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KDC Electric Maintenance Repair Get the electrical system of your residential or commercial property inspected by the professionals at KDC Electric Maintenance Repair, Inc. Our master electricians will ensure that the work is in line with existing standards and codes. From first-class doorbell and smoke detector installations to complete electrical panel changeouts, our experienced professionals can handle them all.

Contact us today. At KDC Electric Maintenance Repair Inc. we have the certified master electrician ready to handle a plethora of electrical services. Do you need an electrical contractor? Our residential & commercial electrical contractor is ready to tackle the job while providing electrical services that keep you safe. We serve residents of Naples and the surrounding areas.

Whether you've recently purchased a home or your home is older, it is important that your smoke detection equipment is updated. This ensures that it is complaint with today's standards and codes, which are safer than those of in the past.

read more › Get your property's electrical system and wiring checked by the experienced electricians at KDC Electric Maintenance Repair, Inc. Our expert team will make sure that all the electrical work carried out for your residential or commercial property is compliant with existing safety codes. Our professionals undergo regular training to make sure they're well-versed with all the latest construction and electrical standards and specifications. Call us today to get your property's electrical system inspected, reviewed and certified.

read more › At KDC Electric Maintenance Repair Inc. we take a great interest in all of our customers and provide reliable electrical services that protect your home or business. It is important that all of your electrical appliances are kept safe. Since thunderstorms are rampant in the state of Florida, it's likely that you have already suffered from a power surge. Power surges tend to cause extensive damage when it comes to the electrical aspects of your property. Did you know that 60% of power surges that have been generated indoors is due to the use of electronic appliances?

read more › Like all other electrical devices, your smoke detector can also develop problems over time. Let the experienced professionals at KDC Electric Maintenance Repair, Inc help ensure that the device remains operational and in good condition at all times. We are a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor serving Southwest Florida. If you've recently purchased a new home, we can help to update your equipment to ensure that it complies with existing codes and standards. KDC Electric Maintenance Repair, Inc is well-versed with the standard maintenance procedures and rules and regulations concerning the use of smoke detectors.

read more › Thunderstorms are quite rampant in Florida, causing power surges that can lead to extensive damage of property. The usage of electronic appliances in buildings is responsible for as much as 60% of power surges generated indoors. Avoid this problem by having a surge arrester installed in your residential or commercial property by the electricians at KDC Electric Maintenance Repair, Inc. First, surge arresters are applied to the incoming electrical, cable / satellite, and telephone utilities to keep external surges from entering your building.

read more › Our locally owned business provides electrical installations for homes and businesses in Naples, Florida. In case you'd like to upgrade the electrical system of your property, get in touch with KDC Electric Maintenance Repair, Inc today. With our over 20 years of experience, we have the skills to get the job done right the first time. Trust us to do our best to ensure your satisfaction. You can depend on our experienced professionals to handle all your electrical installation needs. We use name-brand electrical products and provide prompt and affordable electrical installations.

read more › Does the ceiling fan in your home vibrate and wobble when you switch it on? Reach out to KDC Electric Maintenance Repair, Inc immediately. We'll help ensure that your nagging electrical problems become things of the past. Our expert electricians will troubleshoot those problems to ensure that all your electrical appliances are running smoothly. We will complete all electrical repairs and other services on the same day.

read more › A. Common AC circuit breakers don't react quickly enough to protect sensitive electronic equipment. Surgeassure's Main Zone protector reacts in less than a billionth of a second. Also, it's important to note that Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) circuit breakers are not surge protectors and therefore do not provide surge protection. They protect against shock hazard. A. No. Neither the main, interior, nor exterior zone protectors can eliminate blinking clocks. Blinking is caused by momentary sags or outages, which are solved by the use of a UPS unit or buying electronics with built-in battery backups.

read more › KDC Electric Maintenance Repair Inc. welcomes you and provides this information about the services we offer in and around the area of Naples, Florida-including Marco Island, Estero, Bonita Springs, and South Fort Myers. KDC Electric Maintenance Repair is a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor meeting the electrical and wiring needs of local residential and commercial customers for the last 20 years. KDC is your factory-authorized Casablanca(R) repair contractor, with the experience you need to inspect electrical systems and circuits, install a number of different electrical wiring and fixtures, perform routine electrical maintenance, and ensure surge protection for sensitive and important equipment in your home or business.

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