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A whole-home surge protector acts as a dam for electricity, stopping as much excess power as possible from entering the home. This excess power could come from a nearby power substation or a lightning strike. This unit is installed in the main breaker panel and protects everything inside the home including appliances and larger items that can't be plugged into a surge strip like our computers.

More about whole-home surge protectors. Make sure your wall connector is connected to Wi-Fi so it can download updates for known issues. As with any electronic device issues may arise over time but here are some quick ways for you to troubleshoot your Tesla Wall Connector. We're your home's electrician specializing in electric vehicle charging installation and electrical service replacements or breaker panel upgrades.

We install Tesla Wall Connectors, Clipper Creek, ChargePoint, Juicebox, Polestar and Blink charging systems. Find out why we're one of Tesla's most recommended installers in the Austin area.

read more › Whether moving, replacing or adding outlets we can talk about your options and walk you through the process. Residential Electrical Repairs and Installs from Austin's Top Licensed and Insured Electricians. The most common way to charge your electric car is at home. Once you've purchased your Tesla or other electric car we talk about some different options you have to comfortably charge your car in the comfort of your garage. There are two panel brands out there that are bad for your home. They are Federal Pacific and Zinsco/Sylvania.

read more › Aluminum wiring is still used today in many applications. All of the power company's lines are aluminum. Copper is too heavy to run overhead and too expensive to use in the mass quantities that they use for wire. Large feeder wires for 240-volt items are typically run in aluminum as well to help save costs. The issues with aluminum wiring stemmed from their use in smaller branch circuit wires like the ones that feed your outlets, switches, and light fixtures. Even then, the problems don't occur in the walls.

read more › AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection helps prevent residential electrical fires. Around 25,000+ home fires are reported each year with an estimated 280 deaths and 1,125 injuries according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Arc-fault protection is sometimes in the form of an outlet or a breaker with unique technology that senses the specific issues that arise just before a fire starts. What are arc fault breakers? Arc fault breakers look different than a standard breaker, characterized by a noticeable test button on the breaker.

read more › Anytime a main breaker panel is replaced, we are required to bring the main service up to modern code. This means that if the power provider's wiring coming into the home is too low then we'll need to raise it. If the meter can isn't the proper size, it will need to be replaced and the meter almost always needs to be replaced. If you don't have a proper ground system, it will also have to be installed. The work typically takes a full day and as long as the home is occupied (someone is living there) the power will be turned back on the same day.

read more › Step 6. Austin Energy will issue a rebate check within 2 to 4 weeks of submission of final paperwork. Where is the outside breaker panel (usually located outside next to the electric meter) on the house as viewed from the street? Is it possible for the charging station to be installed directly on the other side of the wall (back to back) from the outside breaker box? We recommend installing a hardwired charing station. Tesla Wall Connectors are made specifically for Tesla vehicles. They are a level 2 charging station which means that they're connected to 240-volt power and can be connected to a circuit up to 60 amps.

read more › What is a Level 2 charging system? A level 2 charging system simply means that the car is charging at 240 volts versus a Level 1 charging system that charges at 120 volts. How much does an EVSE install run? It depends, the easiest installation is one where either a charging station or an outlet is placed just below the subpanel typically located in the garage or on the opposite side of the wall from the main breaker panel typically located outside next to the meter. The further we need to go to connect to the breaker panel the more expensive an installation will be.

read more › Make sure your wall connector is connected to Wi-Fi so it can download updates for known issues. No lights mean that it's a power supply issue, there is no power coming from the breaker panel. What to do: Verify that the power supply is turned on. If the issue persists, have an electrician remove the Wall Connector from the wirebox and confirm that voltage is present at the terminal block using a multimeter. Record the voltage readings for the following: L1 to L2/N, L1 to Ground, L2/N to Ground.

read more › Should a surge event occur and cause damage to connected electronic equipment, an Eaton connected equipment Warranty Claim will need to be submitted. 2. Eaton requires a detailed description of the event, proof of purchase for the Eaton surge device and a list of the equipment that was damaged. Envision those same surge protectors that you potentially could have spent hundreds of dollars on all compressed down into one surge protector at your main breaker box. Not only will it protect your sensitive computers and entertainment systems, but it will also protect everything that is connected to your electrical system.

read more › Your safety is top priority so if you have any doubts about the electrical system in your home, call an electrician. We decided, like so many other homeowners, that we didn't like the look of one big fluorescent light in the kitchen, so we decided to take it out and replace it with recessed lights. Homes built prior to the Vietnam war era were most likely wired with a two wire system, and two prong outlets were installed. They lack the extra safety feature of a ground wire to help better protect the home and wiring.

read more › After the GFCI resets it may be worth recaulking the outlets around the outside of the house. Caulk is a great moisture barrier but it doesn't last forever in our Central Texas weather and tends to pull away from the house after some time. It's a good idea to touch up the exterior caulking every few years or as needed on all exterior outlets and light fixtures. We suggest using caulk (not sealant) and choosing a clear, paintable caulk that can be found at any home improvement store. In most cases after a rainstorm, the GFCI outlet in the garage will trip to stop power from going to an area that may have been affected by moisture.

read more › Since lightning takes the path of least resistance, a nearby strike on your property or in your neighborhood could cause surge issues in your home. Surge issues tend to be pretty similar whether a nearby lightning strike has affected your home or it was directly struck by lightning. Most of the time, when a powerful surge comes through you'll find that certain appliances or items that were plugged in at the time of the surge no longer turn on or work the way they should. Surges affect appliances, outlets, and light fixtures but they typically don't affect wiring.

read more › Never go into a home that has standing water when the electric meter is still in place if the power is on you could potentially be electrocuted. Stay safe and wait until the water has receded. Also, remember to let everything dry out completely before turning on breakers or switches and plugging items into outlets. If the water didn't reach high enough to touch any of the outlets then electrically the home should be fine after the water recedes. If the water did reach over the outlets, then the regular outlets should be ok once the outlets dry out.

read more › This step is where you may notice your outlet is slightly twisted, just put the plate on, plug in the receptacle tester and give it a wiggle. This should help straighten it out. While we've got the receptacle tester plugged in, let's turn the power back on shall we? Go back to the breaker box and flip on that breaker. Check the receptacle tester to make sure everything is on and the outlet was wired correctly, if you're getting a reading other than "correct" you may need to start the process over and make sure everything is well connected and secure.

read more › Absolutely the most misunderstood household problem. According to National Electrical Code, the gas system is bonded or grounded by being connected to an appliance that is grounded. Let's take your dryer for instance, assuming it runs on gas and also connects to a grounded outlet. The gas system would be considered properly bonded because the outlet, that your dryer is plugged into, is grounded. NEC 250.104 B says it this way: If installed in, or attached to, a building or structure, a metal piping system(s), including gas piping, that is likely to become energized shall be bonded to the servce equipment enclosure; the grounded conductor at the service: or to one or more grounding electrodues used.

read more › Receptacles are just the technical names for outlets. A non-grounding-type receptacle would be a two-prong outlet. The third prong at the bottom of a plug is the ground, and before the ground wire was installed in homes, there were no three-prong plugs. It goes on to say that we're able to replace two-prong outlets with three-prong outlets as long as it's supplied by a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Most of the time we're able to replace the first outlet on the circuit with a GFCI outlet the same way that GFCI outlets protect bathroom circuits and kitchen circuits.

read more › Texas summers can be brutal but watching the sunset from your back porch with a ceiling fan is a game changer. We had the average, builder grade light fixture so I went to Home Depot and picked up an outdoor ceiling fan. Put the new switch back into the junction box and the plate back onto the switch. It's time to test everything, turn the breaker back on and try all the buttons on the switch. Voila! You've just installed your very own porch ceiling fan! If we were replacing the light fixture with a new fixture (other than a heavy chandelier), the junction box that was there would be perfect, just reconnect the wires black to black and white to white.

read more › It may be worth mentioning for just a brief minute, how insurance claims work from the electrician's perspective. The electrician cannot guarantee that something is not working because of a lightning strike. Logic leads us to believe that since something was working before and is no longer working since the surge, we conclude that it must be because of the surge. However, for instance, unless there's a hole in the roof from where the lightning struck, and a severed wire that the lightning split, an electrician can't prove that the lightning is what caused the problem.

read more › There's only one more thing standing in the way between the home and a clean bill of health and that is a final inspection. Any time after the work has been completed we can schedule the City of Austin to send an electrical inspector out take a look at the work and make sure that everything was properly connected and we're good to go. The cost for this was included in the initial cost of the permit. The permit process outside Austin is pretty similar to the permit process within the City of Austin; again we take care of all that.

read more › When the fan on a ceiling fan quits working it's usually time to replace the fan. While some fan issues can be an issue with the switch or the power controlling the fan, most fan issues seem to be internal to the fan and would need to be repaired by a fan repair company, or they could be replaced altogether. Recessed lights that off on their own and back on after a while are overheating, try a lower wattage bulb like an LED. Recessed lights have a thermostat that tells them to turn off when they get too hot and will turn back on once they've cooled down.

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