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Our team has worked on electrical systems of all shapes and sizes. Homeowners and industrial corporations have both come to rely upon the knowledge and expertise of our friendly and reliable staff. We are fully trained and up to date with all code requirements. When working with us, you are in the best of hands and your electrical job will handled and completed with the utmost care.

At Arizona Electrical Solutions of Las Vegas, we employ only the finest electricians that Las Vegas has to offer. We keep a fully staffed team ready to handle any of your residential or commercial electrical needs. When Las Vegas has an electrical issue, they turn to the electricians they can trust to get them up and running smoothly again. They turn to Arizona Electrical Solutions of Las Vegas.

read more › At Arizona Electrical Solutions in Las Vegas, you will find only the finest electrical contractors that are fully qualified and experienced to perform any electrical service upgrades including electrical panel upgrade and renovations. We can perform a variety of upgrades to electrical services including 100 AMP, 200 AMP and 400 AMP electrical panels. For our residential customers around the Las Vegas area, we also provide mid-level upgrades including 125 AMP and 150 AMP upgrades, for those with underground service wire that is undersized to handle the full 200 AMP upgrade.

read more › From time to time, electrical issues may arise such as faulty outlets, flickering lights, or even the complete loss of power to a section of your home, or the entire home! When these situations happen, you need a Las Vegas electrician that you can rely upon to get the job done correctly the first time. Arizona Electrical Solutions of Las Vegas provides electrical troubleshooting services to handle these problems as well as many more. We service the entire Las Vegas area and the surrounding valley and would love to speak with you today.

read more › Landscape lighting is often considered a service that is completed by landscapers, but this is not true! We provide not only beautiful landscape lighting design that is installed correctly and up to code, but also have the knowledge to perform landscape lighting repair. When your landscape lighting is installed by an experienced electrician, your electrical system will be properly protected as well as prepared for any voltage needs and weather situations. While landscapers are focused on the esthetics, of which we do very well, we understand the overall design of the system and take into account such situations as voltage drop.

read more › In today's age, appliances have become a necessary addition to every household. As technology continues to expand and improve, they can require more power than they did in decades past. If you are looking to have a dedicated electrical line installed to handle your new kitchen appliances, or a new dryer outlet that is ready to handle that shiny new dryer with ease, our electricians are ready to take care of everything from planning to the final screw. Our professional team of electricians will put together an installation plan that includes finding your necessary electrical levels, as well as how long and where the wires should be run from your breaker to the appliance.

read more › Although it is a term that is not familiar to a lot of people, an arc fault is actually one of the main factors in a fire from electrical wiring. In the United States alone, over 40,000 fires per year are caused from the electrical wiring within a home. These fires result in an average of 400 deaths, and can cause injuries exceeding 1,400 per year. A standard circuit breaker is intended to only protect you and your home from an electrical overload or traditional short circuit. When an arc-fault takes place, circuit breakers are often no match.

read more › Has the power gone out? If you have lost power in some or all of your living space, and the breaker will not reset, give us a call so we can take a look at it and repair it safely if necessary. The breaker might just need to be replaced, or there may be a short in another location that can prove dangerous if ignored. With our loaded work trucks, we can usually take care of the situation within a single call, having your home or business back the way it was before the power went out. Relying upon the professionals at Arizona Electrical Solutions of Las Vegas is imperative when dealing with something as dangerous as unchecked electrical power.

read more › Attic fans are a common addition to homes in Las Vegas. They cost far less than running an air conditioner, and can even be used in conjunction with an air conditioner to save power and reduce stress on the AC unit. Attic fans, sometimes called Gable fans, keep your attic cool and depending on how they are installed, can pull cool evening air into a house still hot from the summer's heat. Attics can easily reach 100 degrees or warmer during a Las Vegas summer, even on otherwise temperate days. After having an attic fan installed by the experts of Arizona Electrical Solutions of Las Vegas, you will enjoy greatly reduced energy bills during the summer.

read more › When adding a ceiling fan to your home or business, have the electrical experts at Arizona Electrical Solutions of Las Vegas handle everything for you. The addition of a ceiling fan requires taking a few things into account. Above the ceiling, is there ample attic space to work? If not, you will probably need to have drywall repair performed as well. When installed by our experts, you can avoid unnecessary drywall disturbances. Our experts will do our best to create the minimum amount of required holes so we can thread the electrical wire from its source to where the new ceiling fan will be installed.

read more › Through the life of a home, electrical outlets that are regularly used can wear out. And sometimes, a home only has two prong outlets in a place where you need a more reliable, grounded three prong outlet installed. We can help! While some houses are not wired with ground wire at the outlets, you may still be able to ground your outlets if the metal casing that surrounds the outlet within the wall is grounded. Using our testing equipment, we will be able to test if your outlets can be safely upgraded in this way, and will perform the task as well.

read more › In today's internet-connected age, adding new internet or telephone wires in rooms and attics helps bring your home into the future. We have experience installing a slew of internet cables for any need including CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, and more! Our technicians arrive at every service call with the necessary equipment to test and verify the best way to install your internet cabling. Certain installations call upon the use of shielded wire, which we are happy to install as well. These are often used with security cameras to dampen electrical interference from nearby power wires.

read more › The addition of recessed lighting to your living space can create a beautiful ambiance, or accent certain features of your home. The options you have when choosing the best recessed lighting for your situation are many. We can provide you with examples ranging from Halogen fixtures, LED fixtures, and even low voltage transformer 15v systems for specific lighting needs. Recessed lighting for the home can be found in multiple sizes including can lighting that can go from a 2" diameter up to a 6" diameter.

read more › Way back in 1890, a former associate of the famous Thomas Edison, Francis Robbins Upton invented and patented the very first automatic fire alarm. Across the pond, in 1902, George Andrew Darby invented the world's first smoke detector. While both of these inventions were very basic, they set the groundwork for the smoke detectors we all have in our homes that save countless lives every year. A smoke detector can be what saves you, your family, and/or your pets from serious injury or possible death due to a fire, especially in the night.

read more › As smart devices become more integrated in our daily lives, powering them becomes equally important. Surge protectors between your outlets and your large electronics have been the norm for years, but there are many other types of surge protection available to protect your expensive equipment and your home. Surge protectors may be installed directly to the electrical panel, helping protect against equipment surges through the system, and even lightning strikes. Our team is also able to install surge protection inside the wall, replacing the original outlet.

read more › In the desert of Las Vegas, we see our fair share of storms that bring with them the rare but powerful lightning strikes. Is your home located higher than other homes in its area, or otherwise prone to lightning strikes more often than the surrounding buildings? Having a lightning protection system professional installed by Arizona Electrical Solutions of Las Vegas can protect your home and electronics from damaging surges and even electrical fires. The peace of mind associated with a lightning protection system more than outweights the cost of the equipment and installation.

read more › When a business needs electrical needs taken care of, they turn to Arizona Electrical Solutions of Las Vegas! We will replace existing CFL bulbs with new, cost saving LED fixtures, as well as any other commercial lighting service you may need. We can replace 120V outlets in and around your commercial building and we can install dedicated electrical panels for areas of the business that require an extra dose of stable, reliable power. When surge protection is needed, we have got you covered for that as well.

read more › Many rental owners and general contractors have worked with us in the past. If you count yourself among one of these groups, we would love to be added to your vendor list! On top of the general contractors we have worked with locally in Las Vegas, we have worked on special projects with general contractors across the entire country. We have completed work on behalf of restoration companies that require electrical assistance while restoring homes and businesses from water damage or fire damage. These projects have varied from small electrical repairs to complete rewires of an entire electrical system.

read more › Installing parking lights that provide safety for your customers is a task that must not be taken lightly. Ensuring properly lit areas across a parking area can cut down dramatically on possible injuries and situations that may arise from dimly lit areas. We have years of expertise in both the planning and installation of parking light systems and we would love to work with you. Aside from this, we also perform security lighting installation, employing the latest techniques and state of the art equipment that balances affordability with durability.

read more › In industrial and commercial buildings, a 3 phase electrical system is imperative for efficiency and reliability. Single phase power is just not enough for the requirements of today's commercial and industrial businesses. When looking to install a 3 phase electrical panel and system, look to the professionals at Arizona Electrical Solutions of Las Vegas. We have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done properly. 208V, 277V, and 480V are all common forms of 3 phase electrical systems. We have extensive experience installing everything from switchgears to step-down transformers.

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