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Lux illumination is your local electrician in El Paso Texas with over 15 years of experience! We offer a wide variety of services that range from electrical installations to delivering high quality ambient lighting. Lighting and electrical systems have greatly evolved from providing a single source of energy to creating a positive atmosphere through lighting and color.

At Lux Illumination we understand this exciting evolution and know how to create different moods and feelings, evoked through the right use of calming or invigorating colors. Because there are different types of lighting, together with spaces and furniture, these can create a cozy feel, a practical space, or an entertaining outlet. Illumination can be done in many ways.

For example, led lighting in yellow tones can create feelings of rest, warmth, serenity, or comfort depending on the way that it is being displayed and the colors being used. It can also create a sense of fun and action if blues, reds, and purples are used.

read more › Lux Illumination is a family-owned business of electrical contractors in El Paso, TX. It was founded by Cesar Villalobos, wife and son. Cesar began his career as an apprentice in 2003, working for commercial buildings in the El Paso area. In 2007, he received his license and started working with master electricians. Their extensive knowledge on all things electrical helped to shape his growing abilities. As he worked with them on various projects, he started becoming interested in lighting design.

read more › For us, providing electrical services is more than just fixing your outlet, or installing a new ceiling fan. It is about protecting your home and making it a joyful place to live. We understand which electrical systems are the most important to maintain and secure for you, and those that can can enhance your environment. Ambient lighting is an exciting way to add color to your living spaces, fostering an environment of luxury and beauty. Our purpose is to enhance your living spaces and to help you feel enthusiastic about your future.

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