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When you call us for any electrical service, you can rest assured that we utilize our close attention to detail and experience to get the job done right the first time. From basic electrical services, to surge protection, generators, and networking/cabling, we have everything you need! From remodeling, to electrical repairs and new construction electrical services, you can always trust that Central States Electric will do the job right the first time!

If you are in need of cabling for your TV, internet, or even telephone, we can keep you connected! If you are in need of a special connection, we have you covered! We can install the special cabling circuits for you and your business. Don't let severe weather keep you in the dark, or even worse, damage your electrical system! Call us today for backup generator and surge protection services!

Whether you are looking for special lighting for residential or commercial facilities, we have what you are looking for! Keep your employees, property, family, and friends safe with our professional lighting design services.

read more › Did you know that improper wiring can be a huge danger to you and those in your home? Don't get shocked! Call the experts at Central States Electric today! We can service almost anything, whether it be for new construction, remodeling, or even simple service and repair/rewiring. When you are experiencing an electrical issue, we know that this can be extremely important and time sensitive, sometimes even dangerous. When you call us, you won't be stuck waiting days and days for an appointment. Our quick response rate ensures that you can get things back to normal as soon as possible!

read more › When severe weather strikes and takes the lights out, you never know how long you might just be sitting in the dark. Don't be stuck waiting without power! A backup generator allows you to continue life, business as usual, without power interruption. Think about all of the money spent heating/cooling your house, or even the food in your fridge and freezer. During a blackout, all of this could go to waste, costing your more headache and money than needed. With a generator, we keep your power, cooling, heating, and refrigeration from going to waste.

read more › If you are running an office, you want to make sure that your employees and customers are safe at all hours. A well-lit lot will keep any potential dangers in the light, while also discouraging criminals from approaching. A well lit property allows you to see any obstructions as they arrive, whether you are walking or driving. With the right accent lighting, you can perfectly highlight your special landscaping. From outdoor gatherings and barbecue parties, to lighting up a business' landscape at night, we can assist with your lighting design.

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