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Instrumentation & Control ICS Electrical Services is a Cincinnati based electrical contracting company that has been specializing in complex industrial installations since 1997. We provide a unique approach to the many facets of the industrial market that set us apart from the rest. Our services include full service electrical installations, outage and startup support, PLC system upgrades, instrumentation installation & Calibration, electrical design-build, UL Listed control panel assembly, automation & programming, and maintenance & repairs.

We strive to develop a longstanding relationship with our client which enables us to fully understand their needs in order to serve them better. Our primary goal is to provide a clean high quality turn-key project, which enables our customers to focus on getting their facility back up and running as soon as possible and without delay.

In order to achieve this goal, ICS employs well trained installers and certified technicians who are backed up with a knowledgeable support staff that will be able to handle all of your electrical needs.

read more › ICS is proud to be a leading Electrical and Instrumentation service provider in the Greater Cincinnati area. We go the extra mile when it comes to the certifications held by the company and its employees. Many of our certifications come at a great cost to obtain and maintain, but we feel they are crucial to our success. This allows us to supply our customers with competent individuals who have the skill sets necessary to properly install, test, and maintain your equipment. ICS Electrical Services maintains Electrical Contracting and Fire Alarm Contracting licenses, and our electricians maintain Journeyman Electrician and Fire Alarm Installer licenses.

read more › Safety on our projects is of the utmost importance. At ICS, we believe that there is no excuse for unsafe job conditions or practices, which is why our employees are trained and certified in proper safety procedures. It is no mistake that ICS has a great safety record. We make safety a priority by investing the time and effort to identify and eliminate safety concerns. Our safety efforts include employee safety training in various areas such as, First Aid, CPR, AED, OSHA 10 & 30, NFPA 70E, Confined Space Entry, Aerial Platform Lifts, Drug Free Workplace Program, Forklift, Respirators, and others.

read more › Our electrical installation staff at ICS is highly capable of tackling any issues that may arise during a project. Our workforce is familiar with industrial facilities and is in tune with our customer's needs. We strive to have competent people in leadership positions, and we actively encourage our employees to advance in all areas of the electrical installation field. Our journeyman electricians have advanced skill sets over the majority of electricians in today's market. They know how to work safely and how to install complex electrical systems in your facility.

read more › ICS is well versed in the installation of low and medium voltage power distribution feeders and equipment. We can provide a complete power distribution system, from the utility, substation, and service equipment, all the way down to the smallest load center. ICS can install any size and type of electrical feeder that is required to serve your facility or equipment. We properly install duct banks, conduit feeders, cable bus, bus duct, cable tray, or aerial distribution systems throughout your facility.

read more › A deep understanding of your process control scheme comes from the exposure to all types of equipment and systems installed in the industrial environment today. ICS understands the importance of a properly functioning system, and the effect it has on production efficiency. Systems such as reactors, distilling, blending, batching, product storage, packaging, and material handling are just a few of the systems that ICS is experienced with. We understand the effect that an improperly wired device will have on a system, and this pushes us to crosscheck our installation for errors before it is turned over to our customers.

read more › Our team can design and spec the proper electric heat trace required for your installation. Whether installing for freeze protection or maintaining a desired temperature in your process lines, we are committed to keeping your lines flowing. With ICS, you don't have to worry about whether your electrical heat trace is installed correctly or not. Our electricians are trained to correctly install the proper heat trace & components, and they know how to properly wrap valves, flanges, mounting brackets and other items within your piping system.

read more › When it comes to classified areas, there seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation within the industry, which leads to incorrectly installed systems, but not at ICS. We understand what is required, and the distinction between area classifications. ICS will recommend when you could use an intrinsic safe system over an explosion-proof installation, and when to use a purged control panel over expensive explosion-proof controls to reduce project costs. Correct installation methods are also utilized to ensure that we do not hinder the future serviceability of your equipment, such as someone installing improperly placed seal-offs which will prevent you from easily changing out the device.

read more › ICS has partnerships with a network of suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors who work with our competent staff for the proper development of your project. We have the in-house ability to design, coordinate, and build your next electrical, automation, and instrumentation project which will include a complete AutoCAD drawing package. We understand the needs of industrial clients which enhances our ability to provide a proper design. We specify and install only high quality components for a robust system that will assure you stay up and running.

read more › Assistance with maintenance support for your outage has never been easier. ICS can provide the skills and equipment necessary to handle all of your scheduled electrical, instrumentation, and automation maintenance needs. We have the necessary tools and equipment available, including test equipment, calibrators, generators, and temporary lighting. We can work around the clock to complete your maintenance needs on time, and on budget. For complex outages, we can assist with the scheduling, planning, and isolation of the equipment.

read more › Let ICS help with your power quality issues. Variable frequency drives, equipment startup surges, or electrical noise on your power distribution system can create difficult to find electrical problems. Noise that is created on your supply lines from the addition of VFD's and electronic equipment throughout your facility can be extensive and can create nuisance interruptions for your production equipment. ICS can monitor your power system over extended timeframes and will analyze the data to identify areas where trouble could occur.

read more › Medium voltage cable systems are often overlooked, which can be a costly oversight since medium voltage cables have a limited life. There are two problems with this. The first is that many people do nothing, and when a failure happens they unknowingly place their facility at risk by allowing a costly power outage to occur. In addition to the great cost associated with the unproductive labor, missed shipments, unhappy customers, and overtime pay needed to get back on schedule, there will be an increased cost for the emergency service required to replace the feeder and any associated damaged equipment on short notice.

read more › Electrical power systems can develop hidden issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye. These issues can ultimately lead to an equipment failure, which may cause your operation to go down and cost your company unproductive labor and missed shipments. That is why ICS recommends annual infrared inspections of your electrical equipment. These inspections will provide a wealth of information, and ICS can examine all of your electrical, mechanical, or production systems through an infrared spectrum.

read more › ICS can visit your facility and use our state of the art infrared equipment to examine your process or mechanical items. Our cameras can detect items such as blockages in pipes, missing or deteriorated insulation, or the condition of your heat trace. The mechanical items that can be evaluated are endless. Detection of hot equipment bearings or friction points in equipment can be caught by our equipment as well.

read more › ICS has the in-house ability to install and test your communication infrastructure, from Ethernet communications, fiber-optics, and network racks, ICS can serve your needs. We have the skilled personnel and state of the art equipment necessary to properly install and test your system. Whether the installation is a new system or system improvements, ICS will assure a smooth coordinated project that will keep you up and running.

read more › It is never convenient when your facility experiences electrical or control problems. ICS can troubleshoot and repair your electrical, control, and instrumentation issues including but not limited to power distribution equipment & feeders (including medium voltage), process controls, PLC's & HMI's (including programming), instrumentation, and communications, including Ethernet and fiber optic networks and cabling. ICS understands this and can respond quickly to resolve your problems, whether they are minor or catastrophic.

read more › ICS has a long history of supporting our client's instrumentation needs, and we provide on-site support and calibrations. Our instrument technicians are ISA Certified professionals who use state of the art test equipment traceable to the NIST. We install, program, and calibrate all types of process instrumentation including pressure, temperature, flow, level, analytical, weighing systems, etc. We can "green tag" your instruments for a project by performing a specification & functional check of your instruments prior to installation to avoid any last minute surprises such as incorrect ranges or process connection sizes.

read more › Our instrument technicians are ISA Certified professionals who use state of the art test equipment traceable to the NIST. Our technicians are qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced in all types and brands of industrial process instrumentation. They can work directly with your engineering staff or independently to provide you with the best solution. Whether your instruments are maintained by regular calibrations or if they haven't been checked in years, let ICS bring your instruments back to factory tolerance!

read more › Instrumentation has to cover a wide range of applications and process conditions. ICS will work with you to find the instrument that best fits your needs. We want to provide you with a reliable long term solution. We can create instrument specification data sheets for the most cost effective solution for your application. Before your project reaches the critical phase of installation, let ICS verify that your instruments are calibrated, match the project specifications, and are ready for installation.

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