, shades, touch screen panels, climate controls, vacation modes, etc for total home automation.

read more › When it comes to art lighting installation, we are the experts in Houston. We have a variety of options to fit your taste and budget. Depending on your art work or sculpture, we can use a variety of light fixtures to create the perfect look. One of our favorite methods for illuminating art is using angled accent lights using low voltage MR-16 lamps which allow us to use different beam angles to match your art work. With these fixtures, we also have the option to use soft focus or elongation lenses to further customize the lighting to your work.

read more › Chandelier installation is not for the faint of heart and requires a level of expertise beyond that of a typical electrician. Before installing any chandelier, we check to ensure that the electrical box can handle the weight and if not, we replace it with an appropriately strong box or additional support to ensure a safe installation. If there is no box available, we can wire for a new one as well. What sets Light-Tech Inc apart from the rest is the amount of care we give to your chandelier. We realize that often times chandeliers are family heirlooms, antiques, or extremely fragile.

read more › Above all else, Light-Tech Inc. is an electrical contractor and all our crew are licensed electricians. As such, Light-Tech Inc. has provided complete electrical and lighting installation from start to finish for some of the most beautiful and modern homes in the Houston area including River Oaks, Tanglewood, Bellaire, West University, Memorial, and Sugar Land. Our licensed Master Electrician will follow the latest electrical codes to design the perfect lighting design and supervise the job from start to finish in order to minimize and prevent costly repairs and service calls in the future.

read more › Lutron is the most respected name in light control. For decades, Lutron has produced the finest and most reliable dimmers in the world, but they also produced the first reliable wireless dimming system in the classic Radio Ra system and many of the finest homes in the US have been using Lutron Homeworks whole home dimming systems long before the advent of smart phones. We at Light-Tech Inc., believe so much in Lutron's products that we have invested a great deal of resources in being factory trained in not only their latest products, but also legacy systems.

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